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  1. At least he isn't "Another 30 something out for an easy ride at the basement end of the Championship". Some glory years yet to come, I'm sure.
  2. Hull have been rumoured I believe. No longer linked with Doncaster.
  3. Yes, a few weeks ago. Oddly the RL press didn't seek to publicise this.
  4. An obvious solution so clearly rejected by the RFL as such. Almost as bad is having Batley, Bradford and Dewsbury all at home on the first weekend. It would seem that the fixture planning was thrown out of kilter by Sheffield requesting that their home games are mostly in the second half of the season due to ground unavailability.
  5. I reckon that we have about the same this season: you finished higher in the table so should get more central distribution money and we have the extra from Bradford's rent, so about level. There are quite few players still available but playing a bit of brinkmanship in the hope of getting better deals so there should be some decent value for money out there for a good coach who is prepared to bide his time.
  6. No GG, it was reported in League Express that Batley had been talking with him about a possible move.
  7. Wrong publication I think, unless Aaron Bower is a pseudonym.
  8. I know that you struggle with detail PM (and , yes I must be bored to pursue this) but the total posts says 10,822 and increasing. 4992 is the "reputation score", whatever that is. I addition these numbers were reset a couple of years ago when the site was restructured and I lost 15,000 off my previous count. Roll on Boxing Day.
  9. LE struggles to fill space at this time of year - read the Chris Chester article for a good example.
  10. I'm jealous. As usual our fixture there is in peak holiday season - too hot and too expensive.
  11. Rumours of Jarrod Sammut joining you - now that would be creative in a host of ways.
  12. We do have a ground to play on though - looks like the travellingeagles will be roaming around Yorkshire again for the start of next season.
  13. I object to that most strongly - it is more than 10,000 posts if you read it properly.
  14. And stop people from keep calling them "field goals"!!
  15. Or a 23 year old with numerous SL appearances under his belt? https://www.dewsburyrams.co.uk/2019/11/17/super-league-centre-joins-rams/ Still hoping that a DR will drag you out of the bottom two PM?
  16. Which of our centres of the past ten years fit your criterion then GoR?
  17. Unlike the previous 20 you mean?
  18. Friday Jan 31st, driving home on the M62 at 9.30pm. I wouldn't fancy it, that's for sure.
  19. And Batley are also at home. Great job by the fixture planners.
  20. You asked this self same question on the general forum LTS - is this your fixation until the season starts?
  21. Another exciting announcement due shortly - maybe it will make GOR smile.
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