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  1. Don’t they have play Oldham first ?
  2. Can’t win games, without scoring tries. Did we break their line once ?
  3. Your missing the point, they ain’t Canadians on the pitch though, just old S/L and NRL players looking for an easy pension
  4. Wash your mouth out young man !
  5. Think it was Moore who was put on report . Knees in to the back of Scott’s head while on the floor
  6. Let’s see if you can pay “the bills” come the end of the season
  7. I’d like to think between 1500-2000 at least. Bradford have a good following when they come to Batley,
  8. Just registered for online tickets for tomorrow’s game, only took 2 mins, with no issues.
  9. He’s paid !!! ??? Give over
  10. Why is he wearing an old Fev shirt and not a current one ?
  11. It’s an app called Flash Scores, one of the most update sites I use, miles better than BBC.Great for all kind of sports
  12. He's doing both ends ! ?
  13. Another scoreless half ! Camped on their line for no return.
  14. The guy you want to find is Willy_bsa on periscope. Great band too
  15. Are the players not delayed and still in Toulouse ?
  16. Use easyfundraising for your Christmas purchases and get donations for Bissa
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