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  1. Perverse again Barry. All club categorisations are to be reviewed annually. Make yourself into an A and avoid the problem - what can't you understand about this.
  2. Her's something from Barrow for 2023:
  3. Category B clubs have the opportunity to become Category A by their own efforts. That is one of the fundamental parts of the proposals.
  4. Some fascinating futile arguments on here. Back to the topic, however, the major point being that IMG have been brought in to significantly increase the commercial value of RL. If anyone takes time to read the documents they will see that they identify numerous ways in which that might be brought about. To my way of looking at these things IMG succeeding in these objectives will be good for the sport and, hence, for all of the individual clubs.
  5. FWIW I had a ST last year, like every year, and missed 4 home games (I didn't call anyone an idiot). I don't buy one for value for money but to support the club, a bit like you buying two (or three).
  6. Good performance all round - team, club, fans. Back down to earth on Boxing Day, mind.
  7. You can't factor in people missing games - that is their decision. 10 games at a bargain £15 each, all seated, sounds about right to me: £150pp. It may be time to get rid of concession prices for old folk too, considering that they make up more than 60% of the crowd. Incentives are all well and good when they produce a result yet none that we or many other clubs have run over the years have really had any effect. The best thing is to continue to recruit well, generate an increase in interest and excitement in the town then build upon that.
  8. And the RFL absorbs most of that for their running costs.
  9. But your kids must be 120 years old - isn't it time they went out to work?
  10. So you don't think that the referee is competent yet assume that everything will go against you, not Leigh. It helps to get your paranoia in first I suppose, rather than simply enjoying yourself.
  11. I disagree fundamentally. Addressing the internal, essentially structural issues of the sport will not increase its popularity nor make it a more valuable product for sponsors and broadcasters. Without this the game will whither and die, leaving a few hundred hardy souls arguing about who gets what share of a tiny pie.
  12. One more to consider: IMG President Podcast - The General Rugby League Forum - Total Rugby League Fans Forum (totalrl.com)
  13. True. Never trust a bookie...................................oh!!
  14. Have a great day, you lot, win, lose or draw. Time to make some lasting memories.
  15. Short memories some folk. RL was going bust before the Sky deal fell into our laps. I wouldn't claim that the money has been well spent but claiming that there were no problems before SL is really wide of the mark.
  16. You say subjective but the proposal says that the criteria will be objective. Clearly you don't believe them.
  17. You seem to imply that there is something wrong with both of these objectives. Is that correct?
  18. The most used comments seem to be: "From what I hear..." "I was told......" "There is talk of............." Each is then followed by another thread. Why not admit that the proposal that was put forward acknowledged that it excluded a lot of details, which would be clarified/agreed at a later date. What is being sought is an agreement in principle from which the appropriate details for 2023 would be revealed well before that season gets underway. There is a stated commitment that there will be P&R at the end of the 2023 season with all changes taking effect in 2024.
  19. Probably not. According to those "in the know" (see above) he was in the process of finding a new club weeks ago.
  20. What different rules are being played to? I must have missed that one.
  21. This appears to refer to all Categories, not just B. IMG Super League proposal: Everything we know on licences, gradings, loop games and Magic Weekend - YorkshireLive (examinerlive.co.uk)
  22. They are saying that category A teams will be guaranteed a place in SL but that these categorisations will be reviewed every season. Given that the criteria and weightings have not yet been decided upon your personal evaluations and extrapolations are fanciful at best. You say that the game is a laughing stock being led by the nose for a fiasco yet fail to recognise a genuine and sincere attempt to advance the sport and significantly increase its profile and, consequently, its income. What is wrong with those as an objective?
  23. Previously at Fartown - never got a chance at either club. Let's hope that Casper and Liam can develop the lad but we may need to be patient.
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