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  1. For a lot of the people applauding, it will be as much about giving themselves a bit of a lift and feeling less isolated, just by doing something social. Being part of something communal, after a couple of weeks of being shut up most of the day and shunning contact. Each to their own.
  2. There's probably a thread on AOB called Nineties Stand-up Comedians who, quite frankly, phoned it in. You know, "I haven't got any actual jokes, but whatever happened to Spangles, white dog turds, etc. etc.?"
  3. A rough idea of how much storage space you need would help, as cloud services have limits for their basic tariff/free accounts.
  4. Ellis Marsalis, jazz pianist and father of Branford and Wynton.
  5. Looks like the documentary has made it to Australian TV.
  6. There are at least 80 universities in China dedicated to this subject. And while some of the research into plant properties etc. may prove valuable, their official status does also perpetuate animal cruelty.
  7. All very well for some, but I have the opposite of "green fingers". Over the years, I think I may have killed more plants than agent orange.
  8. I've noticed that, with my card, I still have to do the PIN thing every now and then. Too many contactless transactions in a row, and it requires the extra security check of entering the number. You can have your card stolen and have a certain amount taken, but the card then becomes useless without the PIN.
  9. Idris had the physical attributes to be a big star. However, on several occasions I saw him play, he didn't seem to have the brain to match. He seemed to mentally switch off for a few seconds every now and then, and attackers would take advantage of it.
  10. Whatever the name on the sign, it'll soon become known as "The Doomed Game" or "The End is nigh". The clientele will make sureof that. Meanwhile, in the corner, there's a scrawny old geezer who looks a bit like Paul Whitehouse: "Rugby League eh? 'Ardest game in the world... I used to play it meself, drone drone drone". But don't worry, even a professional pub bore like him will soon be driven off by someone going on and on and on about pitch markings, robotic Australians, why Nigel Wood is Satan, Parky's latest theory about Toronto etc.
  11. No, but the other day they suggested (in huge bold capital letters) that Johnson had contracted Covid-19 from one of those filthy foreign types.
  12. It can get a bit eerie. And there are some who'll take advantage of it. The doctor who was attacked and forced to take cash out of an ATM the other day, was a victim of a particularly nasty piece of opportunism.
  13. Self-isolation can turn some folk crazy earlier than others.
  14. Persistent injuries ended his career far too early. He was a very talented player.
  15. I always thought that the club secretary's monologue at the start of the programme had a certain Alan Bennett wistfulness to them.
  16. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/18/manly-revive-t-rex-again-with-cut-price-contract/
  17. A Peruvian depiction of the last supper, and the main dish is...
  18. Being able to cast to a big screen is great, especially for RL matches on YouTube.
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