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  1. Well it seems the show is no more now, due to the current situation, and probably highly unlikely to return given the financial strife SL will undoubtedly be in within the next few months. I never actually saw an entire episode, not having SKY any more, but it was a platform to build on, rubbishing it for not being what you hoped it would be is a bit unfair IMO. As a sport in the UK we're not blessed with players who translate well on TV. I was under the impression the whole premise of the show is to tell the story of the players. Get to know them better, which is pprbably why theres so much chat.
  2. Seem to be able to recall more Aussie brothers than Brits for some reason. Simon and Ben Gillies Jason and Darren Smith Graeme, Mark and Peter Hughes All Canterbury. Noel and Les Cleal. Bit closer to home Simon and Scott Grix.
  3. Roy and Graham (i think) Southernwood at Cas? Robbie and Henry Paul at Bradford. Kevin and Tony Iro at Wigan.
  4. Tomkins brothers, another obvious one. Walters brothers (Brisbane/Canberra) Sims brothers (Fiji - not sure if they played together at club level) A bit more obscure, but im sure there were twins who played at Leeds around the mid-late 90's. Can't think of their names though. Have memories of seeing them play when Leeds had a quartered shirt design. Around the time that Francis Cummins was coming through.
  5. I can remember Rugby League being on the back page of the papers throughout this period, London editions too. Obvs Murdochs influence, but can never recall a time when we're so prominent in the sporting spotlight.
  6. That feels like a lifetime ago. Quite sad when you think of the expectations of being a 'global' sport and all that money coming into the game, and looking at where we are now in terms of progression.
  7. F1 following the esports approach. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.formula-1-launches-virtual-grand-prix-series-to-replace-postponed-races.1znLAbPzBbCQPj1IDMeiOi.html
  8. Only watched one game in its entirety, which was Broncos v Cowboys, which was really enjoyable. All round one games are available in full on NRL.com now. And i think were within a couple of days of being played.
  9. Am working from home now (indefinately) and have been listening to the latest episode of the Forty20 podcast. First time i've ever really had a proper listen, and naturally the Covid-19 outbreak and the effects on the game are discussed. As well as where the game goes from here. Quite enjoying the honesty of the opinions. No party lines being towed. Well worth a listen. https://forty20rl.podbean.com/
  10. Yep. The last version of RL live was launch in 2017, and a new version due this year.. whats the problem with a game thats a few years old? https://influencermarketinghub.com/growth-of-esports-stats/
  11. This. I've been a big fan of the potential Esports for some time. RL should have already started looking at an Esports league IMO. Having players representing their clubs fulfilling the SL/Champs/L1 fixtures (in the short term) and broadcast live on platforms such as Twitch could be an easy earner. Probably not going to get huge sums of money from it but charging people a £1 to watch wouldn't be too much of a stretch would it? Plenty could be done with this. Fans vs Players. Teams of players etc.. current vs former players. Internationals.. link it to the social media channels and RFL/SL websites ..
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