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  1. Sad news. Remember Didier playing alongside the likes of Entat, Chamorin, Divet in the French team of the 90's. A hard working back row if memory serves me correct.
  2. Watching some of the full match replays on NRL.com Cody Ramsay for st.george looks like a future talent also.
  3. Cease and desist will no doubt land on his/her doormat pretty soon.
  4. Yep. It's exactly that. But we only need them to do it for three games. I hope Shaun Wane can get some improvement out of them for the Ashes. As always time will tell.
  5. I think if we can get our best 13 on the field, and with a bit of luck, we could see an improvement. Lots of "If's", but who knows, at the end of the year we could be in a better position to beat the Aussies than we were at the end of last year. If the likes of Percival can improve some more under Woolf, Williams has a decent start to his NRL career, Watkins finds some form and the emergence of a couple of others (Manfredi, Naulogo, Johnstone), who knows. Wane is very good at getting the best out of his players. Whether he can transfer that from a club environment to an International one is still to be seen. Here's hoping.
  6. Wonder if we'll see James Graham coming back the other way. Best of luck to Luke though. Hope he continues the trend of successful British forwards in the NRL.
  7. Only caught the televised games but seemed to me that pretty much all teams involved in those games were really playing a much more expansive game. Which was real nice to see.
  8. Thought Warrington looked sharp, and bodes well for Wire fans. they could have quite easily won that. Wigan should plenty of spirit, but little in the way of end product. decent first game though.
  9. Wire looking good early doors. PTB is a joke. Coaches cannot complain if the ref blows up for every PTB.
  10. Ideal situation for me would be a SL without P+R but with teams able to apply to join SL at anytime, providing they meet certain criteria. Clubs that want to succeed and prosper will always be able to become a part of SL.
  11. Each to their own. I wasn't that impressed with what i saw.
  12. Managed to catch the hurrell interview and following piece with George Burgess. I thought the content seemed ok, but didn't think production wasn't that great to. E honest. Hopefully it can be built upon. Be interesting to see how they vary the content as the season progresses. more worryingly, many people commenting about the show on the official RL Facebook accounts seem to think Rugby AM is overwhelmingly better! though the amount of posts that mention Rugby AM makes me think it's a wind-up.
  13. Pity about the Amazon showing being non-U.K. Will have to try and catch the 10pm showing on a stream.
  14. Sadly i don't think we have the right amount of capable people involved in senior positions to take the game forward, fully grasp the potential and prosper. Not in the next two years anyway. Hope i'm wrong.
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