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  1. In the mid 50's retiring to Spain etc was never even considered. In those days Blackpool was the place to be. I was told that the club was formed by group of 'ex pats' from other regions of RL land. If RL had been a summer game back then, it would have probably faired much better as many RL fans from other parts holidayed in Blackpool and many would have watch a game during ther stay.
  2. Was that against Wakey by any chance. I remember going there myself.
  3. Thought it was pretty even first half but has the gome opened up in second half, the difference on class out wide started to tell. Myler also linked well with new Leeds half. From a wakey perspective Murphy,hall went well. Minns i would pass on and although trialist winger did ok , don't think we need him. Disappointed with Hood but Bowes had a great game I thought
  4. He is not signed and only on trial. Just wonder the reasoning for him being given a shot. Because if all trinity wingers are fit he could be 4th or 5th choice. As a matter of interest trinity have a young winger called Murphy in the squad. He is a young kid with good potential.
  5. Well looking at the Trin squad , there will be plenty of 'young guns and prospects' on show.
  6. I never miss this game and look forward to it more than Christmas. Leeds put out a very strong squad this year. Will be interested to see what trin put together
  7. Look we both obviously want this to happen. We both want me to look a miserable old pessimist and you right. I am sorry kirmo, I just do not trust YC for many reasons including some I can't post on here. I will leave it for now and just sit back and see what happens next.
  8. Would be signed... so not yet signed Look sorry for being negative and all. But my experience of everything Yorkcourt tells me not to accept anything till it's actually delivered. I really hope I am wrong and you are right.
  9. Not had chance to read it, let's hope its water tight and then some.
  10. Well I will not be celebrating just yet. York court are a bunch of snakes and so far have squirmed their way out of spending a penny whilst they have lined their pocket with millions on the rest of the development. As far as I am aware their will be no cash handover but yorkcourt will develop the stadium till the equivalent of £8.8m runs out. Their interpretation of their costs could be very much at odds to what the club expects. Still plenty of fun and games to come, sorry for being pessimistic but my experience of years of this saga has led me to this. One good point, that despicable politician Box is no longer on the scene so at least that's a plus.
  11. Are you suggesting Wakefield is not City , because that's how I read this remark. The freedom of the City was instigated by his mate Peter Box. This 'your lot' to who you refer to in this comment can you be more specific.
  12. Do your research, Walker is nothing more than a self promoting individual. Everything he does is for his own benefit. He has shafted Trinity and while he was chairman of the trust his dealings were very suspect. Rugby League is far healthier without this bloke anywhere near it.
  13. I must admit I was following my team Wakey on that very last game. Although I wanted Wakey to win , I was extremely sad to see London relegated. Any other season 20pts would have kept them up and was an extremely creditable tally. But no, they had to be relegated in order to keep the superleague dream alive for certain clubs. We all know who those clubs are, some have had a go but always fail. Others moan , but never get there after multiple opportunities. WTF do we stop listening to these wannabes and stick with London who offer far more than they can ever contribute. Tin hat on
  14. Well , looking at that squad, they will be lucky if they win a game
  15. Correct, also if his career was to start again today, he wouldn't go anywhere near a rugby league pitch.
  16. Dont think Leeds want any rivalry only teams to play and beat.
  17. Correct now we have 2 French clubs in SL it's important that we also get a representative proprtion of match officials. As far as I am aware all Catalan home games are officiated by English refs and TJ's. Surely some of their best refs needed to be blooded as TJ's asap in order to help get them up to a good standard. Seems ages since 'uncle Albert' was taking control of SL games
  18. That decision by the touch judge on the penalty kick not finding touch was the one that really got to me. Refs make mistakes but that call was indefensible. That alone could have turned the game if the call had been correct.
  19. Enjoyed the game and fev gave it a good dig My only worry is that we will have another season of moaning from some fev fans saying it's not fair and they deserve a shot at SL. They must have had well over a dozen attempts ,keep coming close, but never quite good enough.
  20. Yes I think you are right called it a bit early and looks better now bars have emptied
  21. Looks a poor gate, less than 30k I suspect. People may point finger st les cats but I think covid has affected peoples habits towards large events of all types
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