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  1. Their chairman and 5 other directors have quit this week after a big internal bust up and the bar manager also walked out. So they’ve no licensee so can’t legally sell alcohol.
  2. A friend of mine has an imported F-150 Raptor, it’s absolutely rapid for a thing that size. Lot of fun to drive.
  3. They have stock of pre-built ones but they may not be the right colour, trim or have the optional extras you want. If you want to spec your own then it’s a factory build order and they are experiencing huge delays. Even on cars as uniquitous as a Toyota Yaris - my wife recently ordered a new hybrid Yaris and the delivery estimate is end of September.
  4. Massive shortage of new cars at the moment due to the worldwide shortage of chips for the onboard ECUs. Meaning used car prices are rising massively particularly on “nearly new” ones. I was looking to sell one of my cars recently, an 18 month old AMG, WeBuyAnyCar offered me £4K more than I paid for it originally. I ordered a new Range Rover in early March, was told delivery would be this month, just been advised it’ll now be November at the earliest.
  5. France are the Warrington of international RL, often flattering to deceive, and very rarely does the whole equal the sum of its parts. It’d be nice to see them achieve some of their undoubted potential at international level.
  6. Yep Fred Hughes played for both Town and Barrow, Emlyn being born in Barrow when his dad was playing there.
  7. I can’t see the point of starting with Scholey on the bench, if anyone can play big minutes it’s him, think in games like that you need to be starting with 2 proper middles for the early arm wrestle.
  8. The mistake we made from the kick off after drawing level at 16 all was the game breaker. We had all the momentum and they looked rattled but that error handed the momentum back to them and they capitalised.
  9. Well, that half didn’t go to plan, bit of a harsh reality check really.
  10. Always amazes me how people like Rotheram find their way into these jobs. When he was Workington coach he was the most insipid, uninspiring, bland person you could meet. Universally disliked by the players, one of those "NRL speak" coaches who couldn't have a conversation without using Australianisms and tired old cliches from there.
  11. Yeah that’ll really develop them as players by playing exclusively against much inferior opposition. Unless they’re going to have meaningful competitive games against similar or better standard opposition then there really is no point.
  12. Who would their academy players play against if they continued running one ? No point in having an academy if they can’t actually play any games of RL.
  13. I think that’s a by-product of Chris’s philosophy of mobility over muscle and having lads with speed and agility in the pack rather than just big plodders. You don’t need to be that much fitter than the opposition if you’re that much faster than them when they’re tiring.
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