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  1. There are *so many* but the one I relate to most is “Florida man arrested for calling 911 because he wanted vodka”. That and the one where a (presumably) different Florida man was arrested because he had a slash in a convenience store because it was too much hassle to wait till he got home.
  2. Going by social media, virtually every fan of every rugby league team in West Yorkshire is also a passionate Leeds United fan.
  3. Is it is as simple as finding out how many clubs are registered with the RFL? I say 'simple' but I can't actually manage to do that myself.
  4. "It's the Red Sox against the Yankees ... it's Celtic versus Rangers ..." I also swear the virtual crowd just went quiet to respect the kicker. I am outraged.
  5. I'd take it (vaguely) as a positive. For them. Not for us. We're totally screwed. It's positive for them because the rates are low so potential spikes are obvious. They also have an effective track/trace/isolate operation in place that isn't backed up by citizens "doing the right thing" but by three month jail sentences if you try to avoid it.
  6. Following The Pain last year, I'm pretty much convinced that most running injuries come from running whilst already injured. But I'd get an actual Expert to confirm that, Anyway, passed 500k running for the year this week. Pleased with that.
  7. Johnson will have been led by the science and made a decision appropriate to the needs of England at this time.
  8. Many, many years ago (I was still in school) ... the Radio Times put on the front cover "Basil's Back!", along with a huge photo of the Fawlty Towers cast. Cue *so many* complaints to Points of View that week as all it meant was that the BBC was repeating all of the episodes in sequence for the first time in a while.
  9. Looks like the Premier League will be returning mid June to play out the rest of its season - and then primed to restart in September if I'm following the various comments correctly. All behind closed doors for now. Cricket is carrying on not happening until at least the start of August - but that fits with the idea floated above.
  10. Is your daughter getting any support? Sounds like she could do with some.
  11. One bed, looks like it's at the top end of Bohemia Road. £450pcm. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-70765068.html
  12. I think there are a couple of issues. What proportion of people who go to rugby league games will feel as if they have enough spare cash to go to a game alongside the wider issue of how many will feel safe going to a game? The issue of cost to clubs still includes the unknown about providing testing, infection control etc.
  13. Cornwallis Terrace, £425 pcm, https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-79832917.html - so near to the station and a straightforward bus through St Leonards to Silverhill
  14. People who quote Karol Sikora are hilarious. 60,000 dead and he's wanting praise-filled retweets because he said florists might open in June. What a guy. But ... anyway ... Domestic cricket looks like it's targeting a domestic season that runs from the start of August to the very end of September and into October. The couple of interesting things: firstly, there's no attempt to make this a regular season. Promotion and relegation from 2019 will come into effect in 2021. 2020 will be a filler, albeit a competitive one. Second, they are starting on the assumption that there won't be crowds, at least at the beginning, and that if crowds do come then capacities will be massively reduced. Look like, for example, the Oval would go to around 1/4 of its usual capacity at around 6,000. So, things that might be of interest to RL: a season where the different tiers (in this case, FT clubs who want to play) come together to play geographically before a final; if there are crowds then social distancing means grounds should expect to run around 25% of usual capacity (so, as an example, the Halliwell Jones might have a capacity of 4,000). (Proposal here: https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/29230582)
  15. By ensuring it has sustainable growth and expansion.
  16. Those crazy Germans. BBC Alba - channel 169, Sky fans - will be showing the women's Bundesliga when it returns on Sunday, should you be needing to start filling up sporting afternoons still. "My" Werder Bremen are in the second division in that one - with the good news that the league has been cancelled but results retained so 'we' are Champions and will be in the top division next year. I am retrospectively celebrating after my lifelong supporting investment of a couple of weeks has been repaid so well.
  17. You'd think. You'd also think that a sport whose survival depended on the success of that game would put a bit more value on creating knowledge, awareness and participation in that sport in the area the game is played. But what do I know?
  18. Why is what? Why is the RFL so utterly dependent on a single game in London? It's a good question.
  19. OTOH, our one big London game a year not being successful is enough to wipe out the RFL's profits for the year.
  20. I can send you, and anyone else who wants one, a link so that every purchase you make gives my charity (we support people with brain injury) a donation. It eases the angst a bit.
  21. It’s interesting to note that P J O’Rourke who was the cool wing of the Republican Party for years was asked what he would write about now. He said that unchecked and unaccountable big business scared him far more than the government.
  22. The title goes to Bayern again then. Meanwhile, I’m now watching Werder and hoping “we” hang on for 0-0. Also, interesting to note, the stats are apparently pointing to a significant increase in the amount of time the ball is in play in games when there is no crowd.
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