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  1. Looks like the 2017 away shirt
  2. Not really - someone posted a poorly executed photoshop of matty russells head onto matty wildie and put it on fev fans fb page as a wind up People who probably should know better actually fell for it as a genuine photo
  3. I disagree - on a probable muddy, definately cold & possibly a wet pitch in february - think he will be nullified a bit & it will be a forwards match so think its a perfect time to get them out of the way
  4. Seems like a very defensive orientated coaching set up! Get ready for plenty of 60-44 games!
  5. The last statement from hummel is telling - we didnt make it But who quite frankly cares why the deal ended? Everyones clearly moved on and on life goes
  6. Like TPH said and some appear to have forgotten - Weve been here before with PNG halfbacks shining at big tournaments & looking world beaters and then flopping at club level for us months later Boas was on top of the world & a coup signing a few years ago, raved anout by many, but didnt get through the season and cant even get in a Doncaster team every week now if still there I wont be jumping on the bandwagon till hes done it on a cold wet sunday afternoon at Batley
  7. That french second rower Le Cam to be announced sometime next week Dont know about Featherstone Flamingos - it seems Frogs was more of an appropriate name the way its going
  8. Longy must be having a word in the french players ears during training whispering “come to fev” Cant say i know much about this bloks, i cant say ive seen his name on the cats team sheet often despite the atricle saying he “packed in some SL experience” Brings down the pack average age if anything being only 22
  9. Not that suprising - its been a done deal for a couple of weeks
  10. Jamie hobbs who does all the fev tv stuff posted on the fev fans facebook page the host website needed to perform some maintenence and it would be down for a while
  11. Said on another thread I hope its not Hardman Whilst a club legend no way is this the right job for him - not only is there added weight of expectation but hes too inexperienced to take on a job like this at this stage of his coaching career plus if it starts to unravel and go wrong - what would be the implications of his life outside of work? He is MC son in law after all - They do say never work with family members If Hardman is harbouring ambitions of being a top man surely he has to step away and hone his skills elsewhere
  12. Off to carry water onto pitch in NRL is Jacks
  13. Failed the brief has to go Hope some of the dads army pack go with him Hopefully the new man is not Ian Hardman An embarassing season of failure all round
  14. For some reason the game is segregated - Batley been given the seating behind the sticks
  15. Think we are a different animal to when Batley played us at home last time - we were rife with injuries and had a decimated pack - the pack is back - cant see another upset
  16. Craig hall could do HB as well if needs be swap the backs around and bring gale in Not ideal but there are emergency options there
  17. Just need to win one of our away games you would think - you would say our two remaining home games should be victories
  18. Davies not injured - Mac told him he isnt good enough or big enough to play VS Leigh - cant argue because he has got pulverised the 2 games so far VS Leigh
  19. Yes not good that again but with everyone else nearby loosin that should at least be 2nd sewn up regardless Jacks probably out next week lookin at how he limped off, no bussey in the second half Cannot believe we will see an unfit Jono Ford more than likely take to the field and try and guide us round the park vs leigh Looking forward to the day session round leeds, hopefully will not see the bash game
  20. Pickersgill has fractured something in his back so was the talk on terraces Sat so doubt we are seeing him for a while
  21. Agree with the other comments on here Was bored from min 1-80 to be honest - felt like i was going through the motions as well as the team, something is definately not right, you could tell in the body language when they stood behind the sticks, no conversation or anything just waiting fir the opposistion to kick the goal Its like they always knew they were better than them and could take them to the cleaners at any opportunity - “we will let you score but we will score 3 or 4 more after” sort of mentality No lessons have been learned overall for me and the testing opposistion we probably need wont be coming up in the next few weeks given its London & Haven the next two games, then its York at home before the bash, which mightve been a test but they could be busted given their next two games after this weekend are fax and batley so will we get anything before leigh? Baffling Eseh did not get on considering it was a warm day Oh well
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