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  1. They are gender neutral now, so you can't stand their voice. Or something like that.
  2. Radiohead, their stuff just leaves me puzzled as to what their appeal is. More to do with their politics than their music I reckon. It’s always struck me as music to self-harm by.
  3. Not really, BHS overseas stores are franchises and so weren't affected when the BHS company went bust. The franchise owners were allowed to keep the name. Plus, of course, BHS still trades as an online retailer.... https://www.bhs.com/
  4. Just heard the terrible news that Les has passed away today. A superb player who improved any team he played in. RIP big fella, was a privilege to watch you play for Town.
  5. Les Gorley, ex Workington, Widnes & GB forward. RIP big fella.
  6. Derwent


    He’s not entirely wrong though is he ? You can’t compete in that league with only 14/15 players some weeks, it’s too tough a league for that. How many times this year have we gone without a full complement even if we’ve named 17 ? Unless there’s an improvement in professionalism at the club then I’m afraid we’d be certainties to come right back down.
  7. Don't forget that admission prices are inclusive of VAT. So if a club charges £20 for a ticket they only actually get £16.67 of it.
  8. "Chap's an absolute shocker - the sort of man who sleeps in his vest" "Ah Russia, all those lovely corn fields and ballet in the evening" "It's not compulsory to be in the union...but you have to join..." "We do not, and can not, accept the principle that complete incompetence justifies dismissal. That is victimisation".
  9. That's a bit harsh, especially from someone who's username is an incitement to commit a criminal offence......
  10. So, in the cold light of day, yesterday was a game we ought to have won but didn't. Fair play to the lads who gave their all but at the end of the day "ought to have won but didn't" has been the story of our season really. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.........
  11. No, Thunder have 4 games left and Haven have 3 - so if Thunder win their game in hand they will be 1 point behind Haven. Both teams still have to go to Keighley which is never easy - if either team loses there its probably game over.
  12. I say what I like....and I like what I bloody well say.....
  13. Is there such a thing as a happy day in Yorkshire ?
  14. If the Bulls are locked into a long-term lease for Odsal then moving away won't help them much. Legally they'd still be obliged to pay the rent for Odsal until the expiry of the lease whether they play there or not.
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