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  1. As anyone who has the misfortune of following me on twitter will have discovered I have become something of a convert to handball in the past couple of weeks and as they were in the first match I properly followed the Norwegian women are 'my' team in the current world championship. I think I chose well. We're going to spank some Dutch ladies later today.
  2. I always judge other people by how they treat waiters.
  3. Lumix is now officially awesome and I just love shooting with a 24mm lens. Putting the world to rights by Jon Smalldon, on Flickr
  4. Remember when ISO1600 just didn't exist beyond either some very expensive professional film or some smart trickery involving pushing ISO400 and hoping ... or when digital cameras expired beyond ISO800. This is what a compact sensor can do at ISO1600 now - and it's more than useable at 3200 as well. Have to say, I've only taken the Lumix for a 30 minute spin but I'm very much loving it. In the doorway by Jon Smalldon, on Flickr
  5. Agree with that. With a dramatic clouds-racing sky there'd be no need to look at the horizontal.
  6. I hope she's a member of Bisexual Americans for the Oxford Cavaliers.
  7. And you were telling me it's my responsibility to do the business to Sevvy. You utter gaylord.
  8. After dark, after a few pints ... camera out in London
  9. I own the CD single of this The Swiss football song for the 1994 World Cup
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