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  1. Offside perhaps? I thought my audio was out of sync when he whistled.
  2. On the players, as seen from the grandstand or on TV, it'll really just look like two-tone blue hoops. That'll be okay. Close up, when you can see the detail, it's not for everyone.
  3. One problem with recognisable company brands is the made-up words some propellor-head consultant comes up with - Ocado, Opodo, Cazoo, Tui etc. I thought I'd heard of them, but wasn't sure 'til I checked, because the name was blandly meaningless. Anyway, to slip into Traditional RL Fan Mode, why can't we have proper, well-known sponsors like Woolworths, Pan-Am, BHS or Rumbelows? Harrumph!
  4. He also owns the Basketball club, but was saying RU and RU alone should leech a whole third of the money on offer. And, surprise, surprise, they've got even more than a third (based on preliminary figures). Plus he'll get a cut of the £4m allocated to Basketball.
  5. What's the betting they still spend all of theirs before we spend ours?
  6. 11 sports to get financial help, but the owner of the Bristol RU club has just been on Radio 4, saying that his sport should get a third of the total. I'm sure that will go down well with people from the other beneficiaries.
  7. Why on earth would a government led by Boris Johnson suggest such a thing?
  8. Yes, but if we had the wife/husband/donor/best mate of a cabinet minister as CEO, we'd get billions and never have to pay it back!
  9. Ha ha, it kept you in your seat till the end though, didn't it? Would have been an even better teaser comment if that match had been postponed.
  10. That's okay - I don't actively dislike either of the club's shirts this year, but they don't look very Wigan either.
  11. Radio 4 news just now had a report on Origin 3. It took a few seconds before I could believe what I was hearing.
  12. Just counting down the seconds 'til someone finds/invents a negative aspect to this latest bit of good news...
  13. You forgot to mention he's the fastest person on the planet.
  14. Currently watching the 1957 movie Zero Hour!, which is available on archive.org albeit with a few seconds missing every now and then for some reason. That doesn't detract from the experience, though. Now this film is notable only because this is the what Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker used as their source material for Airplane! This original is played as a deadly serious thriller, but you can't help laughing, as entire scenes and passages of dialogue are so familiar from the 1980 spoof. Even the names; the troubled pilot is Ted Stryker (Dana Andrews) and the woman he loves is called Ellen (Linda Darnell).
  15. Hands up who, like me, reckoned (before Game 1) the Maroons didn't stand a chance this year?
  16. Still plenty of time for Queensland to blow this. The Blues have got their second wind a bit.
  17. Harry Grant having an impact in his debut. QLD flinging the ball about for fun.
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