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  1. Flying fingers time! Art Tatum - Tiger Rag (Zenph re-performance)
  2. I think Tim may have saved himself from a nightmare relationship.
  3. Tim & Freya break up on the train - a bit sweary, but...
  4. I made this recipe yesterday, and very nice it was too.
  5. There are limits. For most of us, at least - one of the contestants was hospitalised TWICE.
  6. I don't bake much, just the occasional loaf of soda bread (because I rarely have time to make regular bread, with all the rising time etc.). Incidentally, soda bread with finely chopped black olives and preserved peppers mixed into the dough is a very fine thing, especially eaten warm with plenty of salted butter.
  7. This applies to most cooking. The more you do it, the less you have to worry about being precise, because most cooking is not precise.The only area where you have to be spot on with weights, measures and temperature is baking.
  8. Just bought a bottle of this new version of Tabasco, made with Chipotle (smoked) peppers. Smells nice, and spiced up a ham hock sandwich, which was the first thing I tried it on.
  9. ZX Spectrum games, playable in your browser (Javascript required).
  10. From the Random History website: Abel Griffiths was the last person who committed suicide in England to be dragged through the streets of London and buried at a crossroads. He was a 22-year-old law student and was buried in only his drawers, socks, and a sheet in June 1823. The usual tradition of driving a stake through the corpse was omitted. Crossroads represented the sign of the cross and the steady traffic over the grave was believed to help keep the person’s ghost down.
  11. A bit of fun from British Airways - the personalised bit is towards the end, just before the plane pulls up at the Olympic stadium.
  12. Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light. A live DVD with a band featuring Jaco Pastorius and Pat Metheny, plus a guest appearance from The Persuasions. Great performance, excellent recording. The Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah. Revisiting the very first CD I ever bought. Still good, in the main.
  13. Reports from live gigs suggest that the performances on this disc are just a starting point, and the band are tighter and funkier now they are more familiar with the songs.
  14. I've regretted that stuff at leisure on more than one occasion.
  15. Selda Bagcan - Selda. Sixties psych-pop from Turkey. Good stuff. Followed by this dirt-cheap (legal) download of Chet Baker - 100 Masterpieces, with the media player set on 'shuffle'.
  16. October Jones does doodles during his/her commute. I particularly like the South Park one.
  17. Some LPs digitised over the weekend: Earth, Wind & Fire - Spirit. Pyramids on the cover - 'nuff said. Ian Hunter - You're never alone with a Schizophrenic. Cleveland rocks and so does Ian Hunter. The Byrds - The Byrds (a pretty decent 2LP Compilation) The Jackson 5 - Triumph. Contains the bombastic 'Can you feel it' and the superbly OTT 'Heartbreak Hotel' (not the Elvis song). Wizzard - See my Baby jive. A right old mixture, this, some of it borderline unlistenable. And not always on the good side of the borderline either. Minnie Riperton - Come to my Garden. Glorious solo debut, with songs like the soaring, otherwordly 'Only when I'm dreaming'.
  18. BTW, anyone passing through St Pancras station, head to the North end and try the pork pies sold by Sourced Market. Superb, absolutely superb. Their various types of Scotch Egg are pretty good too.
  19. The 10 Most Disgusting Delicacies to try before you die. Enjoy your lunch, everyone!
  20. Planning on making this tonight - a very tasty and satisfying dish invented by the Russian opera singer Feodor Shalyapin. Seeing as the recipe doesn't appear to be available anywhere online, here it is: MUSHROOMS SHALYAPIN STYLE Ingredients (serves 6) 500g Mushrooms 300g Vermicelli (or similar) 125g Butter 3 Medium Onions 150ml Sour Cream 500g Cooked Ham 375g Mild Cheese 5tsp Parsley Salt Pepper Preparation Wipe and finely chop Mushrooms Peel and finely chop Onions Chop Ham Grate Cheese Chop Parsley Instructions 1. Simmer Vermicelli in salted water until cooked and drain 2. Melt half the butter in a frying pan and cook the Mushrooms and Onions until soft 3. Stir Sour Cream into Mushrooms and Onions 4. Butter an ovenproof dish 5. Mix remaining Butter and seasoning with the Vermicelli 6. Put Vermicelli into dish and top with Mushrooms and Onions 7. Top with Ham 8. Top with Cheese 9. Top with Parsley 10. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until Cheese is browned
  21. I almost bought a bottle of that yesterday evening, but plumped for the Sainsbury Own Brand Islay single malt. At just 20 quid, it's a Caol Ila under a flag of convenience and very nice.
  22. Samuel Yirga & the Creole Choir of Cuba - I am the Black Gold of the Sun
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