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  1. No, sorry, that's not right about Bob. He didn't perform admittedly whilst Peter Tunks was still in charge (I suspect at the time he was mis-sold the status of the club by Peter Tunks when he was brought over). However, when Tunks was gone, Bob took over as player coach, and significantly improved his performances. I think it transpired that he was told he could walk away from the other half of his 2 year contract if he kept Oldham in the first division. Oldham avoided relegation that year, and Bob went home (rumour has it he seriously thought about staying on as coach).
  2. 1894 map. Prior to this they're 1850's generally. I think in the period between maps available was when Oldham exploded with industrial growth. Black star represents roughly where Meadow Court Sports Ground is now, trawling through maps it appears that area has not been built on (there are more streets to the west of Cranbrook Street though). The red star is the end of Gartside Street, and the street just to the east of it is called Game Street? Does this refer to sport or birds that have been shot? Need to get on with some work now, I find this type of stuff distracts me too easily..
  3. I'd like to get one of these but not sure on the sizing. I'm an L/XL usually, but don't want a skin tight one like the players wear or it will show off my perfectly formed physique based on curries, pizza and beer. Any ideas on realistic sizing anyone?
  4. You could just see the ground from our house in Springhead.
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