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  1. Given their actions and the likely number of former employees in the Hull area, they've already taken a lot more money out of the community than they'll be putting back in.
  2. I just hope that the new Souths coach, whoever it is, also thinks Dodd is a good signing for the club. Phil Adamson can tell you what can happen when you're signed by a coach who's gone before you turn up for your first day at work and the new guy doesn't rate you.
  3. Nikorima knows the way to Averillo even better than Tony Christie.
  4. Mark Steel - my cancer has gone: https://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2024/05/03/55556/mark_steel%3A_my_cancer_has_gone
  5. Jame Moore raises the bar for this thread by celebrating her 100th birthday. Surely the oldest living chart-topper, thanks to the success of her 1958 single "The Day the Rains came down".
  6. I like the match threads too.
  7. The Broncos are just out of steam. May gets a second try.
  8. Connor Watson with another for the Roosters. 18:30
  9. Mam's sent of for a HIA, so Walsh is about the only playmaker left.
  10. Terrell May gets the Roosters in front again. Converted for 18:24.
  11. Mariner binned for a shoulder charge off the ball on Tedesco. it's all happening.
  12. Possible ruptured bicep for Reynolds. That's a chunk of the season gone for him, if not all of it.
  13. Broncos in again! Mam this time. Plus the easiest of kicks to level it at 18 all.
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