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  1. Sad news. Turned that Cas team into a real dangerous side. RIP Darryl
  2. Great effort from Wigan. Plenty of guts, but do feel Penrith can feel a bit hard done by - and not just on the obvious calls that went against them, but, as has been said, with all that possession and all that field position they had the chances to win it
  3. Didn’t look like a try to me, but think Wigan need to get the ball in the hands of Wardle and Keighran much more - preferably when they have some time and space
  4. Wigan looked vulnerable for the past 10Mins or so. Fatigue really setting in. Still think Wigan have to move this team around to stand a chance of winning. Going toe-to-toe will play into Penriths hands.
  5. A vocal crowd could be the difference. like a few on here - head says Penrith, heart says Wigan. looking forward to see how the young English players go against the Panthers. Smith, Wardle, Byrne.. will be a great test. think Wigan will need to shift the ball wide often and move this Penrith pack around.
  6. Good thing about all games being shown - you can switch over. Now watching Broncos - Dragons.
  7. Jesus Christ. The ref and video ref have really made their lives very difficult.
  8. And tomorrow night in the WCC that contact won’t likely even be penalised.
  9. Someones been drinking. The lazy nature of the comments that have been aired is evidence enough. They have no idea at all about the RL landscape in the UK. The comments made about winter and players playing short term stints in each comp are so basic and without any real thought.
  10. I think Superleague is in the best position it’s been in to grow and breakout since the advent of SL in 1995. IMG are doing a nice job, and providing the game stays focused and looks to build year on year I think we’ll do well. Obvs it can’t happen overnight but provided we are patient it will come. As this is RL in the UK there’s every chance selfishness from some within the game may slow this down, but here’s hoping it won’t. despite the current efforts of IMG and RL Commercial - and the clubs, who have upped their game off the pitch, and kudos to them for doing that, I do however feel the overall quality of player playing in SL and coming through the club pathways does need to improve. IMO, of course. If we can get to a point in the next couple of seasons where the product on the pitch is improving year on year alongside the work being done off the pitch the game will be in a great place to - dare I say it? - genuinely fulfill its potential.
  11. Will Pryce getting some game time and looking comfortable from the highlights. Scored a try and set up another with a nice kick. not sure how many of the English newbies played in this weekends games. Don’t think Smithies played, or KPP.
  12. “All packaging and no product” - Kyle Amor. Perfectly summed up.
  13. Really positive and exciting news. To have games consistently on the BBC, both SL and Challenge cup for men and women, is huge, and something the game can really get behind. We really have a great base to start building from now.
  14. I do hope they have a strategy for original content to be featured on the app also. Not just highlights and “classic” games. I think growth and eventual success will rest on what additional programming they can produce/feature.
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