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  1. SKY's attitude towards the broadcast deals has always been based on them being the biggest of the big spenders. That wouldn't be the case with the likes of Amazon (for instance).
  2. Amazon are in the market for more and more sports content. The onus is always on RL to make itself as attractive to broadcasters as it can, then we'll never be in a situation where we have to worry about broadcasters wanting to show games. The amazon mindset is if they want to do something, they want to do it better than anyone. I had a job interview with Amazon a few years back, at the time they were looking to break into fashion. The money they were looking to throw at the project was ridiculous. They weren't happy to just be involved, they wanted to rival the likes of Nike immediately and were prepared to throw serious money at it. I guess they realised it wasn't that easy and shelved the project, but they were prepared for serious investment. I think i'd be more comfortable initially if games were spread across a couple of platforms (SKY and Amazon). I'm a prime subscriber, so would be over the moon if they picked up some RL. I always quite liked the idea of a pre-season (but competitive) 9's comp being created, and events such as that used to try and tempt the likes of Amazon and Netflix.
  3. Do London need a half after Brock Lamb leaving? Or maybe Hudds?
  4. Sivo will probably be next to go, or at least the next target. The game will always produce quality players to replace anyone going to play union, but it's still a loss. And the game is better with the likes of Vunivalu in it.
  5. Probably a large slice of nostalgia (no bad thing), but I guess those kits seem iconic now, 20-30 years later, but were they considered so at the time? Probably unlikely.. as nice as some were. A successful team, memorable moment or some daring deeds generally lend themselves to the iconic status, so who knows, in years to come some of the current kits 'might' be viewed in a similar way.
  6. Not always in my experience. You just need to be able to sell in the idea, also helps when you have a good working relationship with said brand. And it's not as if Betfred aren't getting exposure via every other team and they're numerous kits. Anyways.. back to new kits. Isn't Catalan's launched today?
  7. This is true, but on a rare occassion such things can be worked around.
  8. Widnes shirt let down by the full colour SL logo. Poor form if SL have vetoed a use of a one colour logo in this instance.
  9. From the beeb; a few days ago. "At the moment, I don't want to look to the future too far ahead," said Tuilagi, who previously rejected an offer from Paris-based Racing 92. "You have to focus on the now, and for me, I've two years at Tigers." Standard response when discussing possibly moving clubs etc. Will all come down to the money, and what Toronto are willing to pay.
  10. Coventry home kit is nice, though makes me think of the Old Bill with those checkerboard cuffs!.. Decent efforts.
  11. Looks a bit over complicated, the Wigan away shirt, when it really needn't be. Black base with a horizontal red pin stripe is fine, but no need for the diagonal breaks and additional elements they have. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple. That being said, i don't think its that bad, just not as good as it could have been. I often wonder if the fault doesn't lie with the supplier, in this case Hummel, but with the brief given to them by the club. It's no coincidence that Wigan have had some stinkers over the years, with a number of different suppliers.
  12. Yeah really smart. Love the video of the actual artwork vector being updated. Not a fan of the type used, but thats just a personal thing, as it does work with the branding.
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