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  1. i think if the match goes ahead , if its a mudfest , if walker is picked i will go for a 18-12 win
  2. unfortunately we live in an era where drugs are very easy to get hold of and cheap in any sport its a real worry as a parent with either performance enhancing or recreational it petrifies me
  3. personally im pleased that ex players are speaking out it flushes out the issue no doubt some will see it as a betrayal but what chance do our young developing players have if thats what they are up against - a decision that may just end their career Anyone who kids themselves that any sport is a clean sport is kidding themselves - people are always looking for the quick fix how to get fitter faster stronger quicker, how to gain the competitive edge quicker Take the russian olympian heart tablets ????? there is always a loop hole and people are good at finding them Then there is recreational stuff which i actually abhor it destroys lives while the kingpin sits at the top of the food chain creaming in the benefits I find it hard to believe clubs and the rfl are doing all they can coaches tipping players off yes it does happen !!! Im also not sure what the answer is but i do think that more can be done - if clubs truly believe in clean sport why are they not random testing no different to most good employers ? Welcome the thoughts on a good topic - perhaps here in sunny wukinton we have a collective answer
  4. after a long time away from DP it was good to be there yesterday a fanatstic result and great to se faces i havent seen for a long time a better game to watch than the GF to top it all off the kids pitch invasion at the end was fantastic every blue shirt a hero to them, listening to your kids talking about the match coming away with signed boots and balls just made it more special for them took me right back to the PW era bet theres a few baggy heads today
  5. i havent been on the forum or been to the ground for a while but the our league app has certainly had me following all season. Was a great game and i called the ending sat on my sofa eating cheesy doritos Feels a little contradictory just turning up for a final but every voice matters so roll out your aunties uncles grandmas grandas kids the dogs and and anyone else you can drag along
  6. scott I will mine this weekend just aswell I bumped into you in the shop earlier today
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