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  1. I agree, a Super League streaming app is the way to go for international viewers. Perhaps even include a few shows like watchNRL does? The game has basically zero visibility being buried on FoxSoccerPlus. I'm not even sure you can watch the games on-demand. I think it is either watch live or hope they replay the game at some point.
  2. The NRL has bad games for sure, but the standard is well ahead of SL. This doesn't necessarily make it always more entertaining but the standard is unquestionably higher. A full strength fully-focused Kangaroos side would be unbeatable, but I always get the sense the international games mean more to the English than they do to the Australians.
  3. Great to have SL back on Fox Soccer Plus. What's more, the channel seems to be available online with my standard cable package, no extra subscription required.
  4. Great stuff from Israel. I am happy to support #blacklivesmatter but the organisation BlackLives Matter is a scourge on society.
  5. I am wondering if anyone has any broadcast info for Super League in the USA? I fear there is still nobody carrying the games.
  6. Rugby League certainly does ok with viewer numbers in NZ. I grew up in the 90s in New Zealand supporting the Sydney Roosters. I have always hated the Warriors however. NZers will watch top quality RL, State of Origin and Queensland in particular gets a lot of coverage and support. But I don't think the fanatical interest is there to watch lower tier RL like local competitions. Really only Rugby Union has that sort of fan base in NZ. Its a bit like how for much of the world interest in local football leagues is minimal but everyone goes nuts over the English Premier League.
  7. Rugby League in NZ is essentially just the NZ (Auckland) Warriors and the occasional Kiwis test match. Domestic RL gets as much coverage in the media as the domestic American Football competition (i.e. none). School rugby union gets bigger crowds and media coverage than domestic RL. Talk of Rugby League being systematically oppressed by Union may have a grain of truth, but the real reason RL isn't flourishing is because the interest just isn't there, particularly outside of the Polynesian populace. NZRL as a governing body has few resources and even less vision. Maybe if the Warriors could ever get things right the game could get on a healthier standing, but I honestly think the Warriors are cursed.
  8. As someone who lives in the USA I feel people always misjudge Americans when it comes to sport. They always think Americans want a short action packed simplistic spectacle. American Football is one of the most complex sports out there and it certainly isn't short. The hits in American Football are quite brutal also. The padding and helmets makes the game more dangerous in my opinion, you see guys launching themselves headfirst like a missile into another guys knee, imagine taking a solid helmet straight to your knee cap! Baseball, the most American of all sports is another sport based on intricate details and a long run time. And for those who poke fun at everything being sponsored in US sports, next time you watch notice that none of the teams have sponsors names on their jerseys, it is considered tacky. Americans are often surprised when they see foreign sports teams with sponsors names emblazened across their jerseys.
  9. He was playing in the centres yesterday for the first time, I think he is more at home on the wing.
  10. Clint Gutherson shouldn't be overlooked.
  11. Hull KR should merge with Hull FC. New club can be called Hull KFC.
  12. The 1995 SOO is well worth watching.
  13. What about the rival Italian RL Body, the one that runs the government-recognised national team? Do they have a domestic competition?
  14. I grew up in New Zealand calling Rugby Union and "Rugby" and Rugby League "League:" I can't really think of a better name than just sticking with Rugby League and tolerating any confusions it may cause. Has any other sport renamed itself? I guess in some parts of the world Football is trying to ditch the name Soccer with some success.
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