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  1. I watched the Hibs game on Sunday through Premier on Sky and it was as close to live as you can possibly get, even staying ahead of Flash Scores which, if anyone else has their alerts, is almost instant even when you’re actually at the game. When I’ve previously used Premier Player, it runs a minimum of 2-3 minutes behind which can be beyond infuriating if you’re also on here or Twitter during a game, not to mention killing any prospect of in-play betting, while the picture wasn’t particularly great and would occasionally buffer. All that said, it is probably worth mentioning that Premier Player is included free of charge using the Sky/Virgin option so it isn’t an either/or option. No idea why anyone would use the online only option. But each to their own.
  2. Either fly to Carcassonne and get the train or there are direct flights from Bristol to Toulouse
  3. Paid £129 to subscribe for the year last Friday (admittedly because I wanted it in time for the Hibs-Rangers game last Sunday)
  4. Pains me to say it as a supporter of a Championship club, but RL’s rare forays in to live terrestrial games should be used to showcase the absolute elite of our game, on and off the field. Without wishing to detract too much from the topic, I’d even go so far as avoiding showing certain teams at home, either because of the banks of empty seats (Wigan, Huddersfield) or because it would fit in with a 1960’s Coronation Street rerun (Cas, Wakey).
  5. He’d have been far better than Stevo at explaining the ‘momentum rule’ (sic) though
  6. I meant in the context of being two smaller nations (Tonga of 2013 was very different to 2017) and not only being midweek but also up against Bonfire Night displays which attract thousands of people in the Leigh area alone, never mind all over the country.
  7. Not sure if I’ve stumbled in to some sort of black hole of sarcasm, but there are three games at LSV, having delivered arguably one of the best crowds in 2013 given it was a midweek game on Bonfire Night and was before Tonga had risen to their current strength.
  8. Turns out the new EFL season starts on the same weekend as Summer Bash which would explain Blackpool's unavailability. Guess nobody thought to ask Blackpool about that when moving the Challenge Cup to May.
  9. Warrington’s title challenge could be considered a spring sport?
  10. In true RL fashion, Leeds will probably play Cas away on the Saturday or Sunday that weekend. I know Blackpool is the ultimate Marmite place, but I thought it was perfectly suited for Bash for so many reasons. Over the years, I’ve done the Bash as a couple’s weekend away, a family day out and a stag do and there’s something to suit everybody really. Preliminary discussions with the boss and our usual group is that if it’s at Headingley then we’ll just be doing the day trip for the Leigh game rather than the 3 nights (and more importantly both days of the event) at Blackpool. Hopefully the proximity to the West Yorkshire clubs should make up for the reduced ‘weekend’ crowd though, and I suppose it’s only fair that Yorkshire has the event for once.
  11. Woah there, I didn't say owt, I was just pointing out a sporting context where pyrotechnics amongst fans had been approved and positively encouraged. Featherstone, again...!
  12. Flares, no, but most MLS grounds have a designated 'pyro area' and set times during the game where they are allowed to release smoke canisters. All very sanitised and well away from the impact that has been intended through their use on the continent for decades. Suppose in some ways it is not too dissimilar to those daft flames that the RFL insist on throwing money in to at big games.
  13. Football clubs aren't allowed to move cup fixtures and the like any more. Leeds would be the obvious candidate, particularly as Elland Road is clearly in need of major TLC (or knocking down...), but sadly the RFL not having the proverbial pot would of course be a huge issue.
  14. I bet that was orchestrated by Leicester Tigers and all.
  15. I’d even throw in the use of #bbcrugby when they use #bbcrl for their Challenge Cup coverage
  16. I donate significant sums per annum to Betfred because of their omnipresence in RL.
  17. Now, now I attended 50% of our away games this season by train!
  18. Hopefully looking forward to visiting all three again next season Cumbria x3 > France x2
  19. Toulouse at Ernest-Wallon look an entirely more positive proposition than when they were kicking around at Blagnac and even Minimes. Here’s hoping the French TV companies are banging down the door tomorrow morning.
  20. Will be subscribing via Sky, which I must say is a big plus point being able to just stick it on the telly (and series link any related content that will hopefully be screened) without the associated messing about with laptops etc for OurLeague, not to mention the games might be a little bit more 'live' than they were on OurLeague, running sometimes 5 minutes behind score updates on Twitter and the like!
  21. I think that’s a bit harsh given the win at Hull plus the home wins against Warrington, Saints and Wigan, not to mention the fact that we didn’t actually finish bottom of the SL table in 2017.
  22. I wouldn’t get too carried away with the redevelopment. The toilets are portaloos, and there are no indoor concourses with the new stands essentially being metal steps brought off the back of a lorry rather than being permanent concrete terracing.
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