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  1. She is a good actress, excellent in Breeders with Martin Freeman too.
  2. Black Sabbath’s Children of the Grave and Blondie’s Call Me are very alike.
  3. Just binge watched the new series of Two Doors Down. Brilliant as ever, but especially so with the return of the awful Cathy.
  4. I assume we still have some backs to announce as we look very short on cover in the threequarters, looks like we only have 5 signed on and 2 of them are new to the pro game. A couple of injuries and we’d be struggling.
  5. More importantly, Fibrus have become the club’s main sponsor following on from acquiring the naming rights to Derwent Park last season. Biggest deal in the club’s history so I’m told and includes separate segregated funding for the fledgling women’s team.
  6. It has the feel of fulfilling a contractual obligation with Sky as cheaply as possible. Nothing more, nothing less, just doing the bare minimum to be compliant with the contract.
  7. For Tatie Pot - Basically you chop up carrots, swede and onion and throw it into a casserole dish with whichever meat you want to use. Then crumble up some black pudding into it which adds seasoning and texture to the gravy. Add water and gravy granules and cook on 160 degrees for about 3 hours. Then cover it in thinly sliced potatoes and put back in the oven for an hour at 180 degrees until the potatoes start to crisp. Tatie Hash is a different thing and looks like this....
  8. Get a Cumberland tatie pot knocked into you, with pickled red cabbage on the side. Traditionally lamb based but shin of beef or pork shoulder works just as well.
  9. You did marra, 1-1 v HKR at Derwent Park in 1980.
  10. Their tenancy at the stadium ends on 1st December and the council haven’t yet decided to offer them a new lease. Might end up homeless.
  11. Because tours have to be profitable, or at least break even, and sadly tours to the smaller nations aren't. Its not arrogance just financial reality.
  12. Agreed, but there's a lot of tossing enthusiasts in Whitehaven......
  13. Yes and where there is a game between L1 and Championship clubs then the L1 club is at home. For example, I assume there will be a Cumbria group of Town, Haven & Barrow. Town will be at home to both of the other clubs, then I suppose its the toss of a coin to see who plays at home for the remaining Haven/ Barrow fixture. If a Championship club gets put into a group with 2 L1 clubs then they won't have a home match.
  14. You think it’s ok to make our elite players travel economy on long haul flights ?
  15. Not according to Tom Burgess who says he is actually out of pocket for playing in this series. Re the flights he said every other time he has played for England the RFL have paid for business class flights for the players but this time they were told the RFL would only pay economy. Burgess and others paid for business class themselves and the RFL reimbursed them the equivalent of an economy flight fare.
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