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  1. Evening all, Oldham have announced today that all concessions (65 and over) will be £10 going forward. Looking forward to seeing you all Friday
  2. Glad to see the board coming together, new member is Jim Minton, the new Chief Finance Officer, Mike Ford is Managing Director, Gary Kershaw, Business & Commercial, Simon Winnard PR and Media. Hayden Walker is the RFL man and looking at IMG. Sounds good and feels very professional and what we have needed for years
  3. Tickets are on sale. Think we might need them https://roughyeds.co.uk/tickets?ftredirect=1
  4. Maybe time for Gary to use his contacts at Huddersfield?
  5. What a brilliant name! Love it.
  6. What is the name of the club now? Is it still as was?
  7. Great interviews on both BBC and Granada with Mike Ford last night. Came across really well. But in both interviews he said “ the other five directors “. I know they alluded to a possible addition to the board but sounds like it is now a board of 6. Any ideas who it is?
  8. How do you think, by whining about other people using their precious pitch and sneering at ORLFC. Just because they had a very few successful years once they still think they are a 'big club'. From what I have seen on their forums and talking to those fans I know, I would say they are generally supportive. They realise the days of “us and them” have gone and the new owners want to bring together all sports in the town.
  9. Reading Dave Naylors post it looks like they gave CH the opportunity to say bye to the players
  10. A good win, 18-4, with Crusaders only scoring a consolation on the final minute. Dewsbury thrashed hornets as well, which was a surprise
  11. The ground and stadium is now completely owned by the the Rothwell Family who own the football club. They are lifelong latics fans. The rugby club have a long rem agreement to play at the ground. the council got their part have invested in a state of the art £1m pitch
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/sport/2023/mar/24/george-ford-to-help-oldham-roughyeds-after-father-mike-ford-takeover-rugby-league-club
  13. It was a privilege to be there this morning Dave. Buzzing as well!
  14. He told this story at the press conference this morning. What he was saying is he wants every local lad to want to play for Oldham rather than other clubs. He wants them to be desperate to sign and play for us because we are ( or will be) one of the top clubs
  15. The take over was completed 5pm on Wednesday
  16. One of the clubs new board was one of the founding members of Rugby Oldham and its initial Chairman
  17. Okay so assuming a new owner, after Sunday we have a two week break before our biggest home match of the season. As there is a fixture clash with both us and latics are at home with a 3pm kickoff, would you change to Monday and change to BP as a one off, to have real marketing push?
  18. There was a rumour on the OASF forum
  19. Surely we now need to build and develop the club, rather than be “saved”. I am sure that a robust business plan must have been developed for the council to buy into this
  20. Interesting in the report, the statement came from a “club spokesperson ”, not Chris Hamilton which is the norm?
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