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  1. Sounds like the perfect compliment to Ridyard. Astley plays off the cuff (according to his bio) and Ridyard more the organiser. Been crying out for a good 7 for a while and IMO Hewitt just isn't good enough. Although ultimately it's provably hard to judge given the opposition today
  2. The floodlights performed better than Oldham and thats saying something. Fair play to Lock Lane
  3. Emmerson Whittel returns. He should try and get one or two of the aussies he played with to come over and join him
  4. New signing to be announced tonight. Another amateur? Any guesses?
  5. Tom Spencer latest signing. Brilliant this. The pack version of Martin Ridyard
  6. Perhaps Sheriffe will sort his knee out and sign on again
  7. I thought he played full back for us?
  8. Be good if we could prize Sam Freeman from Rochdale. They've just signed Gregg McNally. Assume they've brought him in to play full back
  9. Martyn Ridyard in on a one year deal. Perfect signing
  10. Course he has . I guess beggars can't be choosers
  11. We should be going after local lads like Lewis Galbraith, Ben Moores and Danny Yates etc
  12. Really positive appointment if you ask me. Wonder how long it'll take CH to alienate him. Bet he hasn't seen the books yet
  13. Anyone know of any rumours? 100% Hewitt stays
  14. Anyone heard of any incoming player rumours?
  15. I've heard some stories from a trusted source this week and if they're true CH is an absolute ######
  16. Yeah i think we got walloped at home against widnes. Andy Gorey was playing for us at the time
  17. Seems a bit like quantity over quality to me. Hope I'm wrong
  18. During his time at union I'm sure he's made some very wealthy contacts and probably made a few bob himself. I think the dream would be him heading up a consortium (including other oldhamers like Terry Flanagan for example) and buying out Hamilton. Mike Ford to be a head of rugby role or director of Rugby something like that and build the club up.
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