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  1. Commiserations - but at least you got there - I know too many who haven't!
  2. Same here. My 15 year old wanted to pay me her contribution to a PC for Xmas - her banking app doesn't allow her to add payees 'cos she's not 16 yet - so we phoned in - after 20 mins of um's and ah's they came to the conclusion we'd have to go into a branch - they told us where our nearest one was and I pointed out it was boarded up - it was news to Barclays that they'd shut their own branch! The only way she could pay me in the end was to get cash out of a cash machine in a major branch, which I promptly put back in my account at the same cash machine. It's got the makings of a sitcom it's that daft.
  3. I didn't take to each of the new doctors on their debut - but once re-watched on iPlayer, like them all. DT and MS particularly, and Peter Capaldi I misjudged first time round - really liked his episodes on re-watching. I've only watched the Jodie Whittaker episodes once, and I'm not sure I'll watch them again. JW has done stellar work elsewhere, I think she was let down by some average writing. And there were too many sidekicks - I think it dilutes the storyline. Looking forward to RTD being involved again. He picked two good 'uns in DT and MS, so I'm sure Ncuti Gatwa will be fine.
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