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  1. miaow

    2020 Squad

    seen a photo of him allegedly punching some poor guys face off
  2. fantastic news heading in the right direction
  3. hoping the stadium gets the go ahead today
  4. very antiquated remark health and safety brigade ....
  5. daft errors in a young team that are coached well and can do the basics right would show them up
  6. no different for me from any work environment if performance is under achieving then there are always changes which normally happen at the top of the tree. Once this happens the rumors begin. Whether I agree or not is my personal opinion which I keep off here and wait in anticipation for some good strong leadership to see us through the next few games until a decision is made. no point in looking back to move forward
  7. miaow

    Chris sandow

    good reply from leon keep the punters interested
  8. miaow

    2019 200 Club

    scott I will mine this weekend just aswell I bumped into you in the shop earlier today
  9. jut out of curiosity what's going to happen with shaun weaver sign and the chairs that people payed to have names put on ..does anyone know if there's plans for them in the new stadium
  10. https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/17346072.new-25m-sports-stadium-to-house-300-sellafield-staff-and-nhs-workers/ for anyone who may of missed it
  11. I think its a fantastic opportunity for the area to host sports vents concerts the list goes on if we are smart in the planning phase there is no reason why we cant build a stadium that is sustainable, for me the drawings look great I would like to think we can build a state of the art stadium and consider our environmental footprint there are some fantastic schemes out there that can reduce the cost of stadiums PIR lighting (office spaces) rain water harvesting (storage of rainwater to flush toilets etc) solar panels (rather than taking form the grid) own wind turbine reduced pricing on bring your own cup schemes (reducing waste and packaging) thinking ahead to the future electric car charging stations wont be long before were all driving them apologies for the earthy green in me appearing but it is a fantastic opportunity to lead the way looking after the environment in the sporting world some off the wall ideas but well worth considering
  12. have to agree invest now and reap the benefits from the future stars in any posrt in years to come
  13. miaow


    leigh yes town yes wigan ??
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