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  1. Still can’t make it as will not be back from holiday. Hope everyone turns out in force. It seems the gods are conspiring against the efforts of the new board at the moment.
  2. Actually now I recall, they said the room was set out exactly as the recent latics forum then they had to put out some extra chairs.
  3. It apparently was the same as the latics forum. They laid it out the same.
  4. One of the biggest things I took from the meeting was how the RFL seem to have reacted to and interacted with the new board.
  5. Stuart Littler said there were no new injuries last night which is good news. Also mentioned a new prop signing on a months loan from Batley. He seemed very excited to have signed him
  6. I would imagine the club will do a report on the website tomorrow. it was a brilliant evening and very informative.
  7. At the fans forum on Tuesday night, the Heritage Trust are here holding a book sale of our remaining stock of books. All books are £5 ALL PROCEEDS ARE GOING DIRECTLY TO THE CLUB. Hopefully we can sell loads and support the club.
  8. Match officials for Sunday Referee: M. Rossleigh Reserve Referee: A. Marsh Touch Judge 1: M. Lynn Touch Judge 2: A. William
  9. The whole point of the exercise is to reconnect with missing / former fans who had gone awol after years of mismanagement.
  10. It was odd. On the commentary they said Cameron then the stadium announcer changed it to Hirst so I edited my post.
  11. HALF TIME Workington 6 - Oldham 10 McNally scored just before half time
  12. Feels like we have three new signings for Sunday. With the return of Callum Cameron and Tommy Brierley, plus the signing of Pat Moran. Starting to feel like the momentum is growing
  13. Don’t forget though it is all ticket. No entrance on the day without ticket
  14. If you listen the lads are telling him it was dead and he looked at the wrong line!
  15. Just watched the high yin YouTube and it looked like the second Cornwall try was touched down behind the dead ball line.
  16. Hard game. Congratulations on the win. I suspect the lads eased off slightly late on which resulted in two late tries I don’t like to bag refs as theirs is a tough job, but todays ref and touch judges allowed Cornwall to mess and spoil the game. Their players were running in for a brawl at every chance they had. He missed so much particularly head tackles yet would penalise menial incidents.
  17. Will we see you back again now?
  18. Game day. Can’t wait. Hope you all try to bring a +1 to to the game. We are bringing someone who came to the hornets match for his first Oldham and is coming along again.
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