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  1. Since the inception of the NRL nines and the initial talk of 9's becoming a future staple of the game I'd always thought SL should have started their own version much sooner. Simply because if it was something that was always going to happen, why wait till the Aussies and Kiwis have mastered it before entering into it ourselves (which is pretty much what's happened). I've always though pre-season would be the best place for such an event, though not as part of SL. A separate event that could be sold outside the SL contract. Held the week before SL would start and including all teams (naturally), points accumulated through the tournament would be carried over into the start of SL, hopefully ensuring teams took it seriously. Some might think that gimmicky, but the more I've thought about it the more I like it, though many won't I'm sure. simply replacing the magic weekend with a 9's format and/ or following a similar framework for an alternative weekend would impact elsewhere within the season IMO. At the start of the year when fans are hungry for games it might work.
  2. Will be interesting to see how we go, with only one player in the squad having any experience of playing 9's (Sam Tomkins).
  3. I only hope they get a decent agency on board for the rebrand. Hopefully the Agency that did the NRL branding. I have no faith in Nigel Wood being able to brief such a task.
  4. Looks familar. https://www.nike.com/gb/t/club-america-2019-20-stadium-home-football-shirt-b2dPhX/AJ5527-707
  5. I wasn't referring to the fans. I was referring to the RFL. I too am a fan of the GB concept. I just don't think now is the right time for it to come back. That doesn't mean I won't support the team though.
  6. Very good first half. High tempo, tense, low error rate, and three well worked tries. As good a first half as I can recall in the GF. Hastings is some player. With every Salford offload he seemed to be the player to receive the ball or at least one pass away. Plays and reads the game so naturally. Wigan have got an absolute gem of a player next year. Today Salford have a potential match winner.
  7. First 15mins are huge in this one. If Salford can overcome the inevitable nerves and not concede early, stay patient (something they did very well against Wigan), and get a firm footing in the game, they'll stand a chance. My head says Saints, and do think they deserve it after a really good year, but would love to see the romantic end to the Salford story with an against the odds GF win.
  8. GB. Nige's parting gift. A concept no one else was really into.
  9. Highlights on NRL.com https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/10/11/match-highlights-fiji-pms-xiii-v-aus-pms-xiii/ Check out the huge tackle on Tyson Frizell by the Fiji Number 4, resulting in Ben Hunt the Aussie half back given him big slaps on the back for a great hit. Lovely moment.
  10. I'd be surprised if Wigan let him go (unless he wants to go of course), but have always rated him higher than Marshall, who i really don't think offers as much as Davies.
  11. "125 years since Rugby turned professional" - that should be the CTA. Would ruffle a few feathers in a certain place just south west of London.
  12. Haven't seen the Kiwi squad (if its been announced), but reckon they might fancy this. The Aussies rarely get it wrong in terms of selection. The likes of Ponga, Papenhuyzen and Add-Carr are gonna love the extra space.
  13. Oh Christ. Is this the one where they've encouraged the players to show off thei 'individual style'?.. I feel sorry for the WAGS. that being said, I never wear socks.
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