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  1. Unfortunately rugby, unlike union, isn't perfect.
  2. Eton was always more soccer than union, presumably many old etonians play professional soccer
  3. Harlequins' Brian McDermott has been interviewed on the radio about Reading FC
  4. I didn't see the Bulls flag this year although I didn't spend much time at the main stage.
  5. Other than England soccer shirts sports shirts were in short supply at this years festival but here is the list of RL related clothing I saw: 4 Warrington shirts 1 Queensland SOO cap 1 Paramatta Eels singlet
  6. Ooh get you I lost a shoe during a Kreator gig at the Christmas on Earth festival at Leeds Queens Hall in '88 IIRC - it was an all dayer and they cam on earlier than advertised because Voivod pulled out - so I had to spend the rest of the day and evening with only one shoe - anybody who attended a gig at the Queens Hall would know just how unsavoury the floor got
  7. Got Liege and Lief (Fairport Convention) on in the office
  8. I agree, I prefer it to lots of songs on albums I haven't listened to
  9. The singer from the Kaiser Chiefs sang at his funeral
  10. A few confused people is of no consequence
  11. Bit of a one trick pony then. I wonder how many people associate Salford with the colour pink
  12. Not in Wakefield it wouldn't and if people driving past are unsure then so what?
  13. Are the casual passers by in the north different from the casual passers by in the south?
  14. We used to have "Open Rugby" magazine until it was decided that now union was professional it was better to let union take over the word "rugby"
  15. When other sports have decided what they are to be known as it doesn't leave much room for sports which are too weak to have an identity so all manner of different names are used. When even Sky don't think rugby league is a form of rugby it shows what a bad state the identity of the game is in. Try mentioning that rugby league is a form of rugby on an aussie site.
  16. See my thread about Sky Sports.
  17. I don't mind the RLFC initials. If that's what a club is called then call it that. The RFU have started to drop the U when they write about clubs - so Halifax RUFC becomes Halifax RFC. As much as I believe we need to reclaim the word rugby and to highlight where it is misused (Shaun Edwards being a prime example) I don't believe we should follow the RFU's disgraceful example and rename clubs on the fly in order to further a cause.
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