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  1. Is frustration getting the better of him? He's had some poor moments.
  2. Paul Vaughan will miss this round and the next for a breach of biosecurity.
  3. There is more to Greek wine than Retsina, thankfully.
  4. Thank God someone managed to prise open this silver lining and find a cloud.
  5. Even with players missing, England set a very big total for Ireland to chase.
  6. I always look forward to a series with Pakistan, because they are so unpredictable. You never really know whether you're getting brilliance, comedic awfulness or something in between. There's usually an aggression to them, and this new kid is pretty much an unknown talent to England players too.
  7. Wigan Athletic's appeal rejected, so they are relegated.
  8. A fine player, who I enjoyed watching on the few occasions I had the chance.
  9. Maybe the Warriors' people liked what they heard from Payten, but he wasn't enthused by what they said about their vision for the club's immediate future.
  10. I still stick with my personal pet theory, which is that a try in extra time immediately wins the match, but any points kicked only gain victory if they give a team the lead at the end of either extra time period. Other concepts have been suggested, but as long as both sides get the time for a chance at the win (whether they choose to run or kick), I'd be okay with any sensible change.
  11. Check behind the bins for a tiny condom with lots of holes in it.
  12. As expected, but still a shame. Then again, Sky are showing more SL than usual (this month at least). As more sports on the Sky roster return to action, I guess RL will return to the usual level of exposure.
  13. The louder the opinion and the simpler the solution offered to a complex problem, the less likely they are to be any help at all. Quite the opposite, in many cases.
  14. Some apps (but not all) can be moved to an external drive by Windows. Others would need to be uninstalled, then reinstalled on the external drive: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/move-installed-apps-programs-windows-10/
  15. It has been a long hiatus - they are just making sure we get as much Rugby as possible.
  16. Not convinced by that try, but as a neutral, it certainly gingers thing up a bit.
  17. A victory is still achievable for Leeds. Which is quite astonishing when you look back at the game so far.
  18. That is a vile calumny... he spent far more time feigning cramp than he did fighting.
  19. When it comes to breaking a barren streak, a hat-trick as a bout as good as you can get... but the game's not over yet.
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