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  1. What choice would they have ? Who else is going to pay them more ? They accept it or leave under force majeure.
  2. That’s right Stan was also on the books but wasn’t really a first team player.
  3. 1 Paul Charlton 2 Des Drummond 3 Ken Kerr 4 Vince Fawcett 5 Stuart Cocker 6 Ged Byrne 7 Boxer Walker 8 James Pickering 9 Phil McKenzie 10 Eddie Bowman 11 Les Gorley 12 Peter Gorley 13 Billy Pattinson 14 Brad Hepi 15 Barry Williams 16 Mick Jenkins 17 Colin Armstrong
  4. Workington went through a few different coloured strips in their first couple of years. Red & green, orange & black, red & white before finally changing to white and blue for the 1948 season. The reason was they were formed in 1945 and post-war it was difficult to get hold of textiles as they were prioritised for other things. So they basically had to wear whatever colours they could get enough textiles of to make enough playing strips.
  5. Friday Night Dinner was as splendidly silly as always.
  6. It was Gareth Stephens he was on loan from Hull.
  7. There was a doctor on TV this morning saying it’s becoming clear that there are other less obvious symptoms. He said there’s been a growing trend of people who have had diarrhoea who are testing positive. Conjunctivitis is another one they’re seeing more cases of in COVID patients.
  8. Jeff Grayshon and his son Paul. Jeff was 45 when he finally retired from the game.
  9. Rather than pointlessly clapping to fields of sheep I made a donation to the fund that is providing meals to NHS staff. I’d suggest others should have done that instead.
  10. Workington have had 3 sets of twins play for them :- Billy & Dennis Martin Billy & Bobby Pattinson Craig & Martin Stalker Plus numerous sets of brothers as already mentioned in this thread. Rob & Shaun Lunt being one not already mentioned.
  11. Workington Town are doing that every Sunday, with directors, coaches and players joining in to take questions etc. The fans can buy virtual pints on the club website which is basically a donation to the club in order to join in.
  12. I've seen a letter sent to subcontractors by a major main contractor construction firm threatening them with withholding of monies owed and also the imposing of penalty clauses and potential legal action if they either withdraw their labour off sites and/or do not keep to the programmed schedule.
  13. I think it will be the same as furloughed employees, 80% or £2,500 whichever is the lower figure. All of those dodgy cash in hand builders etc and people who have under-declared their earnings are about to find it biting them where the sun don’t shine.
  14. Went to Tesco in North Tyneside today and they’ve introduced an Ikea style one way system round the store. A follow the arrows kind of thing so nobody can bump into anyone in the aisles as everyone is going in the same direction. Seemed to be working quite well.
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