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  1. We (West Bank) played at South London in 1986-87 winning 21 v 14. We had such a great time we invited them to Widnes for a friendly which I think was a 10 all draw played at Naughton Park. They cut a swathe through Widnes that night.?
  2. From the outside there seemed to be a chance that the RFL's rejection of their League one application would be the deathnell of their efforts. Fantastic to see that it's not the case and wonderful to see the confidence they have in the game. Just like the North East there's absolutely no good reason why RL can't thrive in any region of the country.
  3. Is this why Manchester Rangers were denied entry to the league and who it was that objected?
  4. We're open to starting in League One, or the alternative maybe is we are told by the Rugby Football League that it might be easier to buy an existing club and re-brand it." He doesn't actually say they would like to take over an existing club but if the RFL suggested that was the way to go then they could try that route.
  5. West Bank 16 v 12 Doncaster Toll Bar
  6. I was visiting relatives the day of the Castleford cup game. As good as the game was it was the Steak sandwich that made the experience ?. If my memory is correct Geoff Toovey was in the club after the game.
  7. NCL clubs probably are financially better off than League 1 but they're not paying players so the point is mute
  8. I'm sure the people at the top monitor this forum so why don't they rebutt this nonsense if only to put people's minds at rest. For an absolute fact there are more 6 to 12 years olds playing now than there have ever been. Isn't that right Taxiegg?
  9. Neither figure seems remotely realistic
  10. The Tigers were the original junior club with teams at every age group followed by St. Marie's. It's a crying shame that some terrible decisions and sheer bad luck lead to their virtual demise. West Bank are very strong at junior level and the committee are working hard to rectify and overcome the recent problems. Moorfield are expanding again after several years where it looked they were doomed. Simmies are confident they will be back next season. At it's peak there were 5 full junior clubs in the town and occasionally a small Runcorn club. Since those days junior soccer participation has ballooned so it's unlikely the town will ever have the numbers playing it once had.
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