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  1. Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles 3pm Ref R Laughton TJ P Ward TJ L Fellows RR L Todd MC J Holdsworth
  2. http://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress....ard-.6005797.jp Congratulations and well done to all.
  3. your worst fears confirmed big lad..... Hunslet Hawks v Featherstone Rovers 3pm Ref J Leahy TJ G Evans TJ S Daniel RR P Huck TJ Coach D Tidman MC J Smith
  4. a good workout for the lads....looked impressive...inparticular Morrison an Hardman......going by the robins following, they must have known the team they were sending.
  5. i was trying to compare summat.....all i could think was if my chippy(who i think sell lovely fish) was to start selling sub-standard fish, then pump up the price to a tenner for F&C, I wouldn't keep buying them just to help the chippy's cause, I would still use it, I just wouldn't buy the fish......am I making sense here? I have been on days lol
  6. 'This post has been edited by Robin Evans: Today, 02:24 PM' Go on Evans, you know you want to!
  7. so if beer was a tenner a pint, programme 6 quid, golden gamble a fiver would you stump up for it?...for the cause?.....I can understand ya mentality psf but do ya think the sales of shirts would boost if we paid something like
  8. after seeing it proper for the first time on sun i could have probably lived with the design but I'm afraid the quality for the price is poor for me, like i've said before 'a glorified T-shirt'
  9. theres always debate over a greatest 100 or whatever, its just a rounded up number at the end of the day, when you look how many players have donned the great shirt is 100 really enough?.....I could pick 100 players who i have watch since the late 60s....i cant really say if steve was better than someone before that.....but he would be in my 100 since i've watched them...I agree with the assasin re-his pace for his size and the off loads......our lass says he had the best legs
  10. http://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress....urs-.5960051.jp
  11. if its the scoreboard thats missing and at the PO road end by then it could be 1970 ish cos thats where i used to stand as a nipper....i think adverts came in the 80s...the railings were white by then too........its a dull dreary black an white pic.....69/70 my guess
  12. its good to see the tackling machine that is jamie field might get a run out v trin
  13. so....where's the rumour come from?
  14. Just like to say all the best to you all.....we all have our opinions and differences but its all for the same cause, cos thats what keeps us ticking over...... and lets just hope we really do have a happy new year......'BRING IT ON'!!!
  15. forget it http://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress....t-be.5943735.jp
  16. As said before, it will always be POR to me.....as long as the club benefits its just another name over the gate
  17. not a bad idea....or next weekend indeed.....dont think donny have got owt lined up either
  18. "We're in discussions with Featherstone and we would be delighted if they choose to play some of their bigger fixtures at the new stadium." didnt realise we were struggling to fit everyone in, in our 'bigger fixtures'......an if anyone who's been in discussions from fev are reading this.......'IF IT AINT AT FEV I AINT INTERESTED'
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