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  1. I heard that Batley were after him at one point but Fax wouldn't play ball on the contract issue so they have signed Meadows from London instead. Not many options left in this division, are there? I couldn't se a C1 club affording him given the cuts in funding for 2022.
  2. Agreed, or "lacking ambition" in the eyes of some supporters.
  3. Six players confirmed so far, I believe. Do keep up Harry. SL players come off contract at the end of November so there may be a bit of movement then, or maybe not?
  4. Some of us may have read that the NRL is about to welcome a new club, Redcliffe Dolphins based in Queensland, in 2023, to be coached by Wayne Bennett. What is that to do with Dewsbury you may ask. Well, take a look at their CEO who some of our older members may remember from our "glory days". Board of Directors | Redcliffe Leagues Club
  5. That was exactly the problem that Hemel had. Doing the same and hoping for a different outcome would seem to be unwise.
  6. No thanks, we are pretty well sorted now. I suppose, if you reckon that he would suit a bottom-half club, then he could do worse than staying with you, after all.
  7. Maybe, but he is contracted to Fax for 2022 and they are trying to unload his expensive contract. These "interested" clubs are unwilling to agree and Fax are reluctant to pay him off. You might have a costly water-carrier next season if someone won't budge.
  8. League 1 teams tend to train just once a week. This is often the cause of players leaving Championship clubs who have greater demands on their time.
  9. Well, here was me thinking it was the players yet it was the coach all along.
  10. Thank you for the language lesson Padge. In the past players in many sports in the UK were specifically designated as "amateurs" and the leagues in which they played proscribed any payments. The FA, for one, had a clear separation between registered players being amateur and non-amateur. These formal definitions were eventually officially abandoned many years ago, hence my original comment.
  11. Will there be any promotion next season?
  12. And the squad being not quite good enough, don't forget.
  13. Aye, we won't sack our coaches for coming 2nd, will we?
  14. You can't sign everyone, or has KN won the Euro Millions?
  15. We are used to it, just normally the other way around.
  16. What has Webster done wrong? What more could any coach have done with the 2021 squad? What SL dreams (will there be any in 2022)?
  17. Amateur sport as a definition no longer exists, I believe.
  18. Massive investment by the Eagles. Now I'm just waiting to hear Tubby moaning about the rent.
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