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  1. I'll go with: 1. Tedesco 2. Sivo 3. Crichton 4. Mitchell (he's still a centre to me!) 5. Addo-Carr 6. Ponga 7. Cleary 8. Papalii 9. Smith 10. Asafa-Solomona 11. Kikau 12. Faumasuli 13. Taumalolo Sadly no English players in the starting 13, but would probably take Williams and Walmsley on the bench. I think Williams will be the best half in the NRL next season.
  2. you're a long time retired, so if he feels his body is up to it, im all for it. I do wonder what his motivation would be though. Is it as he wants to finish on his terms, or just missing playing the game, you wouldn't have thought it would be money as Sam must have tucked away a fair few quid. If its about playing the game and wanting a final shot with England at a WC than maybe a season in SL would be a better option, though unlikely. Certainly easier on the body. As has been mentioned, a return at Souths would open a can of worms regarding the salary cap.
  3. Pop ups are a great way to go for some clubs, and even SL/RFL at major events. I'd have a pop-up shop in the likes of Manchester and Leeds every Christmas. At key parts of the year when fans are likely to want and need to spend some money on merchandise a pop-up would be ideal. One in London around Challenge cup weekend, GF weekend in Manchester, Magic and of course pre-season. Or even like RP London mentions, a shop-in-shop at a large department store, again at key parts of the season.
  4. £25 for a cap is not expensive. The other sports you mention (im guessing) are selling 'official' merchandise. This is merchandise for a competition and not affiliated with any of the teams. The England football cap for £10 is £10 because they probably sell shed loads of them. The bigger the volume, the cheaper the cost price. It's how it works in apparel. The rest of their caps are Nike, and again, will be produced in large volumes. You'll no doubt get better quality with whatever Hummel drop. Though don't expect a cheaper price.
  5. I find it quite hit and miss, as has been the case with pretty much everything thats been produced over the last few years, as far as merchandise goes. You have a number of items in a colour that is not particularly commercial. The purple. Rather than producing a good solid graphic tee in 2 to 3 different colourways they've produced 3 different tshirt's in one colour. They've done the same with the polo and hoody options. And have also produced four different jackets. Outerwear generally being the toughest sell, and most expensive to produce, it would have made much more sense producing two jackets in two colourways. Some quite strange decisions made on what product to produce and would suggest a lot will canabalise sales. The caps look a poor quality all round, with some particular unpleasant embroideries. The less said about the use of the leaping lion the better. The Kappa product will probably be of a decent enough standard, but thats about the most positive i could be about this. Oh yeah, they've also improved the product photography. Which is good. But no mugs.. which is bad.
  6. I winced when i saw that. One of the question marks on this collection. Hope they have a good legal team.
  7. Assume its because this is a WC collection, not official 'England' product.
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