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  1. This is every bit as bad as the recent Hull v Wigan game that Brian Carney was so scathing about. Unsurprisingly he's not being so forthright about this one.
  2. Bloody hell, what can you say? That's just awful.
  3. Went to see his one man show a few years back. Was a really enjoyable evening.
  4. “When a rookie is your best player on his debut, it says a lot about where we’re at." Couldn't agree more. Judging by the article it looks like he's going to get a lot more opportunities next year. I hope that's the case.
  5. Still over 70% if you take it from 2004. The gap has narrowed a little since then but it's still a fixture where Hull dominate, as recent seasons demonstrate.
  6. I can't speak for Hull KR but Wakefield have won one of the last six against Hull. Hull's win ratio against Wakefield in the Super League era is in excess of 70%.
  7. Fascinating to see how well this version of the game works as a sport. It's a great contest too.
  8. I don't think there's any doubt about that and he won't have been the only one.
  9. Not sure. Mike Hookem is definitely from West Hull but I don't know if Jacob is related. Wouldn't be surprised. It's not exactly a common surname.
  10. I know it well. Used to go to Braithwaite every year for a week at Easter with school.
  11. Good post mate, as far as the youngsters are concerned we had one making his debut last night in Jacob Hookem who I think is going to be a regular in the first team for many years. The kid is going to be a star.
  12. Well said Tony Smith. There's no such thing as a meaningless game if you're involved in sport.
  13. Absolutely, the sheer human empathy in Eddie's voice is enough to break your heart on its own.
  14. Would like to see Jacob Hookem get on. Was very impressed with him in the pre-season game. Looked a natural half-back. Don't agree with the comments on here about a lack of fight in the team. Hull have shown plenty of fight in the games I've seen this season. The problem for me is that injuries, the impact of covid and a lack of strength in depth have meant we've asked too much of the same players. I don't think desire is the issue, it's sheer lack of energy which manifests itself, among other things, in a high error rate and conceding soft penalties and set restarts.
  15. Don't know if the bookies have used the same rationale as yourself but they have Castleford clear favourites at 8/15.
  16. Watched episode one of The North Water last night and was hooked from the off. The only other TV drama I could say that about for a long time was The Terror.
  17. As if it wasn't bad enough already the old bloke in front of me said it's worked out at about £40 each for a passholder to watch this .
  18. As there were only about 30 seconds remaining it was of little consequence but nobody will ever top Jake Connor's 20 metre restart.
  19. We certainly do. Lovely bloke, all the best to him and his family.
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