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  1. I didn't take to each of the new doctors on their debut - but once re-watched on iPlayer, like them all. DT and MS particularly, and Peter Capaldi I misjudged first time round - really liked his episodes on re-watching. I've only watched the Jodie Whittaker episodes once, and I'm not sure I'll watch them again. JW has done stellar work elsewhere, I think she was let down by some average writing. And there were too many sidekicks - I think it dilutes the storyline. Looking forward to RTD being involved again. He picked two good 'uns in DT and MS, so I'm sure Ncuti Gatwa will be fine.
  2. I remember Des Foy having to do his warm up on his own as a colour test for the TV cameras as the lamps on the floodlights had been changed. The masts were still the same ones, just the lamps had been changed. It was a midweek match.
  3. Chips are ok in an air fryer - not great but way better than oven chips. But chicken wings, thighs, drumsticks are all really tasty, particularly if you cook with the skin on. Might try fish fingers next...... Our bread maker is used probably once a fortnight and the loaf is usually gone in 24 hours. We got a sandwich toaster where you could swap the hot plates for waffle grids - the waffles are lovely but at 7 minutes cooking time for a pair, it takes a while to build up a batch..... Got a slow cooker, but everything seems to come out dry, so we sort of fell out of love with that. Ice cream maker got a hammering last summer in lockdown, vanilla was particularly good, but when you've got ice cream in the house, you tend to eat it - had to stop with that due to 'coviditis' (putting on weight).
  4. Signed up to do the bronze in the early eighties (yes, I'm well over 40!), but the teachers strike scuppered the whole thing. 'Extra curricular activities' were dropped and that was that.
  5. I think the intention is to move the Argos stores into the meat/fish/deli counter areas. People ain't buying deli food at Sainsburys like they used to. The nearest Sainsbury's to us has an Argos store in it, about twice the size of Timpsons.
  6. Xmas 2018 we had everybody down to us, house packed. Xmas 2019 I said to my wife we should cut it back a bit, as despite telling me she enjoys cooking on Xmas day, her face doesn't say that when she dishes up (I have offered to cook). So just the in-laws were planned, and they pulled out though illness. Just the 4 of us in 2019 (me, wife and 2 kids). It was bliss. Stress free, no timetables to stick to or other peoples perceptions/traditions as to how Xmas should be. Afterwards my wife was pondering how to break it to her parents that we might do it again (her Mum has a big thing about getting together at Xmas) - and then Covid came along. Every cloud..............
  7. I remember the Aussie game, knocking Wigan out of the cup, beating Hull 2-1 (didn't the main kicker miss 3 pens for us that night? Not sure if it was Eric Fitzsimmons or Mick Parrish - Alan Platt came on as a sub and got the winning penalty - it was proper ####### down that night) I also remember beating Bradford Northern 9-2 when they were flying high at the top, Geoff Munro crashing over in the corner by the Hutchins(?) stand And Terry Flanagan scoring a drop goal from way out, at least 40 yards - I think against Wigan
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