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    I thought the EU was firmly against any form of protectionism, or does that only count when anyone else like the USA is considering any sort of protectionist policies ? They've certainly spent enough time whinging about Trump's stance Quote from the German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble earlier this month - “It was totally undisputed that we are against protectionism"
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    I asked the question many pages ago when people were waffling on about "rebalancing the economy" and got ignored. A married person on 120k per year is paying £41,200 in income tax and £5732.80 in NI, whilst there Employer is paying £15440.54 in NI. The ONS has the average UK salary as per April 2016 at £28,028, they are paying £3405 in income tax, £2396 in NI and there Employer is paying £2748 in NI. It makes no sense, even if we could create the jobs, unless we have access to free movement of people we'll never have the man power to fill the roles, it makes no sense and nobody seems to have, or care to give a logical answer.
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    Finally a positive from Brexit!

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