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  1. When I was young, we kept Muscovy ducks as well as chickens. They're an odd-looking breed, but can survive perfectly well in the UK.
  2. I just bought some really good taramasalata, which is light-years tastier than the bright pink stuff you get in most shops. Very nice when spread on hot buttered toast or used as a dip.
  3. Crayfish aka Crawfish are another mini-lobster critter with good flavour. They really should be cheaper, as there's an invasive species ousting the British variety and they are very easy to catch in quantity. But that currently means setting basket traps in rivers that may be polluted by a virtually-unregulated water company or by farm run-off.
  4. Lovely try! Isaako swerves through the defence to make it 28:14.
  5. A converted Bostock try takes the Dolphins to double figures.
  6. Milford falcons the ball and Selwyn Cobbo's in under the sticks for his double. 28:04
  7. Nick O'Rima makes a complete Horlicks of dealing with a Brisbane kick and Cobbo scores under the sticks. 22:04
  8. Madden swoops on a loose ball and a few seconds later Wonderboy Walsh swallow-dives over the try-line at the other end. He was celebrating by the time he crossed the halfway line and now he converts it for 16:4.
  9. Errors all around in this half. BRI 10:04 DOL
  10. Oates, after a rubbish first half, scores to draw level with Michael Hancock on 120 tries for the Broncos.
  11. The Hammer is out for the night with a hamstringular ouchie. The Broncos' latest young giant Xavier Willison scores his first try and it's converted, so it is BRI 6:4 DOL at half time, despite Isaako attempting a monster drop goal just before the hooter.
  12. Deadlock for 25 minutes, then the first try is scored by *rubs eyes in disbelief* Jarrod Wallace!
  13. And that's how it finished, with the Storm pulling off another late escape. The Bulldogs are certainly not the easy mark they used to be, but they aren't quite an 80-minute side yet.
  14. The Melbourne spine all get involved, feeding Shawn Blore for a try that's converted to put them ahead by 2. MEL 16:14 CBY
  15. No conversion, so it's dead level with 22 minutes to go.
  16. It just got spicy! It's 12-a-side for the next few minutes as Hughes and Papenhuyzen get binned for handbags and a professional foul respectively in separate incidents. Now Xerri's quick hands send the Fox in for 10:10 with a touchline conversion to come.
  17. The Fox scores a long-range try, as the comms inform us this is the first time he's played in the second half of a match so far this season. MEL 10:06 CBY
  18. Update 2: Tracey and Kikau are playing, but Coates is PLAYING. His assist for the second Melbourne try is not something you see every day.
  19. At the Dancing Itos' former agent's boarded-up office, a dusty phone rings...
  20. And that's how it ended, although the Knights came damn close to winning it right at the death.
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