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  1. That reminded me GJ - Denis Law was asked recently how his team of the 70s would get on against the Current Man U team. Denis responded `Well I think we would win 1-0` - Only 1-0 Denis? - Yeah - well we are all in our seventies now.`
  2. Generally positive posts on their Footie Forum :- `Exiled - 2k is a good start, particularly at the end of a loooong January. The pub was open and was busy, as was the West Stand concourse and to a lesser extent the Speedway Bar. We share all revenue IIRC - tickets, food and drink - but the detail has understandably been kept confidential. 30th Jan 2022 17:58:55 [92.lo.gg.ed] The trick will be keeping people coming back, and I’d like to see Broncos up the ante in the warmer months with live music etc to make best use of the fanzone`
  3. Saints fans moaning about their weakened team - mind you the Devils without Watkins, Burgess, Brown, Mossop, Pauli Pauli (both of them), Wells, Lannon, Greenwood, Luckley, Ata & Harvey Livett But don`t let that get in the way of balance. Saints nilled in the second half.
  4. Salford played much better than the score suggests with 2 good tries disallowed and Inu`s kicking not up to his standard. Liam Moore had a poor game as referee - he was overshadowed by Sam Tomkins plus James Maloney. Surely Catalan may become the worst Super League leaders of all time. If so the standard of SL has fallen tremendously this season.
  5. OK Meastey I will try :- I have only named the International players NOT the bit part lads Oh and & if Edwards plays for your lot again then standards have fallen at the club.
  6. Salford missing a few Taylor Pauli Pauli (who played 10 mins last week looking very Pauli) Seb Sarge Watkins Sio Be good if we could keep close.
  7. Salford to win tonight even without 3 /4 Internationals. Squad getting there and unlike Red Willow I am a Glass Half Full man.
  8. Well I remember the Chief Exec at Warrington (Karl Fitzpatrick) scoring a belter of a try at Wheldon Rd not so long ago. Bleep should be renamed Bleepeevish. Stop biting the hand that feeds you (Luis Roberts is a good example).
  9. I only remember Radford as a hard running second rower who never parted - bit like Langley @ Bulls - I cant see him being innovative and will surely restrict Holdsworths impetus.
  10. He was excellent at Salford Terry and had them playing some great expansive RL last year. My worry is that he will get fed up with the M62 queues so tee him up with a Villa in Nostell Priory.
  11. Very true but are you actually saying Salford cheated by sending on an extra man? If so then the punishment is far too lenient. However its clear that the infringement was accidental isnt it? If so the punishment is ludicrously excessive. In all this schemozzle its noticeable that the Match Officials who are culpable have escaped any castigation whatsoever.
  12. Dearie me - a lot of pathetically peevish comments emanating from people - no wonder the sport is being held back. RFL shooting themselves in the foot again. Here we have a man willing to invest in the sport and being stymied. The sport needs more Marwans and this is not the way to attract them.
  13. A Waring special from a Fllodlit Rugby league match - 8pm in November - `And as you can see the shadows are lengthening`
  14. Was it something to his Antique business padge?
  15. Well Churchill was good - no GREAT - whereas I dont concur with some `Forumites favourite` political Party that they were ever good - except on spending other peoples money.
  16. Been to those except Parkside, Leeds Greyhounds but also , McClaren Field (Barley Mow I suppose), Gilford Park Carlisle, Fartown, Runcorn, Alt Park Huyton, Altrincham, Borough Park Blackpool, Nottingham Municipal, Prescot, Gigg Lane,`Alfreton -never got to Belle Vue, Knotty Ash though & maybe more (Scarboro being one)
  17. A genuine and very nice lad but agree with Red Willow as to ability now.
  18. Did Morgan telephone Cummings a couple of years back to arrange to have Hewer for every match after the Cumbrian whistler gave 16 penalties on the trot to Rovers against Salford?
  19. What surprised me on Sunday was that JK stormed over to the Fans giving them a `thankful` round of applause - I just wondered whether it was a `Good Bye` situation.
  20. Could be interesting if the RFL decide that the club which finishes higher next season between Halifax & Widnes will replace the club downgraded. There really would be something to play for then..............
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