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  1. His horses will still all run at Cheltenham. If he is suspended then his assistant trainer will take out a licence and they’ll all carry on like nothing has happened. The horses will be allowed to run “in fairness to the owners”.
  2. FFMM made his debut in the Bartercard Cup in 1998. He will be 41 this year.
  3. Most coaches would probably rate Smith as the best simply because he is a player that implemented game plans superbly. He wasn’t a spectacular player capable of moments of awe but he often dictated the tone and tempo of a game to suit his team perfectly. His influence in games was immense. So from that point of view he is a very good shout for being the greatest ever. Who was the most skilful or most exciting or most entertaining are completely separate and more narrowly specific arguments.
  4. Rochdale’s statement at the time... https://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/760/challenge-cup-statement-
  5. Sorry it was 7 applicants not 9. The RFL put out a statement saying 4 clubs had withdrawn but Rochdale were adamant that wasn’t the case and were simply told they hadn’t been “selected” to take part.
  6. The RFL had 9 applicants from L1 to enter but only had 3 places so who knows how it was decided. Certainly Rochdale’s chairman was very vocal about his side being omitted at the time saying he had no idea how the 3 clubs had been selected.
  7. First round fixtures were released today. All to be played at Headingly over 3 days as double headers.
  8. We weren’t invited. Neither were Rochdale or Doncaster.
  9. I am not saying Martyn is right on this but you must understand that 27% of all shares doesn't necessarily mean they only have 27% of voting rights. It depends on how the shares are structured. As an example, there could be A, B & C category shares. A shares have full voting rights e.g. 1 share = 1 vote, B shares have diluted voting rights e.g. 1 share = 0.1 vote, C shares have no voting rights and are dividend shares only. So if there were 100 shares in the company and say 40 were A shares, 40 were B shares and 20 were C shares, then if a company held 27 A shares they'd have ful
  10. In UK law anything over 25% stake classifies you as a "Person of Significant Control" in a company, and you are registered at Companies House as being so. The definition of a PSC is that they would expect to have a "controlling influence" rather than control in terms of actual ownership of shares.
  11. Same happened in the 70s when Town were within half an hour of signing the great Scotland and Lions full back Andy Irvine.
  12. Eddie Syzmala, a real character both on and off the field
  13. I’m having a Jimmy Nail fest. Watched all 4 series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, then both series of Crocodile Shoes and am now up to Series 3 of Spender.
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