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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what Eastmond can do and how he handles adapting to RL after playing union for so long. The game has changed, though i don't think that significantly, and i don't think it's changed that much that a player such as Kyle Eastmond couldn't adapt quickly enough and do well. It will be a learning curve of course, especially if he is seen as a half back, but nothing he can't learn.
  2. Did Martyn Wood not get a game for England? I'm sure I remember him playing at least one game back in the day. Maybe it was even 7's or9's?
  3. Bit of a strange one, but still good to see players return, albeit at the back end of a career. With the injuries to Walker and Lui its not bad cover. IF he can get himself up to speed and avoid injury himself. His wage demands must have come down quite a bit since the last rumour of a return to RL.
  4. Tuigamala. Although he played for Samoa in the 95 World Cup. He should have been selected for the Kiwi's who i think at the time were starting to have a bit more of an NRL-centric view of player selection. And was very unlucky not to get given a crack.
  5. Phil Blake was the first player I thought of. Wonderful talent.
  6. Incidentally all NRL trial games are live streaming on NRL.com this weekend. Just have to register to watch. Sure to be a few Brits on display. https://www.nrl.com/tv/
  7. I think they did do an official SL Podcast, but maybe that got dropped when Covid hit etc Always enjoyed the flat caps and whippets podcasts.
  8. He just wanted Dom Young to confirm his own opinion of the Aussie game compared with the UK game. And fell flat on his face as Dom pointed out there wasn't any difference.
  9. Dom Young talking to Knights TV https://www.newcastleknights.com.au/news/2021/02/22/young-first-hit-out-improvement-areas-and-that-try/
  10. Reverting to type won't improve anything. change and improvement would have to be significant.
  11. One critique i've had for a while is how some of our young talent don't quite look ready physically in comparison with many of the Aussie/Kiwi equivalents. Dom Young certainly looks like he's physically ready. A big tall lad with plenty of strength it seems. Certainly one to keep an eye on.
  12. thought this was a 10am start (UK).. bloody hell.
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