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  1. Will have a listen to the podcast later, but listening and watching previous interviews and that launch has never filled me with confidence. I wonder if he's spoken to any of the NY RL community yet.
  2. The worlds a small place. Nothing to say he won't go back to the NRL at some point, despite a 4 year deal. Whose to say he doesn't have certain clauses in this contract. Great for Wigan and SL, but personally would have liked to see him stay and perform in the NRL.
  3. Just stumbled across this podcast. 'We Do Science'. For anyone interested in Strength and conditioning/fitness and nutrition etc its well worth a listen. Show hosted by Dr Lauren Bannock, who has a history in working in RL and in union. This episode is with Dr James Morehan who has worked with the RFL, Warrington, St. Helens and Widnes. Real interesting. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1p2zpIgRYE0GWl4lA1YbTk?si=Mh7GwfXrSnyAwFyECPAu8Q
  4. i think the right winger for the Roosters (Morris) has already seen more ball in the opening 20 than Ryan Hall saw in two games.
  5. Good appointment i think. Especially with the french speaking element. Great chance for Laurent Frayssinous to restart his career. Clearly the goal is SL for Ottawa.
  6. As Batemans manager Isaac Moses has had his NRL accreditation cancelled(pending appeal), can he act on his behalf? Is this likely to drag on till his manager has that accreditation returned? Or has a deal already been done that Bateman just needs to sign? Until that happens i guess there is still time for Bateman to reconsider. Seems a bit crazy that he would consider a switch to another club, who aren't in a particularly good place at the moment, and for a fraction of a pay increase. A Premiership is definitely more likely as a Raider than a Bulldog currently.
  7. Yeah i know it's been mentioned he might stay, which at this late stage suggests they might have wiggle room in the cap. Who knows. Plenty of clubs have moved players on to accommodate a new player. Souths with Burgess coming back from union being one if i recall correctly.
  8. Would have liked to see Bateman stay at the Raiders and help them to another GF appearance. I think its easy to blame the manager, and it seems this fella whose just been suspended fits the mould of your stereotypical players manager, but as Bateman has said, he tells his manager what to do. From a playing point of view, it always tends to be the clubs lower down the table that have room for such big money players. With Graham leaving St. George, and Tyson Frizell moving on to Newcastle, maybe the Dragons will make a move for him. Canterbury will also been a name thrown around also, and maybe Wests? Was Bateman at Wigan with McGuire? can't recall. Personally would like to see him go to a team with a genuine chance of winning a GF. Maybe the Roosters will take a look if Ryan Hall leaves and either of the Morris twins hang up their boots. Would Melbourne even have cap space with the likes of Vunivalu leaving? Maybe his options aren't that bad after all.
  9. Ryan Hall to get his first Roosters try today. Edit: Or maybe not, he's playing outside Mitch Aubusson.
  10. I know ISC started venturing in to other sports such as football, and also started to supply lifestyle-esque sportswear. Maybe they've over stretched. You would have thought they would be in a position to accommodate any short term shortfalls though. It's not as if they really sell direct to consumer, nearly everything would have gone through the clubs purchasing. Whatever the reason, sad all the same. I follow ISC on Instagram and I'm sure they've just recently signed a couple of long term deals with a couple of sports organisations, touch footy Australia being one i think. Maybe they're just downsizing and cutting the more expensive relationships with the NRL clubs.
  11. Sad to hear, though I'd imagine they'll find a way to keep operating, much like BLK did. seems less and less teams were working with ISC over the last few years. Plenty of NRL teams, like in the SL, with less recognisable sports brands now. Hope they continue as they do make quality product.
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