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  1. He's been playing full 80-minute stints without any bench time and he seems to be thriving on the workload.
  2. I got caught up in the Rabbitohs/Cowboys match, so missed a big chunk of this. Looks like St Helens haven't been overly troubled.
  3. A curate's egg of a performance, although the whole game was pretty fast and loose. Still, he reached his half-century of NRL tries.
  4. CRO 18:24 SYD after a first half full of enterprising attacking Rugby. More please!
  5. Dom Young atones for not cleaning up the kick that put the Sharks ahead, by scoring his 50th try from a great Sua'ali'i flick.
  6. Two entertaining games to kick off NRL Magic Weekend. More please.
  7. Canterbury made good use of the numerical superiority. Canberra look very flaky, even when back to 13 men.
  8. Yes, he's lucky just to get binned. The Raiders pay for it with a late Bulldogs try taking the lead.
  9. Karel Capek's satirical novel War with the Newts is, after a slow-ish start, a darkly funny read. Pretty much everyone gets skewered and there's plenty that is still relevant today. To be honest, R.U.R. is a bit histrionic. Capek's brother came up with the word "robot" for it, which makes the play significant.
  10. Oh yeah, it's 70 minute matches for the women Down Under. I keep forgetting that. Well done, NSW. A blistering first half and a tough second.
  11. A bad read by Chapman of a chip, and the Maroons score again, with the conversion bouncing in off the crossbar. 12:22
  12. Maybe not - Caitlan Johnston just smashed through to score by the posts.
  13. Queensland finally trouble the scoreboard. They look a lot more fired up in this half.
  14. That's the third chance where quicker hands would have seen them over easily.
  15. A great first half for the Blues - probably better than even they hoped for.
  16. Plus the Sky highlights get posted on YouTube where the potential for new people to happen upon them is far higher than the BBC or Sky website.
  17. I do not think Queensland were expecting this! QLD 0:14 NSW with two decent chances bombed by the Blues to boot.
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