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A few days in numbers

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I have just been going through a few figures on the social media side of things and comparing our usual trend with the last few days. Some of you may be interested to see what an effect social media wise the game against Wigan has had. So below are a few facts:



In the last 5 days on Facebook:


45,000 people have visited our Facebook page, compared to an average 3000 in a usual week.  


Through shares and likes of content that has been posted on Facebook we have engaged 12,000 people.


We have had 709 people ‘like’ our content.


201 people have commented on our content.



In the last 2 days on Twitter:


We have gained around 100 new followers – This equates to about a 4% increase overall (its brilliant)


Our content has been re-tweeted hundreds of times giving us exposure across thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of accounts.


We have received messages of support from as far away as Chile (South America) and even from our friends across the valley – Batley Bulldogs, as well as literally hundreds of supporters from across the game.



Media Wise:


We have featured on BBC Look North and Glenn and the players have undertaken interviews for a myriad of regional broadcasters. Including BBC Sport and the national BBC Sport website.


The Guardian and various other broadsheets have featured us, as well as all the local newspapers and rugby league publications.



So there you have it - You probably expected a huge increase in interest - But that's it in numbers :)

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