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  1. Well Dane Chisholm has been paid which is great. This not so:
  2. Yep and that's getting back to my point above. A stuffy museum just showing off old memorabilia is always going to have a limited audience and appeal.
  3. While I agree I think viability will be a key issue no matter were it is based. RL has a relatively small supporter base and many won't do repeat trips to something like this. Schools and incorporating it into other offerings is vital. That is why the Etihad and an existing RFL site that they can utilise makes sense (rather than additional costs anywhere else). Any trip to the museum can be tied in to other stuff on site like the fitness and media stuff for a much grander experience (as well as anything else on the wider Etihad complex).
  4. If they didn't want to come then they wouldn't be coming. You said letting them play Tonga was the price and they could have done both as I said. It certainly doesn't prevent a 3 test series I do agree it's a wake up call but there's been plenty of them the last few years and every one has been ignored by the RFL.
  5. It's not the best they can do at all with regard to the points I replied to and your post does nothing to say otherwise.
  6. Playing Tonga shouldn't stop a 3 test series though. 4 end of season tests is not excessive and it's more than possible to do both. Let's not forget as well the nonsense spouted that scrapping the mid season test would allow a longer end of season window. Lies as always.
  7. Its not the best they can do at all. Your first point is irrelevant, people who the RFL would be looking to attract in the South wouldn't know if it was a full Samoa side or not. A lot of people in the North would be fairly clueless too bar the odd name. There can just as easily be one test in the North and one in the South. The RFL have just took the easy option.
  8. Nines to me has always seemed a way for the Aussies to say they are doing internationals without really doing them.
  9. Indeed, very little of the West Stand is reserved in that way really. Interestingly the North Stand and South Stand are both unreserved seating. Nice to see pretty much all of the East Stand available too (bar 1 tiny edge section that no one would be choosing anyway)
  10. I do understand the no money argument when the RFL is broke as it is. There are other ways that don't really cost the RFL though, such as more French teams in SL (I know you disagree so little pointing down that road as I said previously). I personally cannot see a great improvement in talent just by fishing from the same ponds that are pretty maxed out anyway and it would take huge sums of money, relatively speaking, and development of the sport in new areas. I would also turn around that question and ask can we afford not to? A strong France and decent international opposition with more quality French players would also have a lot of benefits for the English game too. The Southern hemisphere has shown an increasing reluctance to play internationals, for one reason or another, and if we don't develop other options then we will be left with pretty much no one to play.
  11. The point is that just playing these countries as things stand will not result in any improvement in the standard of these countries. They need more full time players playing the game to do that. It's pretty obvious that we won't agree with the best way to do that so little point delving into that. However what I will say is that if the RFL wants credible northern hemisphere opposition then it will have to work on it and develop it. They are the leading Governing body in the northern hemisphere and no one else is going to do it. If not then we will just get the same old results when we play France every blue moon.
  12. That's the spin some RU types are putting on it. Others are being a lot more honest.
  13. I understand that, and what yoj describe makes sense, but it's very poor from a developing players point of view, especially elite players. Explains a lot as well when it comes to French players beyond u18s.
  14. I think we are pretty much nailed on for Headingley and Wigan. I'd actually be pretty comfortable with that if we had a 3rd test in London but unfortunately we don't have a third test at all.
  15. After the nonsense spouted by many commentators both when Suaalii was sent off and after at last some common sense from Andrew Johns. It really is this simple: In the week since the opening State of Origin game, I’ve found it difficult to watch replays of the Joseph Suaalii-Reece Walsh incident. It was confronting seeing Walsh on the ground in the state he was. In the days since we’ve heard all sorts of theories about what should happen to a player who commits foul play so as not to ruin a spectacle like Origin: just put them in the sin-bin, 20-minute red cards, and have a player able to replace them. They’re all wrong. Suaalii deserved to be sent off and there has to be ramifications for serious acts of foul play. It wasn’t a deliberate act, but he got it wrong, so the consequences must be severe. And if you want one way to prevent it happening in the future: stop hitting people in the head and you won’t be sent off. It’s simple. Forget about what it means for the millions of people watching on television or those at the ground wanting to watch a close game, we need to commit to a safer sport. It doesn’t matter if NSW had no chance once Suaalii went from the field. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/one-way-to-make-sure-origin-is-not-ruined-again-stop-hitting-people-in-the-head-20240612-p5jl4n.html
  16. There is no talent pool in Ireland and Scotland without a major sea change. There isn't even a bona fide domestic game bar a few Union players/teams playing a few games in the Union off season. There is no youth setup bar the odd token sporadic session in Dublin and then picking English kids with English grandparents. Similar in Scotland. There are no NRL Aussies to call on for a mid season test either. There needs to be major changes in both those nations before they are even mentioned as credible mid season opponents for England. France and Wales yes but again there needs to be a whole game approach to develop them and their full time player pool rather than just playing a midseason international and moaning that they can't compete.
  17. Just 2 tests is pretty disappointing. It's really odd not to have 3. I can't really see how financial reasons would result in that, once you get Samoa here anyway it's just another week and obviously you are then getting the income from another game. The flights are already paid fit and logistics arranged anyway. The international calendar is shrinking year on year.
  18. I still think NZ2 and Perth should get the next two slots. If PNG are serious they can look to continue to improve their domestic competition, player pool and pathways with a view of joining down the line. There is no better time for NZ2 and Perth and we should strike why the iron is hot.
  19. I think most make a few days out of it, whether that is the South of France or Spain.
  20. I agree. Manchester is a major city, the home of the Grand Final and the RFL are now based there. There is plenty of scope for drawing people in and attracting school trips etc and tying in with the rest of the Etihad Campus. Huddersfield while the birthplace of Rugby League doesn't work because few have the inclination to go to Huddersfield just for a RL museum. As much as I hate to say it as a Wiganer the same applies with Wigan. It needs to be in a major city.
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