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  1. Personally, I would totally agree. Such behaviour has no place in our game. It matters not which team you support, we all have a responsibility to give statements to the Police about what was seen. I didn't realise that the victim works for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. I too work for the Ambulance Service and so have an interest from that point of view. I have heard it said that some 'Fev fans' who attended were unknown to those who are regulars at the Bigfellas Stadium, so it may be that the plea for co-operation will fall on deaf ears. I hope not. For my own part, I would wish Dave all the best for a speedy recovery.
  2. Some 48 years ago I seem to remember going to a game direct from school (around 1961/2). The game was in Leeds (Headingley I think). Can't remember whether it was a Challange Cup game, or Yorkshire Cup game. We had some words to the tune 'Beautiful dreamer'. It mentioned several players of the day, but I never had a copy of the words to keep. I wonder whether anyone else has them, or can even remember the song?
  3. To be nervous is natural and good. As I remember it, the 1983 final was to be a walk over for Hull, but look what happened. I believe they thought they only had to turn up and the RL Cup was theirs. So nerves and collywobbles show we don't think like Hull did that day. I am sure DP won't allow the players to think that they only have to turn up. Halifax will provide stern opposition. Let's enjoy the day and the occassion. If we win great, that will be the icing on what has been a terrific season. After next Sunday, we move on to 2011 - I for one look forward to another great season.
  4. Bob.....was it you on 'Brassed Off'?
  5. Thanks Matt. We were saying the same thing, just from different angles. I was saying 3 games you were saying 2 wins
  6. Totally agree Bob - see my earlier post about a 20 game competition -v- a 4 game competition.
  7. I have said it before and I'll say it again....the majority of Rugby League supporters in West Yorkshire are NOT Rhino's fans. Week in, week out we have to suffer replay's of the Rhino's Friday game. Will Radio Leeds (Rhino's) ever realise how much Rugby League fans in West Yorkshire must be naffed off with their biased reporting of our game.
  8. What is it I keep hearing from coaches and fans...'you can only play what is in front of you'
  9. So in the last 2 seasons, Rovers have been beaten by the eventual Cup winners. Well done to Warrington - won the game in all departments. Rhinos promised so much, but delivered so little.
  10. Did anyone try telling Chelsea they are not football's premiership champions because they didn't win a play off? The team who are at the top of the league at the end of the season are the league champions, a tournament involving 20 matches and played for throughout the season. The end of season play offs is a knock out competition (sort of) and can be won by a team playing a maximum of 4 games. Unfortunately, those in charge of our game see the winners and runners up of this 4 game tournament as more worthy of being eligible to apply for Super League. The logic is illogical!!
  11. That last sentence sums it up for me. Never never will they crush our pride in a magnificent family club.
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