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  1. Not if this was all agreed prior to admitting Toronto to SL, in which case it’s just adhering to the agreement. I’d assume Hudgell et al know more about the promises made by Argyll and others than posters on here do.
  2. I assume he’s talking about the expense clubs will incur going to Toronto ? As I understand it SL clubs are having to pay their own travel and accommodation expenses. Plus I think he’s also alluding to the fact that match day revenue will likely be lower for home games against Toronto due to lack of travelling support.
  3. What is incorrect or unfactual about Hudgell's comments ?
  4. Although of course you are all incorrect, because the best song ever is Teenage Kicks by the Undertones. You can lock the thread now.
  5. Creep - Radiohead Song 2 - Blur Bring on The Dancing Horses - Echo & The Bunnymen
  6. I agree. You Shook Me and the title track are great songs but for me Hells Bells is the best track on the album.
  7. On paper it’s a Haven win by 30 but who knows ?
  8. Think it was this one. Was worn in memory of Wilf Harrison, designed by his grandson.
  9. In 2007/8 me and Walt argued on here constantly for more than a year over Crusaders. He was adamant they would be a huge success, I was adamant it was a con trick. It was that bad that Parksider was the referee .
  10. How you doing mate ? Told you I was right about Celtic Crusaders didn’t I ?
  11. I think it was 7 times in a row but not in the same season. I remember people posting images of cans of 7Up on facebook etc.
  12. Derwent

    2020 Squad

    Bruce Gibbs, that’s a blast from the past ! He was an absolute wrecking ball !
  13. It can be embarrassing at times. For example, a while back I had to field a complaint at work by an employee against one of her colleagues. She was let’s say a rather rotund woman who had for some reason taken up golf. Said colleague had made a remark calling her Jabba the Putt. At the time I had absolutely no idea why she was offended or what the remark was alluding to.
  14. I just don’t have the time to watch films, in fact I don’t watch much TV at all to be honest. Got better things to do. But I’ve never “got” the whole superhero genre, it just doesn’t appeal to me at all.
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