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  1. Apart from the very link you posted still having seated tickets remaining, of course.
  2. Apologies if already posted, but it looks like soccer is trying to get the run on Auckland
  3. I think there was certainly a novelty in those smaller towns getting the chance to host a World Cup game. Ireland v Fiji at Rochdale in particular was fantastic. Cook Islands v Tonga getting 10k at Leigh when up against Bonfire Night. Halifax rocking for the Tonga v Italy game. The support for the Samoans v NZ at Warrington. Tonga v PNG at Saints was decent and the final was great but so many of the others just seemed to be non-events, not helped by the repeat games.
  4. The potential of a sponsorship deal with Norton Canes services is there for all to see
  5. Haven’t Keighley and Bradford played each other several times over recent years?
  6. You’ve somehow covered pretty much every base of entertainment and still it’s not yet enough until they build a spit and sawdust working men’s club on the car park? And I say that as someone who takes great pride in basing away games around arriving in the local town at 11am and not leaving before 6pm
  7. In the case of Bradford, at least, it’s because they charge two and six for a season ticket (sounds familiar) so have thousands of them. ”It’s football” is quite a valid point in this case though. Particularly when you look at how club-centric RL fans have proven to be in this tournament. Now contrast that where lower league football is currently the only show in town. (I’m probably a good example of how dominant football is in this country. I only missed three Leigh games for the whole of last season and went to fourteen RLWC games. However I missed England-France on my doorstep to pay £26 to stand on an uncovered terrace at Accrington v Bolton and missed the England-Samoa to pay £25 to see Cambridge 0 Bolton 0. In fact, the Saturday afternoon scheduling meant the only England game I attended was the quarter final. The Samoa and Greece games clashed with Bolton home games already on my season ticket, and would have probably missed the PNG game too had I known Bolton would have had a home FA Cup draw when buying tickets, albeit I dodged a bullet on that one!)
  8. Ironically given the numerous posts on here (including myself!) during RLWC, I think RLWC2013 has a lot to answer for on that front. The Challenge Cup has had the odd thing, but even last year it was only the NHS voucher code thing that was blown way out of proportion and literally only lasted a couple of hours. By the sheer nature of the Grand Final, the vast majority of sales take place in the final week before the game so it would be insane to throw in deals at that point. The organisers must have nerves of steel at that point, being (completely justifiably) on a comparatively low figure with 8 days to go. Makes perfect sense to get people boxed in when you can barely even make an informed guess as to the finalists at this stage.
  9. Other than when Catalans got there, has there ever been a last minute reduction in Grand Final ticket prices?
  10. To think Toulouse or the Cumberland clubs haven't done that first!
  11. Looks like the Qataris have taken a leaf out of the RLWC playbook with all of the games so close together and high ticket prices resulting in empty seats….
  12. Highs Kevin Sinfield. Get that man a job in RL for god’s sake The honour and privilege of attending the wheelchair final. Ironically the only tickets we’d bought before the date change. The change of venue was also a little fortuitous as I don’t think Liverpool Arena would have carried the atmosphere the same Tonga v PNG at Saints, a great contest The enthusiasm of the Lebanese fans at their games at Leigh Changing ends at half time at Coventry and then realising about 2,000 people had the same idea Attending fourteen games was a bit of a slog at times, particularly a second midweek in the rain at Donny but a great experience all the same! Lows England losing the semi. All I could think of while at the game yesterday was how good it would have been for England to be involved Not being able to pick your seat
  13. Oh it happened. With bells on. Stood in the pub by Trafford Bar and three Apple Wallets had expired and two others couldn’t log in. Genius. Sums it all up.
  14. Worked fine tbf. And bloody hell if England were invited it would have been limbs everywhere
  15. Distributed my 7 tickets for today weeks ago. Can’t wait to try and log on later when inevitably one of the party has inevitably deleted their email or drops their phone in the pub.
  16. We’re in the corner one and for whatever reason I’ve got a weird hunch that it will be used as seating rather than standing. Just as a final flourish for most of the other stuff that’s happened in this tournament
  17. I would say it’s quite possibly the most inclusive sport in the world in that sense. All genders, all abilities sharing one pitch. And yet you’re absolutely correct that it somehow fails to tick the right boxes!
  18. One of the most intense - and enjoyable - games I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. It had absolutely everything. Fantastic atmosphere too. Loved how the early French penalty was taken to silence but by the second half everyone had got in to it and in true RL fashion was trying to put the kicker off. That French liner though…!
  19. More World Cup final appearances than England.
  20. They didn’t seem to be stopping people taking beer to their seats at the Grand Final this year. North Stand safe standing section for us. Pre match beers down Deansgate and fight for a tram presumably. Very much less enthused once England were knocked out - far more so than in 2000 and 2013 put together tbh - but I’m sure it’ll be a good day
  21. This must be how the French male team feels every time they play England
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