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  1. Don't forget that admission prices are inclusive of VAT. So if a club charges £20 for a ticket they only actually get £16.67 of it.
  2. "Chap's an absolute shocker - the sort of man who sleeps in his vest" "Ah Russia, all those lovely corn fields and ballet in the evening" "It's not compulsory to be in the union...but you have to join..." "We do not, and can not, accept the principle that complete incompetence justifies dismissal. That is victimisation".
  3. That's a bit harsh, especially from someone who's username is an incitement to commit a criminal offence......
  4. So, in the cold light of day, yesterday was a game we ought to have won but didn't. Fair play to the lads who gave their all but at the end of the day "ought to have won but didn't" has been the story of our season really. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.........
  5. No, Thunder have 4 games left and Haven have 3 - so if Thunder win their game in hand they will be 1 point behind Haven. Both teams still have to go to Keighley which is never easy - if either team loses there its probably game over.
  6. I say what I like....and I like what I bloody well say.....
  7. Is there such a thing as a happy day in Yorkshire ?
  8. If the Bulls are locked into a long-term lease for Odsal then moving away won't help them much. Legally they'd still be obliged to pay the rent for Odsal until the expiry of the lease whether they play there or not.
  9. It’s ok, Mike Harding is on standby if the worst happens....
  10. Wigan v Hull 1985 Cup Final Aus v GB 1992 Melbourne Test Whitehaven v Workington 1993 0-0 draw GB v Aus 1994 Wembley GB v Aus 1992 RLWC Final
  11. Hot water bottle filled with ice cold water and placed behind the knees or neck will keep your body temperature down enough to sleep.
  12. You'll be fine, I've had the same condition for years. Clopidogrel and a Diltiazem tablet every morning and you'll be right.
  13. Borough Park - that brings back many memories of the wonderful Stix nightclub that was based there !
  14. The £95m isn't the build cost. It was the total cost of building, maintaining and managing not just the stadium but the associated other sports facilities that were going to be provided (4G community pitches etc) over a 50 year period. Actual build cost for the stadium, incorporating NHS facilities and office complex for Sellafield was £26m. The leased space to NHS and Sellafield would have brought in roughly half of the £95m over the 50 years without taking into account other income the stadium would generate for itself (concerts, conferences, social events plus of course match day income). Plus the council would have recouped money from selling the Derwent Park footprint for redevelopment which is pretty sizeable. I read somewhere that after taking into account the rental income then even if the development never generated another penny then the cost to each council tax payer in the area would have been around 30p per week, hardly life changing sums. The build cost for a straightforward 8,000 capacity stadium without any other facilities was £15m. This bigger plan was intended not just to provide a stadium for the semi-pro clubs but to provide other benefits to the community. Grassroots facilities, income into the town from the 500 or so Sellafield and NHS staff based there, improved healthcare facilities etc
  15. None of the above will matter if we don't defend. On Sunday yes Newcastle were slick and quick in the backs, but they also made numerous breaks straight down the middle thanks to some very half-hearted defence.
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