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  1. There was a an excellent book published last November "The Greatest Sacrifice " on the Northern Union players who gave their lives while serving in the Great War . As someone who loves RL and is interested in History this book was amazing . It gives a bio-pic almost 70 players died on active service ,opening up a window on little known aspet of our game That has set me asking " What RL players lost their lived in service in World War 2 ." Does anyone out there have relevant information from their clubs whichin some way might answer this question? Anyone out there help ?
  2. How well do you know Rugby League ,If you can predict which Super league team is going to win over the last 9 weeks of the Super League regular season you could be our Last One Standing this time around? There’s a first prize of up to £500 ( depending on number of entries )for the winners of Trust in Havens New fundraiser …… Last Fan standing . If you call yourself a Rugby League fan and you know the Super League and think you can predict the winner of just one game each week, then this is the competition for you. Entry fee is just £10 and you can sign up by visiting the Trust in Haven Website www.trustinhaven.com/last-fan-standing/ and Making payment via debit card, credit card or paypal on the link provided. Alternatively, you can print off the attached pdf version, complete and post back to TIH Last One Standing, c/o Whitehaven RLFC , Recreation Ground Coach road , Whitehaven ,CA28 9DD along with payment by cheque or postal order. A full list of the rules can be found on each version of the entry form. Closing date for entries is Wednesday 25th May 2017. Make sure you enter today. Our search has begun . . . LMSprintable.pdf
  3. What's Masters Rugby League about? Meet the 80yr old RL player and his mates on BBC breakfast on Saturday morning
  4. Record number of Players in Cumbria Masters RL Festival http://bit.ly/2qbT7kj
  5. Hot air from the big fella at Red Hall , in the end it sounds good but tell us nothing . In the words of Charlton Ogburn we tend to meet any new situation by reorganization, and a wonderful method it is for creating the illusion of progress at a mere cost of confusion, inefficiency and demoralization. As its funding has reduced in recent years , the RFL has made drastic staff cuts , so not sure what is left to re-organise . With Sports England rumored to be further cutting its funding will the RFL Board be culled in line with the cuts ? Somehow I dont think so
  6. Opening game of the Tour Played at the Copeland Sporst Stadium on Saturday 6th August . Match report here http://www.mastersrl.co.uk/article/14681/australian-masters-enjoy-cumbria
  7. Slalom Larger !!!! Dont Knock it . Slalom was one of Cumbrias least well known exports ,Originally brewed at the Old Workington brewery in the mid 1970s and brewed there after it was taken over by Matthew Brown in the next decade, who sponsored Rugby league in a big way round that time . They did a very good brewery tour which usually ended with large quantities of free samples being consumed . Great Days This particular brew was sold in bottles and Draught at most rugby clubs at that time and certainly was responsible for a few merry nights and sorry mornings in my youngers days Great memories With regard to Wigan at that time .I recall them playing at Whitehaven that same season and Haven prop and now director Ralph Calvin getting levelled by Wigans prop Steve Breheny who subsequently got his come uppance from another haven forward . As other have commented that the way the game was in those days but lacked nothing terms of entertainamnet compared to the more sanitised game of today.
  8. Havens Reserves provided a memorable conclusion to what has been a disasterous 2010 season as they won this afternoons Reserve Grand Final 46-12 over Featherstone Rovers . A reward for the clubs Youth developement programme , showing that even allowing for the invetiable loss of young players to Super league Academies there is still a lot of talent in West Cumbria . The clubs reserves topped their league and both the Under 16 and under 15 Scholarship squads competed well against Super League opposition in the RFL competition eralier this season . I AM probably biased here but it shows that the Haven are well placed to bounce back as competitve Championship One Club quickly . It also shows that the suggested remedy of a merger would be much more welcome to Workington club that it would the Haven :
  9. A public meeting has been called for all Whitehaven rugby league supporters on Friday night to further explore the possibility of setting up an independent supporters' trust to make a viable offer to run the club. Since the idea was first mooted by a fans' steering group on Friday over 300 people have used a website to register their interest in being involved in the scheme, and the steering group met on Tuesday. Spokesman Karl Connor said: "What we have seen by the response to the website is that there is a genuine will in the community for the club to continue, and a genuine interest from supporters in getting involved in shaping the club's future. "Can we raise the funds to buy the club? That is the big question - and one we hope to answer after the public meeting on Friday night. "What we will be asking people on Friday is firstly whether or not they want to go ahead with a trust and if they do we will set one up. "If that is the road we go down then we would follow a well established model which is already being used successfully at other sports clubs. Membership of the trust would cost a minimum of
  10. Lots of rumors as yet unconfirmed that Whitehaven have parted company with Coach ged stokes with immediate effect. Reported on BBC Cumbria sports show this evening , though Club Officals remaining tight lipped but at the same time not denying questions asked by their reporter . More to Follow no doubt
  11. Yes , It is Bad Times in Cumbria , but as ever such happenings are rarely the consequence of bad luck , more down to rank bad management. In Towns case , they continue to be held back by the Legacy of their one season in Super League 1, the debts they incurred and the fall out from that continues to cast a long shadow over Derwent Park . As for Whitehaven , well their demise hs bee rapid but at the same time totally avoidable . They over spent after 2005 on overated out -of-town pros with big reputation and even bigger wage demands . All this while the RFL were making it quiet clear the Recre was not good enough for SL . The retirements of Seeds, Lester , Fatialofa etc were entirely predictable and ,a war chest to get the club over a dificult few years should have been put in place , but two differant adminstrations at the club since 2007, couldnt or wouldnt make the hard decisions that might have given the club a club of staying competitive . So Haven now run by an American Chairman who nows next to nowt about RL , with a Board of Local Councillors in support , are at the brink and are having to make the hard decisions that should have been made 12 or 18 month ago . Added to the financial meltdown, the same Board continues to swear blind alliegance to Coach Ged Stokes ,his team having lost 11 straight games . What other club in whatever sport would retain their team boss with such a record ??? Is it any real surprise therefore that the 1800 to 2000 Haven fans of recent years have now voted with their feet , remember it is those people who have spend their hard hard earned cash, to support a disfuntional club with a non performing coach and team . Itdont think so With the right calibre of people running the Club and a coach who can get results many of those stay aways will return of that I am sure . The one optimistic note from a Whitehaven view point is that despite the undouted pull of SL clubs on the Areas junior talent , Havens youth policy continues to be productive with both scholarship 15 and 16 age group teams showing up well in the recent round of fixtures . So coming to the issue of Super League , it nice for all you people down their in M62 land to offer advice , but what will be the result of the coming together of 2 struggling - poorly manged clubs , a slightly larger but still struggling poorly managed club . Dont think thats going to meet any of the RFLs SL licencing criteria. But just moving things on - some think that a Cumbrian SL club is a fait accompli of the RFL !!! In 2007 Tony Colyer the then Vice Chairman of Barrow put together an extensive paper on how he thought Cumbria could put a bid forward for SL , this was shared bewteen the 3 pro clubs and the RFL . It wasnt perfect but certainly was a basis for further discussions . As of July 2010 there has yet to be an acknowledgement of this paper by the RFL , and remains the biggest idictment of the RFLs attitude to Cumbria and SL .
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