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  1. It took me almost 50 years to visit this and now I have to keep coming back. At least 3 visits this year... Stunning! I will never get bored of going to the top of England.
  2. Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys New Orleans Saints Cincinnati Bengals Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jacksonville Jaguars Carolina Panthers New England Patriots New York Giants Los Angeles Chargers Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Baltimore Ravens Washington
  3. Great day in Wales yesterday Newport 1-2 Swindon Town Our away form vs our home form is nuts Home 6pts from a possible 21 Away 23pts from a possible 27 Two home games this week
  4. New England Patriots Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns San Francisco 49ers Green Bay Packers New York Jets Philadelphia Eagles Tennessee Titans Las Vegas Raiders Kansas City Chiefs Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Chargers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  5. Many an hour "wasted" playing this with mates. The good old days when you had to sit in the same room to play against each other.
  6. Going to watch Swindon Wildcats v Basingstoke Bison on Saturday. First hockey game of the season for me. Yep, it's a great sport to watch!
  7. Indianapolis Colts Baltimore Ravens Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Houston Texans New Orleans Saints Las Vegas Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams Pittsburgh Steelers I'm away next week in a house with no wifi and in a location with very little signal (looking forward to it ) so here are my Week 10 predictions. Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Indianapolis Colts Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Arizona Cardinals Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Rams
  8. Arizona Cardinals Carolina Panthers Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Philadelphia Eagles Los Angeles Rams Indianapolis Colts Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Chargers Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Chiefs
  9. @Irish Saint, thanks for the reminder. I thought I'd done it. Baltimore Green Bay Miami New England Carolina Tennessee Las Vegas Los Angeles Rams Arizona Tampa Bay San Francisco New Orleans PS Can I have the Cleveland win as you know I always go for the Browns. Plus I need the points.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami Dolphins Los Angeles Chargers Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Houston Texans Los Angeles Rams Kansas City Chiefs Cleveland Browns Las Vegas Raiders Dallas Cowboys Seattle Seahawks Buffalo Bills
  11. I don't watch the show but I would if Richard Ayoade became the Doctor
  12. Fury wins! In Fight 1, Wilder hit the "unfit" Fury with his best shot. The moment Fury got up from that Wilder knew he could never beat him. Fight 2 showed that. Fight 3, at least Wilder will increase his bank balance.
  13. I was convinced I'd have the lowest score this week. Thanks @gingerjon
  14. Seattle Seahawks New York Jets Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots Tennessee Titans Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Las Vegas Raiders Cleveland Browns Arizona Cardinals Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens
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