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  1. The glory days of French RL are so long in the past it may be difficult to ever get back there. It feels like the West Indies cricket team, the glory days are gone and there is really no realistic pathway to righting the ship. RL is a sport played in a handful of villages in the south and you could probably put every RL fan in the Stade de France and still have seats left over. Maybe France's best hope is exporting its best young players to other countries, get them playing in SL, NRL (if any are good enough), NSW Cup, QLD Cup, etc? I am not sure Catalans and a Toulouse SL side are every really going to have the luxury of becoming a nursery of French talent, their obligation is to win games and trophies with the best players available.
  2. I am a New Zealander now living in the USA. The Sydney Roosters have pretty much always been my team since the mid-90s but I did always have a soft spot for the North Sydney Bears and dream of them one day returning.
  3. Rugby League's following in NZ is somewhat limited by the fact that virtually no white people play the sport, whereas Rugby Union attracts interest from all races.
  4. Part of me wants the cap removed and clubs to be able to spend what they want and sink or swim. I fear however that this scenario will lead to only 3/4 clubs actually surviving. You need a large following and a lot of popularity as a sport to survive the sort of market no salary cap will create - I am not convinced RL is on solid enough footing.
  5. Are matches available online on-demand? I know of the sites that sometimes broadcast live.
  6. This has nothing to do with the international game. The NRL is doing more for the international game than anyone in the UK has ever done for it.
  7. They should just merge with Hull FC to form Hull United.
  8. RL in the USA is nearly non existent. In 12 years living here I am not sure I have ever met an American who knew that Rugby had more than one code.
  9. Hard to believe this fixture was one game removed from the World Cup. Looked like a bunch of boozers playing in the local park.
  10. The NRL playoffs are essentially the RL Club World Championship. They feature the best 8 teams in RL and most of the best players in the world.
  11. One could also link England's decline to so many guys playing in the NRL. I don't think there is any link between the two but one can use facts to prove almost any point.
  12. Wayne Bennett destroys everything he touches. He is past it as a coach. You could give him the best XIII players in the world and they would only just eeke out a victory against lesser teams.
  13. Whatever they sort out I hope something gets done for SL fans in the USA. There is currently no way of watching over here since FOXSoccerPlus ditched all non-soccer programming in the middle of the season.
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