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  1. A great signing at this level. If the rumours are true of other signings then we are going to build a strong team for next season
  2. Hi all. The talk went really well yesterday. Among the attendees were Chris Hamilton, John Watkins, Joe Warburton. Total attendance was well over 20. The plan was for me to film it but unfortunately illness prevented this.
  3. Not sure on the recording thing, I’ll ask Michael. The event is being hosted by Oldham Gallery and is part of the year long exhibition we have had n he upstairs room at the Gallery if you haven’t had chance to see it is well worth a look. It is the first of a series of exhibitions of the collection we donated to the Community I think the exhibition concluded after the world cup Thanks all!
  4. To coincide with the start of the Rugby League World Cup, Michael Turner of the Heritage Trust, will be giving a talk including a brief history of the competition and the Oldham links to the event. This will be held at Gallery Oldham on Wednesday October 12th – 2pm at the location of the Oldham RL Heritage Trust cabinet that is situated in Gallery 1 within the “Oldham Stories” exhibition. The talk will be approximately 45 minutes and admission is free.
  5. Hopefully casual. Hopefully replica shirts. I have two of my grandkids desperate to go in their club shirts.
  6. Chase should have been penalised but wasn't and this set the incident off. No further action against chase apart from he should have been penalised and then there would have been no melee. The water boy (no 26?) should be under investigation as there is no place in our game for that! Hornets deserved their win in the end as they were just a bit better and more experienced
  7. Dave, we were sat with the Swinton fans who went and they were of the opinion that the ref was very poor and missed so much and gave a lot of wrong decisions . That was to both teams by the way. It was this that led to much of the niggle. Personally I don't like to bag refs but this season we have had a lot of poor ones. It is a hard job, but if you are putting up for the job, do it right please
  8. Good summing up of the the game. On the incident at the end of the game, tempers have already flared when a player has been sin binned in such an incident. No way should he have to pass the through a group of opposing players. The lad who would him up and squirted water on him was a disgrace and that caused the flare up. It should be investigated as a whole incident
  9. I think a great opportunity was missed.
  10. Because the referee was shocking yesterday. Totally out of his depth. Two incidents in the first half where the player was lifted above the horizontal and dropped. Rightly penalised but both incidents were sin bin cases. That has been the rule all season.
  11. Liked him in both his spells at Oldham
  12. For those who haven’t seen it tickets are on sale are on sale on hornets site. Capacity is 952
  13. I seem to remember Leeds scrapping into the top 8 a fews years back and going on to win the playoffs?
  14. Just checked and the playoff for league one are 9th & 10th September
  15. Well done to all the players today. I thought Emerson Whittel had his best game of the season. Apart from the early lapses the lads played exceptionally and scored 30 points without conceding any more. Restall was superb not only with his tries, but sone of his defensive work was excellent also. He came in several times to cut out the Hunslet attack. Our pack as a whole played much better than most of the season and Hewitt and Ridyard reaped the benefits behind them.
  16. We were hearing plenty of rumours ( and I guess they are that) that Hornets have looked at Boundary Park for the Oldham match as your ground isn’t available
  17. Definitely Joe. Massive legend of the club. But not born here. the three loose forwards above were all class. I often wonder how far Terry would have gone had he signed for Wigan rather than us?
  18. Final score 32-12. Well done to the lads. Looking forward to seeing it later on the our league app
  19. Latest, Cornwall 12 - Oldham 28. Nearly full time
  20. 6-12 approaching half time
  21. Three ex oldham players in their three quarters
  22. Crowd was sadly very poor today. Understand the frustrations but as Roger says if we do t support the club they will struggle for cash during the winter
  23. Final score according to Hurricanes twitter feed. Well done on the victory but how on earth do we constantly throw away leads ? Luckily this one was enough to sneak a win. But I raised this before on a previous thread, why? Is it lack of fitness, confidence or what?
  24. It’s 39-0 but can’t see who is scoring the tries.
  25. Been scanning vintage match reports for the heritage trust website and the difference in the the reporting from the 60’s to the early 90’s and to now is so stark. Roger was hard hitting in his chron days. These days sadly it is just sanitised info to release to all the press. Totally controlled by the powers that be.
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