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  1. Divvy up the money that the defaulters would have got among the committed nations and you don't even spend a penny more than the budget.
  2. Red cards on 80 minutes for Jones and Savelio, for being silly boys.
  3. Cudjoe, so very close to having his pocket picked again, gathers and scores!
  4. McGillvary gets 4! That's got to kill the game off, hasn't it?
  5. This thread can expect a visit from a certain forum regular...
  6. Russell misses the goalpost by a mile! Huddersfield 28:16 Hull FC
  7. Probably why he was being checked out, but he got a shoulder right under the diaphragm too. Meanwhile JMcG gets what could be a hat-trick!
  8. Looks like Russell might have been winded there. Funny, I can't remember the last time I was winded, but I have perfect recall of how much I hated it.
  9. A side-on angle would have been nice but, without that, I think it has to be given.
  10. Will Pryce makes Leon a very proud dad. This game's see-sawing a bit, isn't it?
  11. Luke Yates with his first try of the season. Ken Davy enjoyed watching that.
  12. Jordan Lane this time, as Sneeeeeeeeeeeyd peppers that side of the Giants' defence.
  13. Mitieli Vulikijapani - I see Hull FC have got a taste for Army RU converts. A very nicely taken try.
  14. One of the trainers has a t-shirt with the logo "Bad Rhino". I like a local rivalry.
  15. Agreed. Pretty good attempt at stopping Jermaine, though, and he only just got there.
  16. 300th game for Cudjoe. It seems like he's been playing longer than that.
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