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  1. Im sure the thieves will return the product when they've seen the quality.
  2. Castore are a bit of a funny one. They do some good product, like you say. Quality is top notch. But as an organisation they are a bit all over the place currently. They are growing VERY quickly. A bit too quick I think. But thats not a reason to not want to partner with them. They want to be the best, and do have a certain determination to achieve that. The store down here in London is purely a marketing exercise, as are most flagship stores in capital cities, and not a sign of any real successes. It's about exposure and being able to say 'heres our London flagship store!'. Physical stores in London are a money pit, even for the big boys like Nike, Adi and Puma.
  3. Not always. Initially Genesis were a separate company who had the Puma license in the UK for non-professional football/sports kits. Puma then took a controlling share in the company as they prospered, they then bought them 100% and renamed them Puma Teamwear, and they now handle all Eeuropean (i think) football clubs that don't have a direct contractual association with Puma. Puma only actually work directly with a handful of football clubs, the rest are supplied via the likes of Teamwear (Genesis). Puma acquired Genesis 100% when Leicester looked like winning the league, as at the time Leicester didn't have a direct deal with Puma, just Teamwear (Genesis), and Puma wanted that kudos of having the league winners on board. Puma actually own a number of companies who provide a particular apparel or accessories service. I've often thought a deal for all teams with Puma Teamwear would be a good link up for SL. I think the benefits for such a link up are quite obvious. If Puma link up with any NRL teams in the coming seasons, off the back of their successes with NSW and QLD, it might become more of a possibility. And as i mentioned, there is a historic and current RL connection with senior management there.
  4. Just as a point of reference, Genesis were /are 100% owned by Puma, and now operate as Puma Teamwear. So everything they did was done to the same high standards as teamwear produced out of Puma HQ in Germany. Incidentally one of the senior members of Puma teamwear is ex-st.Helen’s GM Russ Thomas. There’s possibilities for RL in the Uk with Puma, but we have to be much more profitable and attractive before that partnership would be possible. They’re doing pretty good in Aus with NSW, QLD and a number of NRL players. Castore could also be an option. Probably just a matter of time before they dip their toe in the RL pool in the UK.
  5. I had pretty much the same team, though opted for McMeekan and Mcilorum starting ahead of Batchelor and Ackers. You'd imagine the 17 would be from the named WC squad, and not any of the additional players.
  6. Just for a comparison on the sponsorship thing. I've worked with some sports teams in the past where sponsors have changed or added very very late, and on more than one occasion have had to re-design and reproduce an entire teamwear and replica apparel collection due to new sponsors paying for their additional colours to be incorporated. So these things do happen in other sports quite often, and some times in extreme ways. At the end of the day money talks.
  7. There are going to be some wonderful players on show at this World Cup. NZ seemed to have slipped under the radar a bit with all the talk being Tonga, Samoa and Australia, but I do think the kiwis are a strong chance of winning the whole thing. maybe they do lack a bit of genuine x-factor in the outside backs, but regardless, still look pretty strong.
  8. Too good. From scoring the first try Penrith have never looked like being anything other than comfortable winners.
  9. Few times I've seen Spencer Leniu play he's always looked useful.
  10. Jesus christ. Two good ones from the bunker.
  11. Despite the best efforts of the commentary to talk up the possibility of 2nd half Parra come back, this one feels done and dusted. Obvs things can change very quickly with a sin bin or HIA, but Penrith just look too good.
  12. Great first 20mins, but Panthers starting to really take a grip on this. Parra can't handle the speed at the moment.
  13. For me these type pf pre match and half time events are as much about projecting a perception of status as they are about entertaining the fans. Aussies do love Jimmy Barnes though.
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