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  1. Got 1 star in The Guardian so I've been listening it for most of the day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OfsZyYPLoI
  2. Your toilets don't have a door? Also: I demand you take a cheeky snap of these 'hot women' and put them on The Beautiful People Thread.
  3. Focus on the red dot, the blue circle will disappear
  4. You need a commute like mine. Plus, possibly, some headphones, a book and a sunnier disposition.
  5. I strolled with a coffee and a croissant, and an attentive gaze.
  6. I suggest you stop worrying and go outside and stare at 18 year olds.
  7. It is a magnificent day to have an office right next to Regent's Park.
  8. The passes at the Labour party conference use the colour and font of the Liberal Democrats. It's very confusing.
  9. Old? How dare you. I can remember seeing that when it came out. I was at uni. If it's old then I'm like really old. Oh.
  10. Like the lines in that a lot. On a personal level I'd oomph up the contrast.
  11. I see it more as a spread for a ciabatta. But anyway: Why London's great, or something
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