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  1. Discounts aren’t usually 100% either though tbf
  2. Ground gripe number one. How is it that the Welsh Premier League and S4C can insist on a minimum standard of a permanent raised TV gantry, but it’s acceptable for (subscription based) RL to be filmed while stood on top of a Ford Escort? From a spectator point of view it looks a bonny view on the verge behind the sticks
  3. To the extent that, in years to come, at least 80% of the crowd will have got in for free.
  4. I would suggest it would be nothing more than a boost to the beer kitty.
  5. I love a freebie as much as the next man, but there's a reason the phrase "too good to be true" exists.
  6. I suppose he might only find out when he tries using them at the turnstiles
  7. I wasn’t aware anything had changed tbh. Have only been sending out marketing info to those who have specifically requested/agreed to receive. In years gone by, Random Town NHS trust would just provide a list of email addresses and would be hit with single use promo codes, or at least one a little more specific to gauge which ones have been more popular etc. In all the years that the more generic promo codes have been in use for RFL events (let’s be honest, who else went nuts for them at RLWC 2013), this is the first time I’ve ever seen it at anything greater than 50% and even then it just seemed immediately obvious to me that it was an error that was rectified fairly quickly.
  8. Those categories have been available at concession price throughout the sales period and have also been available through the clubs
  9. In previous years, they would have been single use codes that would have been sent directly to those being targeted, but post-GDPR you can't send them directly and as such without corresponding email addresses you can't generate the single use codes.
  10. Me neither, but I expect Tottenham will either say they haven't got the extra resources to put such checks in place, or will bill the RFL accordingly who, having already taken the hit on the tickets, probably won't want to pay the extra to put the checks in place. Personally I'd just cancel everything that hasn't been sent to an NHS email address.
  11. It's something of a grey area as they won't have been 'direct marketed' to the extent that they could have received a single use code, but likewise if you're sending a 'one fits all' code then it's hard to stop it spreading outside of that circle.
  12. Rarely spotted south of Crewe. There’s a graph somewhere that paints the clear relationship between a decrease in meyt and prater and increase in those awful Pukka pies the further you travel south.
  13. Money spinner once Wembley is available As above, presumably it’s just going to be ‘shared’ at that point.
  14. As posted earlier, I’m not on the 16:30 train as I’m staying for the CCF too. If the 1895 was elsewhere then I wouldn’t be attending, no, as I can’t justify shelling out hundreds of pounds to watch two teams I don’t support. However, if people leaving the house at 5am and paying £55 each for a match ticket to watch two Championship teams aren’t dedicated to the game then there’s some questions to be asked. I agree that we need to broaden our support base as a game, but it can’t be done at the expense of those fans who shell out thousands every season to support their clubs, or these mythical new fans simply won’t have any big events to go to.
  15. Also on BBC red button. Apologies if anyone else has mentioned it but there won’t be golden point if the game is level after 80 minutes. What an anti climax that would be!
  16. I won’t be leaving WHL before the main event begins, because that would mean entering at half 11 and then turning back round 25 minutes later. I will be staying for both games, but largely only because one of our immediate group is a Wigan fan (who has a family member playing for Huddersfield, ironically enough). Of our extended group of about 25 tickets, five are travelling down with a 5 year old so are likely to clear off once he gets bored after the Leigh game and another half dozen are booked on the 16:30 train back so will likely see the first half of the Challenge Cup. For those who aren’t having to care for the afflicted, I wouldn’t blame them one bit for clearing off if their team got a shoeing in the 1895. We just figured we might as well stay for the game rather than watching it in the pub.
  17. A little disrespectful to suggest that people aren’t allowed to treat the 1895 as the main event
  18. And once it is controlled and planned, all the danger and edginess is gone and they move on to a new trend. I said years ago that was the way of stamping it out. Indeed, the criminalisation of the smoke bombs is half of the reason they’re lobbed on to the pitch to avoid being caught holding one (even though they can quite literally leave you red handed) When in Toronto watching Leigh (not a true RL fan though according to another thread), I went to the Toronto FC v New York Red Bulls game and they have ‘pyro time’ at 15-20 minute intervals with some guy stood on a platform miles away from everyone else, holding a smoke canister and thinking he’s the capo at Napoli. Reality is that it looked so lame it was untrue and would kill the trend stone dead over here.
  19. And it was the existence of those fans that brought the gate receipts in the 1880s. Without those gate receipts there’d be no professionalism. No professionalism, no rugby league. The same rings true today - the Challenge Cup Final might have a significant dependence on neutrals, but discard those week in, week out fans that are the target of your disdain and there’s no game full stop, never mind a cup final. In years gone by I would go to probably 10-15 games a season as a neutral. These days, work, cost and family dictate that I just watch Leigh (only missed two games home and away this season, one through Covid and one because of work - not bad when three of those have been Monday night away games) and internationals with only the occasional neutral foray. But because I can’t justify shelling out the equivalent of a holiday on watching two (or four) teams I don’t support then I suppose I mustn’t be a true fan eh.
  20. Don’t disagree in the slightest, it’s just the thinly-veiled “proper fan” accusations that get my goat. That said, I will be staying for both games and wouldn’t be at either of them if my team wasn’t involved so swings and roundabouts and all that.
  21. Does the same question apply to the tens of thousands who didn't bother staying for the 1895 final in 2019?
  22. Can't have been many Wire-Saints crowds as low as that since Wilderspool, I'd have thought?
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