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  1. Coaching comes in different forms and I find it interesting what sticks and what doesn't. I am, in my own way, training for a marathon (Manchester, 3rd April, somewhat to exceptionally nervous). I'm following an online training plan for that because I know that I don't need anything else. But to get to that point I did actually take a lot from going for club runs and a lot of what has helped me get to the point I'm at now came from comments from the coaches about seemingly very minor things I was doing that, once I was aware of and able to adjust, have made a massive difference. And they were simply not things I would have ever even considered. There may not be skill things you need to learn with darts but there could easily be "process before the throw" or distraction/visualisation techniques that are out there that will mean you stop focusing on which bit isn't working and are just more able to execute what you know you can do more times than not.
  2. Are you in the UK and/or using a VPN?
  3. Opening post of this topic has the video
  4. Fairly certain that's how Non League Day in football started. It was, from memory, initially a lot of clubs using social media going, "Now that Manchester United aren't on the TV this weekend, why not come down to us for your football fix" and similar.
  5. This is all excellent and makes me very envious that within a reasonable drive of here I have precisely two parkruns: Hastings and Bedgebury. Just as well I really do like the Hastings one. I am, hopefully, at my parents next weekend though which will mean a return visit to Banbury's rather fun parkrun. This will be my fifth run there and I'll be hoping to beat my previous best of 24:14 there - but not exactly confident of doing so.
  6. To be 'real', there's no appetite to play or watch RL across the vast majority of Yorkshire and Lancashire.
  7. Rugby league being advertised in front of people who might be interested in watching rugby league but who would otherwise not know it's on - i.e. rugby union fans watching Channel 4 - is a win for rugby league.
  8. As a lifelong supporter of Werder Bremen since the Bundesliga returned before the other leagues after lockdown, I am well aware of this. Bit disappointed that Sky have taken the Bundesliga rights but aren't showing 2. Bundesliga matches as BT did when they had the rights.
  9. Yorkshire have formed a partnership with Lahore so I will be following them.
  10. I shouldn't be surprised because they obviously know what they are doing but I like how naturally Channel 4 rugby league suddenly looks.
  11. A really good and straightforward idea. Even if not official, it would be pretty easy to build up on social media and the like.
  12. That's what you get from doing it in a hurry. Last one should be Kanas City. Will amend.
  13. I like Sainsbury's. It keeps the riff-raff out of Waitrose. - Alan Coren
  14. Britain's most patriotic news channel I would put any political comment in the political thread but a comment about how one of my favourite singers died was, I thought, appropriate on an obit thread.
  15. His death story might not be either. Being reported that he was an anti-vaxxer. Who was apparently ill with covid last week.
  16. Filthy Germans And, in a clunking segue, in my role as a part-time supporter of the German national team, I shall be following 'us' as we try and get some main round points against Norway this evening. Live on ehftv from 7.30pm.
  17. Cheap(ish) season tickets and putting the hard yards in to have a genuinely diverse crowd who come back regardless of the results?
  18. To be fair: Only if you're using a cheap pitch and your groundsman is rubbish. There's no excuse for any pitch in any sport being worn out these days.
  19. Made this point multiple times but LUFC appear to be the football team of choice for pretty much every West Yorkshire RL fan that I know - often to the extent that if Leeds United have a game that clashes with their RL team's game then the football will take viewing priority, even if their talk all week is rugby. My only solution to this is the immediate expulsion of Leeds United from the planet but so far I can't get anyone to take this reasonable proposal seriously.
  20. Moderate ambition to have a cover photo on a football programme achieved ... although I'm pleased they tagged me to let me know as I'd forgotten taking that one
  21. England batted better than I think anyone had a right to expect given their build-up but then bowled and fielded like a team who really are very rusty indeed. Australia win by nine wickets and Tahlia McGrath still doesn't have a T20I average after three innings. Also ... men's and women's domestic fixtures are out and I am very, very excited for the upcoming season. Seems to be a bit of momentum from fans for supporting the county (and women's regional) game right now and that can only be a good thing.
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