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  1. I would imagine the tournament will be delayed until 2022 to allow for a rescheduled Kangaroos tour in 2021?
  2. BLM as an organisation is for Marxists and those too foolish to see they have been duped. #blacklivesmatter is a worthy cause, but never *BlackLivesMatter.
  3. One concern among many journalists in Australia about loosening SOO eligibility is the affect it would have on the Kangaroos. Having a Tongan pack running out against a Samoan pack with some Fijians sprinkled in is not going to help Australia maintain its dominance.
  4. So many people here would have no problem with guys representing NSW or QLD and then playing for New Zealand or England internationally? Does Herbie Farnworth qualify for Queensland? If Greg Inglis does, Farnworth must surely qualify.
  5. NWS v QLD is a game for Australian-eligible players. Not an international all-star game.
  6. The other big SOO issue is letting Pacific players play Origin and still represent their country? I think this is a ridiculous idea which will harm NZ more than anyone. I have heard no mention of players being able to play SOO and still choose to represent NZ. Won't all the Origin-eligible Islanders just choose to play Origin and Tonga over no-Origin and NZ? How does NZ have any hope of retaining its player base?
  7. I always thought the Huddersfield-Sheffield Giant Eagles had potential.
  8. SOO becoming an international all-star game with loose eligibility criteria will be its death knell, and most in Australian RL circles realise this. What makes SOO is Queensland and their status as underdogs against the NSW behemoth. NSW has passion for sure, but Queensland is what makes SOO. If you make it an all-star game that passion will be lost.
  9. Would players really play SOO and then head of the UK for a tour. I reckon most Origin players would sit out the international fixtures. And who could blame them if they have battled through the playoffs and Origin back-to-back!
  10. What does the international game hold for UK and Europe in general if SOO is moved to the end of the season permanently as Peter Vlandys is suggesting? Good luck getting the Kangaroos to tour in the proposed mid-season international window.
  11. London Brolars has a nice ring to it.
  12. If I drop of some beers after the match can I get a Super League sponsorship deal also? I am not sure one could even call this a sponsorship deal. If anything Super League are sponsoring Papa John's in exchange for some free pizzas.
  13. This deal is being called a joke in the Australian media. Deemed even worse than the Stobart deal.
  14. This is the first I have heard about negativity around RL.
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