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  1. Channel 4 have always presented sport well. I would love to see the game shown on Channel 4. Regardless of what SKY might offer, and what promises they might make, i'd still want to see the RFL go into a partnership with Channel 4. Opens up so many more possibilities. Though can imagine what many clubs, at all levels, will prioritise in any deal. Imagine if viewing figures were decent. The potential for more content increases. Superleague, NRL, Internationals etc
  2. Everyone in Australia seems to ignore how awful Walters was in his time at Catalan. i know he's a bit of a Queensland darling, but personally don't see his pedigree as a coach. Obviously coaches can improve, as do players, but would say he's a bIt of a risk for the Gold Coast. though with Meninga in charge of things at the Titans and Walters presumably available now, it seems he'd be the front runner.
  3. Couple of players that came over here not having made any impact on the NRL/ARL were Russell Bawden and Danny Nutley. Both went on to have decent NRL careers. Bawden played SOO too.
  4. I think my only real criticism on George Williams is around his sometimes risky and forced pass options. Often he'll look for the miracle pass, or try and force a pass that's not on, when under pressure. If he can get that out f his game he'll be a genuine star. Can't imagine Ricky Stuart thinks he's getting the finished article, and will look to work these inconsistencies out of his game. At Wigan, 9 times out of 10 he was the only player that was really going to create something a bit special, so without that pressure you'd like to think he can flourish even more.
  5. The whole Sky presentation needs a complete refresh, though very much doubt we'll see that. The pitch side interviews with those awful grubby transparent sponsor boards, appalling and pointless interviews conducted by clueless interviewers have been painful viewing for years and years.
  6. The last time we had as many Brits in the NRL as we do now. Around 88-90 you had the likes of Hanley, Ward, Crooks, Schofield, Currier, Davies, Offiah, Edwards, Gregory, Wadell, Hamspon and no doubt there were others also..
  7. Don't think he did. Englishmen in that team were Shaun Edwards, Andy Currier and i think Lee Crooks? Remember Edwards was only a bit part player for his time there though. Edit. no Lee Crooks. That Steve Jackson try though...
  8. Maybe the title of this thread might need a rethink. Or face the wrath of anyone trying to avoid the score..
  9. I'm sure its been mentioned on another thread, but can't see it. Real interesting listen with Shane Richardson and Mark Evans joining Dave Woods. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07f1k8m
  10. I remember Paul Ince being photographed wearing a Man Utd shirt before being signed, and while still a West Ham player. As a sign of respect for the fans of the club you're leaving, there are some things you just don't need to do. Naturally, in this instance, with Man Utd the darlings of the football press, it was the West Ham fans who were depicted as the villains, and not Judas.
  11. As has been said, i think Gigot is a talent, but he's no superstar. Though he could be.. He's best used as a centre IMO. I could see him going to a club like Wigan, as Escare did, and improving in a different environment.. But I'd be surprised if he ended up in the NRL.
  12. Cue Williams to Canberra announcement.
  13. Noticed the other day that the Lebenon training shirts had the NRL logo on them, as do the Jerseys they'll play in. Assume this is because these games are invitational and put on by the NRL. But just seemed a bit weird to have an NRL logo on an International jersey.
  14. Cooks looking like they'll win by some distance. S.A just not at the same level. More than a point a minute at the moment.
  15. Still needs plenty of work in my opinion, and a bit more size, but he has some ability for sure. If he does leave London i hope he goes somewhere that will work at developing him properly.
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