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  1. Samoa by 10 - MoM - Jarome Luai - Wane looking to go through Samoa rather than around them could be a huge mistake.
  2. McDermott. All I will say as a Salford fan is 'what comes around goes around' after his tirade against our club 5 years zgo.
  3. You must remember that Myler has `previous` and he will always be labelled a cheat by the Salford fanbase after conning James Child a few years ago to earn a penalty at the death bang in front of the sticks to beat the Reds at Headingley. He cheated again last night and won the Loiners another 2 points. Well said Phil Clarke.
  4. Have worked out - as I am sure Paul Rowley has - that if we win our last 3 and Catalan win one and Leeds two - then we will finish 4th and have a home tie. Alternatively if Leeds win all 3 then we will likely go there unless Catalan improve quickly.
  5. Harry -another thing we do is NOT to rely in the cheap up and under on the last tackle - we like to score from deep.
  6. 14-46 all over Les Devils Rouge are possibly Les Noir Chevals or Chevaux for the Play Offs.
  7. Well said Haggisman. Succinct. @Manfred Mann often comments `What do Salford bring to Rugby League`. Well the simple answer is `An annihilation of Catalan Dragons` Here are the highlights supplied by the French outfit. Dragons Catalans › News › 2022 › July › Highlights - Salford vs Catalans Dragons .
  8. Scubby - You need to change your wording please from `considering` to `being forced to move to`
  9. Mr Brigg - Please explain why Salford `are a disgrace`?
  10. That reminded me GJ - Denis Law was asked recently how his team of the 70s would get on against the Current Man U team. Denis responded `Well I think we would win 1-0` - Only 1-0 Denis? - Yeah - well we are all in our seventies now.`
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