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  1. And then some fans would then complain that they're hyping up an error-fest.
  2. It may be a generational thing. It is another term for skimming stones.
  3. According to several "authorities", every pass Wigan have ever thrown is actually forward. It's a non-Euclidian thing, apparently.
  4. I can confirm that Just Browny's account has definitely not been hacked.
  5. Brian Carney was saying they'd had pretty much every sort of weather in Warrington today.
  6. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Cooperman! Now... is it a try? Nope.
  7. Making sure the Wigan defender was no longer in contact with Austin, I guess.
  8. BBC Gymnastics commentary lost Mitch Fenner a few years ago, but Christine Still and Craig Heap bring a good contrast to their coverage.
  9. Understood, but neither sport is posh, just widespread.
  10. If you're watching the BBC, that'll be Craig Heap. He's nearly fifty, but is still as excitable as a 12-year-old kid on his third bottle of Tizer. He was a decent gymnast, by the British standards of the day.
  11. Clare Balding should sign of with "I'll sithee" at the end of each day's highlights programme.
  12. Unlike those posh sports that have been introduced, such as skateboarding and BMX.
  13. I'm pretty sure Tug-of-War has been an Olympic sport at some point. Having actually seen a proper ToW international, it was mightily impressive, not just for the strength and conditioning of the competitors, but their teamwork too.
  14. Not much arm-twisting needed when Jacques Rogge, the president of the IOC at the time of Sevens being accepted as an Olympic sport, was a Rugby Union man.
  15. Time for a musical and technical masterclass. The video quality's poor, but you can still see his astonishing combined bowing/plucking technique.
  16. I watched the last stage of the Triathlon. GTB was considered very strong on the running leg of the event, but so was Duffy. It would have been great to see them fight it out to the finish line without that puncture.
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