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  1. South Shields - a truly depressing place
  2. Alnwick Haltwhistle Pitlochry Kendal
  3. Phil McKenzie is a physiotherapist in Warrington, a bloody good one too. Ex Wire prop Gary Chambers is headmaster of a school in Bolton. Andy Platt is an estate agent in Queensland, also owns a couple of hotels.
  4. Workington Town do, it’s £5 a share.
  5. Steve Breheny, former Wigan prop, was an absolute lunatic.
  6. I'm now rewatching Banshee, still as good as it was first time around.
  7. White Lines on Netflix - it’s both good and rubbish in equal measure.
  8. Today's news about how much the Premier League will be penalised by Sky & BT even if they finish their season puts things in perspective. £360m deduction even if they do finish the season, £750m deduction if they don't, due to non-fulfilment of contractual obligations. If Sky adopt the same approach to RL then the game really will be in crisis.
  9. Today’s news that the Premier League is facing a minimum £360m repayment to its broadcast partners for not meeting contractual obligations is real cause for concern. It’s reported that not completing the season will cost them £750m and a “behind closed doors” rushed end to the season will cost £360m. If Sky are taking such action against other sports then it’s not inconceivable that they will also adopt the same approach to RL. In which case the clubs are going to need every penny of this money just to survive if broadcast income is greatly reduced. The game really is on a knife edge at the moment.
  10. Phil McKenzie, absolute class, ridiculous that he never got an international cap
  11. Designated Survivor is fantastic, enjoying it immensely.
  12. You have to understand that it is impossible for petrol to be less than £0.70 per litre over here due to fuel duty and VAT. Fuel duty is fixed at 57.95p per litre and then VAT on top at 20%. So even if it was being given away free we would still have to pay 70p for it.
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