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  1. Just to provide something of an update on this Kirklees council are forecasting that the George might reopen no sooner than 2024. I wouldn't order your tickets for the museum just yet, if I were you.
  2. There is now talk of the "round-ball game" lobbying strongly for spectators to be allowed into grounds from the start of their next season, beginning in early September. This might require grounds to be limited to 20-30% of capacity, the possibility of face-coverings being mandatory and spacing being monitored or self-imposed. If this were to be the case in RL then I can't see there being too many difficulties in applying it for all Championship clubs. I, for one, would regard it as being very welcome news if it were to come about.
  3. My personal view is that older supporters, such as myself, tend to look back on scrums as being from some sort of golden age. My recollection of the last c20 years of scrums, however, is that they were a complete shambles, almost impossible to referee properly without the game lasting for 2+ hours and penalised seemingly arbitrarily. They were, in fact, detrimental to the whole RL spectacle and, certainly via televised games, a source of ridicule of the game. Wind forward to the present day and I also believe that the sheer athleticism of the modern day RL player would make "proper" scrums pretty well impossible without there being some very serious injuries as a result. I would like to see scrums retained, albeit in our current artificial form, as they do provide a brief pause from the usual frenetic progress of the game. Without them and with the advent of the "six more" rule we will be in danger of becoming a glorified form of touch rugby, in my opinion, of course.
  4. I didn't read it in that way at all. It was neither arrogant nor insulting, simply stating the issues facing journalists who try to produce more informative and in-depth copy, as distinct from uncorroborated "click-bait". Maybe lockdown has made us all just a bit too sensitive?
  5. I reckon that he will do another year. Remember he never said that this was his last year, that was simply supporter speculation. What he did say was that he would like to play as long as he felt that he was able and contributing up to his own standards. We will need some cover at half back though, that's for sure. I imagine that we could be quite exposed by quick teams if the "repeat six" rule is properly applied.
  6. I don't know the ins and outs Griff but it does look like an unsatisfactory outcome so far.
  7. Fair comment but the problem isn't specific to RL is it? Just read all the guff and misunderstanding around Covid-19 to see where some of the problem lies. People want simple, easily digested information which, by its very nature, is often misleading. This is a social problem, not confined to RL.
  8. I hear that the whole project has ground to a halt with one of the two major developers having withdrawn, which is a shame for Sheffield (genuinely). If they are to survive in the city then they need a decent permanent home. As always, unfortunately, they are dependent upon someone else building it for them.
  9. Ryder was already on a two year contract and will be with us next season. I have also heard that Tom Garratt is likely to return. Like many Championship clubs we will have a relatively small squad (c 23) so may have to take advantage of DR again.
  10. True, but we may also be denied promotion. I am prepared to accept that, for the good of the game you understand.
  11. Excellent news for when we eventualyy get playing again. I understand that we have also got the agreement of the majority of players to re-sign for next year, which is equally good.
  12. Well, at least you won't be able to get relegated - that would be a bonus, wouldn't it?
  13. You said that it would interfere with pre-season schedules, hence my response. Nowhere did I claim that it would, or wouldn't be attractive. One point at a time please Griff.
  14. Your response to almost every other comment nowadays is singularly bitter Harry. In fact you come across as a sore loser. I am a RL fan who happens to follow a certain club but my comments are not focussed upon the needs of that club but about the game as a whole. You should try it - maybe you could gain some enlightenment or at least a broader mind. Club structures need to be fundamentally different in SL, embracing expanded commercial departments, ticketing, merchandising etc. There are not four clubs, if indeed any, in the Championship with the appropriate structures at present. Whether those clubs claiming "ambition" could build such structures sustainably is debateable.
  15. I believe that many people are really missing the point regarding any club's suitability to participate in SL. It is NOT about the strength, depth or origins of the team, it is about the whole club structure being able to operate according to SL requirements. Not one single current Championship club has the necessary commercial or operating structure to be able to cope at SL level and nor will many of their present facilities conform with SL requirements. Whilst the ideal of achieving promotion based entirely upon performances on the pitch (just like in pub leagues, in fact) is admirable it fails completely to comprehend the structural and cultural shift that would be required within any club achieving promotion to operate acceptably in SL.
  16. DR will be dominant in the Championship next season whether we like it or not. the scrapping of the reserve league combined with a number of Championship clubs cutting their squad sizes will ensure that even greater movement between SL and the Championship takes place. Personally I don't like it but it will be a reality for most clubs in 2021.
  17. If I recall correctly Ken Davy did something similar in Huddersfield many years ago, buying the distressed soccer club whilst being the owner of the RL club. Once again they shared the ground which I suspect was an issue behind the purchase. No harm came to either entity because of this.
  18. The RFL said that the 2021 season wasn't going to start until mid-February to allow some breathing space, so it can be done.
  19. I don't think that "we all know" that by any means, especially those of us who might disagree. Try again.
  20. Read the RFL statement. It is quite specific, if a little complicated, about EU status.
  21. So, it appears that a decision will finally be made by July 23rd: https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/article/56889/rfl-board-meeting--july- My guess is that, if the government will permit spectator attendance, we may see games commencing in September for an abbreviated competition through to early November.
  22. Yes, the statement from the RFL was much clearer although not really so for non-SL clubs. How would you interpret " At Championship and League 1 level the removal of any restrictions will be monitored." ?
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