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  1. Couple of things that I really enjoyed, in their small way, was Tommy Turbo playing the attacking role he did, and doubling up in the centres with Mitchell and also playing the classic attacking FB role. The other thing was the first set of the game which was nearly all hit ups by outside backs, getting quick metres and even quicker play the balls. Like I say just small things, but think it shows what a clever thinker Brad Fittler is. As both worked well.
  2. Tommy Turbo and Latrell were both excellent today. Having them line up in the centres against an England team gives me nightmares.
  3. NSW win i think. Despite home advantage i think QLD are lacking in a few areas, but who knows. its Origin after all. Good to see Kyle Feldt getting a QLD jumper though.
  4. Nor have i, naturally, but from what i can see, and what i know of sportswear design and production (as embarrassing and cringe as that sounds) i think it should have been a hell of a lot better. The last ISC kit that featured the St.George flag detail (2011 google tells me) wasn't to my liking, but the quality of the kit itself (St.George flag aside) was of a good standard for the time.
  5. Maybe from some, but not me personally. My critique is purely based around standards and quality. Not entirely design related, but also fabric interest and detail.
  6. For me personally its frustration not hatred, I never had high hopes, but still annoys me when something like this is produced to what i perceive to be a poor standard.
  7. It's a simple fabric base with a sublimation print and oversized graphics. No cut lines or inserts or interesting detail. It's basic as hell. Theres nothing modern about it.
  8. In all honesty I think oxen could have, and should have, produced a kit that was so much better than they have. What they’ve done is keep it cheap. it’s a cost effective kit. For their first foray into a deal for the national team they should have been determined to produce their best kit to date, as any progressive sports brand would. And taken a completely new and unique approach to it. Make a positive impact. Instead they’ve giving England exactly what they’ve given every other club side, in a basic polyester fabric (which has zero interest in it), some tipping on their s
  9. It’s basic and dull. Nothing exciting about this at all. Calling it average would be kind. Though it’s nothing more than I expected.
  10. Racking my brains to think of some that haven’t been mentioned already and so far have come up with: Mark Preston (Wigan/Halifax) Sean Hoppe Robbie Beckett (Penrith)
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPvlwt9Is-B/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Teaser in question on England RL Insta page. Just think of the current Oxen jersey template in white with a red cross. meh.
  12. I fear for @Scubby if these mugs are not up to par.
  13. Two great brands to bring on board, though i do wonder if its a bit too close to the start of the tournament to be able to fully benefit from such a partnership. I'd guess any major spend for 2021, for any marketing activations, would have been allocated a while ago. Maybe someone with a better knowledge on such things can offer greater insight.
  14. Having read the most recent Mike Rylance book about French RL (The struggle and the daring) not too long ago, I long for the day when future France teams can replicate or go close to the feats achieved by those famous teams of the 1950's. It would be huge for the game. With what sounds like a really decent crop of young french players, covering many positions, coming through, and the involvement of Trent Robinson, maybe that day isn't too far away. We can but hope.
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