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  1. Capacity will be reduced a bit to accommodate big screen etc (I assume there’ll be one).
  2. Any news on ticket sales for the opener ? It was at 36,000 a couple of days ago.
  3. You need printed tickets for games at St James Park, Warrington and Wigan as those stadiums don’t have the facilities to scan digital ones.
  4. As far as I’m aware he started playing RL at 14 and then moved to Oz at 16 so only had 2 years playing RL here.
  5. Yep and Herbie Farnworth would be classed as a quota player despite being English and playing for England. The rules aren’t straightforward.
  6. It’s a strange set of photos mind, not a single person in them just a screen. A bit bizarre.
  7. Hattie Jacques would be first choice prop IMHO
  8. In the form he was in then yes. Same with Mikey Lewis who seems to have been forgotten about, he was sensational at times before he got injured.
  9. Welsby is the utility really, covers FB, centre and stand off. So in essence you have 1 extra option in each of those positions.
  10. Realistically we only have about 5 Cat A clubs (Leeds, Wigan, Saints, Wire, Cats) then around 10 Cat B (rest of SL plus a couple of Championship clubs) clubs and everyone else is Cat C. So not a lot will change really.
  11. That's the case below SL but I believe SL use a different system (or at least they did, might have changed though). For SL play offs the surplus revenue from all play off games goes into a pool - i.e. home team can keep bar and hospitality revenue and deduct costs of staging the game (staff costs etc) but any profit from ticket sales goes into the pool. Even the GF receipts (after staging costs) go into the pool. Then the final pool is paid out pro-rata to the 6 teams who made the play offs. It used to be pro rata'd so that each progression gained you 10% more of the pool - i.e. Winners 35%, Runners Up 25%, Losing semi-finalists 15% each and Losing 1st round 5% each.
  12. There was an article in the Guardian a few weeks ago where some ex Wolfpack players were saying they still haven't received any of the money owed to them after the club went bust. Lots of promises of payment over the last 2 years but no money has materialised and they are going to take legal action against Argyle...... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jul/29/toronto-wolfpack-rise-and-demise-unpaid-players-and-a-cautionary-tale
  13. Probably just embarrassed about somehow managing to finish 3rd in a 2 horse race
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