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rugby league internationals

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here is a list of international rugby games. if anyone wants any please make an offer

World Cup Series Great Britain
24/10/70 Australia @ headingley
28/10/70 france @ Castleford
31/10/70 new Zealand @ swinton
1/11/70 Australia v france @ bradford
7/11/70 Australia @ headingley x2

Test match Great Britain
25/9/71 1st test new Zealand @ salford
16/9/71 2nd test new Zealand @ castleford
6/11/71 3rd test new Zealand @ headingley

international match Great Britain
12/3/72 France @ Bradford

Test Match Great britain
3/11/73 Australia @ Wembley

international match Great britain
17/2/74 France @ Wigan

World championship
16/3/75 England v France @ Headingley
20/9/75 Wales v England @ Warrington x2
19/10/75 Wales v Australia @ Swansea
25/10/75 England v New Zealand @ Bradford
2/11/75 Wales v New Zealand @ Swansea

special challenge match Great Britain
12/11/75 Australia @ Headingley

RL European Championship
24/3/79 England v France @ Warrington

Kiwi tour
2/11/80 Great Britain v New Zealand @ Bradford

European Championship
21/3.81 England v France

1st Dominion insurance test Great britain
30/11/82 Australia @ Hull
28/11/82 3rd test Australia @ Headingley

Dominion insurance test Great britain
6/3/83 France @ Hull

Second test Great Britain
8/11/86 Australia @ Elland Road

British coal test Great britain
25/10/89 1st test New Zealand @ Old Trafford x2
28/10/89 2nd test New Zealand @ Elland Road

Second British coal test
10/11/90 Australia @ Old Trafford

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