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  1. One could also link England's decline to so many guys playing in the NRL. I don't think there is any link between the two but one can use facts to prove almost any point.
  2. Wayne Bennett destroys everything he touches. He is past it as a coach. You could give him the best XIII players in the world and they would only just eeke out a victory against lesser teams.
  3. Whatever they sort out I hope something gets done for SL fans in the USA. There is currently no way of watching over here since FOXSoccerPlus ditched all non-soccer programming in the middle of the season.
  4. Is it possible that Wayne Bennett is a mole for Australia? He seems to be doing a good job of destroying RL in these parts.
  5. How strong will Greece be? I guess a number of heritage players will come out of the woodwork to prop them up? To be honest I would have preferred South Africa be given a spot ahead of Greece or Serbia.
  6. At least in Union the kicks are often decent at the end of these attacking phases. GB would bash it up for five tackles and then Widdop would grubber kick the ball 2 metres. Some of the worst most pointless kicking I have ever seen in either code.
  7. I get a bit concerned with the expanded number of teams when I see Greece and Serbia in the mix. Can you imagine Australia v Serbia?
  8. Australia should be forced to play an entirely different line up in each of the tests. That should level the playing field a bit.
  9. Except they wouldn't. These Pacific Island players are willing to forego playing one or two tests per year for Australia and instead represent their ethnic homelands. Taumalolo has changed everything, he alone has done more for international RL than anyone else in the last 25 years. If there are regular games for the island nations the players will commit. No reason for it to affect SOO eligibility either.
  10. It is time to upgrade Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji to tier one. Those nations have enough talent and willing players to not rely on cast-offs from NZ and Australia.
  11. A dire performance from GB. This is not a great Kiwis team. Widdop's attacking kicking game seemed to consist mostly of grubbers that traveled three metres. Was the first kick that landed in the in-goal and forced a repeat set not until 65 minutes? Forward pack is decent and lays a platform for backs who have no creativity whatsoever.
  12. For the most part New Zealanders happily enjoy both codes of rugby and care little for the squabbles between the two.
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