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  1. Good luck to you, Dom. On his day, the sort of player who reminded you just why you watch TGG.
  2. We now know where we stand. The Aussies are not playing the same sport, and will go out of their way to destroy us. We are back where we were in 1895, but the strength of our game has got us through in the past and will do so again. I have watched a lot of sport recently but was absorbed and thrilled by the Wire Leeds game in a way I had not been by pretty much anything (aside from Cav’s resurrection at the Tour). We are facing an existential threat, and need to do everything we can to keep our own flags flying.
  3. The previous page had an excellent article, which looks on the money. What it doesn’t draw out is that it’s actually even worse than that, as the NRL/ARL could have done this at any time at all over the last 10 years. The reality is that the money and the power has resided with them for a long long time. Given that not only are they masters of their own fate they control the media which reports on them, they could have made half a dozen phone calls at any point in time and achieved the same goal without detonating the work of hundreds of true leaguies around the world. if it was ignorance, that would be inexcusable, if it was contempt (to borrow John’s word) then that would show them for the sorts of people they are, but this deliberately malicious destruction of the hopes and dreams of the rest of the international community must surely be without precedent in any sport at any time. Until this year, what France went through was the lowest point for our game. But that was a different sport, seeking to destroy a competitor… here it’s the Red Wedding.
  4. “The World Cup is the only event which has kept the IRL afloat...” That is completely disingenuous. The World Cup makes the money which supports the international game (with its 60 odd members). It is the most successful event the game has had in over 100 years, and has allowed many players to play for their countries and many countries to benefit. As well as that, it generates enough money to subsidise the rest of the calendar. “And it is in jeopardy.” Because of the 4 minute warning NRL. So, to tweak this for accuracy, the World Cup has been an unqualified success, allowing the IG to grow as never before, and so we will crush it.
  5. I won’t be watching the NRL any time soon, but of course each ti their own. We should put NRL threads into cross code, given that they have their own rules on and off the pitch.
  6. I don’t know how to answer that, as it doesn’t bear any relation to the facts we are dealing with here.
  7. He was central to 2013, so has already delivered a successful World Cup. He is superb, and a man of integrity, as well as working all day every day for our game.
  8. It shows the madness of playing matches when everyone else takes breaks - we just end up with suspensions and injuries. We could have 4 extra weeks’ rest by now. So annoying.
  9. Which is true. And they may not. Indeed they probably don’t. But they are big enough and strong enough to present their case. The key people in this are the players - what do they want to happen? How much does international football matter to them? If enough of them care, then even the NRL ought to take that into account. If instead none of them cares and they only want to play SoO, then we are left with a potential SL and semi pro international game. I suspect plenty of them would like to play, and the NRL knows this, because they didn’t ask them in advance, but let’s have a proper debate.
  10. Err, we are talking about a game, not another series of Succession. They could have easily taken over the international game without destroying it first.
  11. Which in a way is fine, if that’s the reality. They have had years to work out how they want to use their power, and come up with a plan. Their approach, lest we forget, was instead to wait till 4 minutes to midnight to explode a tournament on which the world game was entirely dependent. I have no particular issue with the NRL’s argument that they develop the players, and that they should have a major say in the international game. Let’s have an open debate around that, and involve the players. How about let’s not destroy the IRL, the RFL and the hopes and plans of developing the international game for the next 4 years while we are going about it.
  12. NZRL signed a Participation Agreement. They then joined A/NRL in the 4 minutes notice announcement. I am not sure they have made their own minds up, to be honest.
  13. Are you sure you are neither for or against? To recap, the A/NRL want to cancel this year’s World Cup, and gave the organisers 4 minutes notice that was their intention, bringing NZRL with them. They had asked for a set of COVID protocols, which have been given to them: there is ample precedent for these measures working (particularly when allied with the offer of vaccines). They did not ask the players. They have idly suggested that maybe 2022, lolz, without addressing the pretty much insurmountable barriers. They know the impact that cancelling the event will have on the rest of the world game, because their directors have spent the last 5 years sitting through monthly board meetings on the subject. This is all in the public domain. It is purely us and them - they unilaterally announced their withdrawal in a manner which they knew would cause the maximum damage to the international game, with no Plan B, and having had their concerns specifically addressed. They aren’t even bothering to address any of those points. Their behaviour by any measure is actively hostile to every other rugby league playing nation, and seemingly many of their own players.
  14. “It’s not us and them” the sooner he packs his bags and takes his idiotic moaning home with him the better.
  15. If we keep playing every week we stand no chance.
  16. But they are suggesting something which looks impossible, unless much more money is stumped up, and they must know that. Oh, and they can’t even be bothered by now acknowledging the calamitous knock on effects for the rest of the world. For years the Oz papers have referred to the pro game as NRL rather than rugby league. This is the natural endpoint of that. They are literally a law to themselves.
  17. What still amazes me about the NRL’s statement and indeed the entire Australian me me me approach is that there is no suggestion as to how a 2022 World Cup would happen, or any acknowledgement of the efforts other sports are taking when faced with the same challenges and the costs and vast wider impact associated with any rearranged tournament. Or are they offering to pay for the delay, and I missed it? It seems to me that NRL is now a rival sport intent on destroying anything it can’t control.
  18. And that is a massive question. Or, looking at it another way, why would anyone - individual, government or sponsor -invest money, time and effort in preparing for a World Cup if that is completely wasted because NRL go “nah”?
  19. I think it’s straws, but would beg to differ in any case, in that no one is arguing that I have seen that the result was unfair. Rather a key moment could have gone the other way. The more I think about it the odder it seems that the ref didn’t go to VR, given how the ball came loose.
  20. Something can be accidental and still be a penalty. Marshall was on the ground with the ball - what was likely to happen if Charley carried on running at him? We see penalties all the time for challenges on kickers which were the result of a player’s momentum. I think it’s an academic debate, as we would have lost anyway, but it’s a toss of a coin for me.
  21. A point being made is that, like when a player ducks into a swinging arm, the offence flows from the contact with the head. Someone mentioned the Hull FC ball drop above - that’s entirely different, as no one touched him. Here it is simple enough, we had contact with the head, the player was hurt and then the ball came free. That sequence of events is not in dispute - it seems to me (and plenty of other, but not everyone) - that that could have resulted in a penalty. I don’t think we usually apply a “he didn’t mean it” or “to couldn’t have been avoided” test normally to head shots, but I may be wrong. Anyway, we only managed to score 8 points, so we would probably still have lost.
  22. That was the take on the radio from Wilkin. In another world we would also get the benefit of the doubt from the Bibby no try. In fact I might call it as a draw and get my tippex out to correct the table in the papers.
  23. Make sure you take the tab off the video so no one can record over it with Bargain Hunt.
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