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  1. That is exactly why RFL attract the reputation of being a tin pot out fit. What other professional sport would allow such a farcical situation. No club that is unable to provide a playing area which meets the laws of the game should be allowed in the competition END OF !!!
  2. And the fact that it has a pitch which does not meet the laws of the game is irrelevant
  3. Well over at last ,what a lousy season it's been. Let the rebuild begin as there is so much to do. Massive recruitment job ahead to build a squad to see us through the championship. I get one grain of comfort that Michael Carter will be no where near the recruiting, Thankfully!!!!
  4. Yes of course, the threads on this forum are far more interesting than some of the stuff we have dished up this season. Can't wait for the new owner, a new club philosophy and a clear out of the Deadwood at the club. It's a Pity we have been relegated but I am sure other than the league we will be playing in everything will be much better now.
  5. Surely even if the y had to meet the requirements, they are only building one stand and to raise it 1.5 metres is not such a big deal. In fact if the showed a bit of innovation ,the void benesth could be utilised for other beneficial things. The rest of the ground is concrete terrace and not being altered just a cosmetic tidy up.
  6. I do remember Cas ground being flooded but it seemed a while back. I can also only remember one flood. Any Cas fans out there who could help with the actual date. Further to that, I think this could be an over reaction from the environment agency
  7. Totally agree, wakey have had three this season won one lost other two. It has a place and thst dhould be knock out competitions only. These modern rugby league players really put their bodies through great physical demands (kevin procter appart)and 80 minutes is enough. On a purely welfare basis alone i would scrap the farce
  8. I am not sure about other clubs but at Wakey over the years I have found all the players approachable in the way you describe and many spend quite a bit of their time doing community work around the City. Plus plenty of the players have active roles in coaching local amateur clubs. Think you are being a bit unfair there.
  9. I stand corrected then, but that must have been some time ago. Still over 10,000 for the Steelers is impressive for a friendly
  10. I saw the calendar news this week and it reported a gate of over 10,000 for a friendly pre season game of the Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey team. I am not sure but I think they have not been around in the City as long as the Eagles. I am also sure Eagles have never had a gate anywhere near that. It's hard to understand how the Steelers are so popular and yet the Eagles struggle to get much over a 1000 gate at best. Rugby League has low media profile I know, but still far more than Ice Hockey (stand to be corrected if otherwise) . It really makes you wonder why our sport is stagnant in the traditional places and never seems to thrive when moved outside the heartlands. Yet a fringe sport like Ice Hockey is thriving and growing. What are we doing wrong and they are doing right.
  11. This IMG is really smart thinking. I reckon the fact that stay away/ potential fans will flock to the games knowing the directors have padded seats. I estimate it will put at least 1000 on the gate at Wakey
  12. As a Wakey fan I have took the liberty in editing your remark. Good luck with anything we have available that is not signed up elsewhere. Hood ,Lineham and others would be shipped to you tomorrow if I had a choice in matters
  13. Back on topic, From my understanding the reason for the delay is that the environment agency are objecting to planning on Wheldon Road due to flooding issues. I don't follow things closely but this could cause a delay for sometime and any resolution could also increase development costs. It took us years at Wakey and even when planning is passed that is only the first step. Remember we were promised a complete new stadium and that was stipulated on a public planning enquiry. Ok we finished up with something, but far less than originally promised. Wakefield Council are far from the best and developers are not generous people and only give money away when there is no alternative. If the Wakey experience is anything to go by, the developers will squirm and scream to avoid spending a penny on someone's else's project.
  14. Spud, I have heard Mainwaring is to be Captain and corporal Jones your fullback. One hell of a dad's army squad you have planned
  15. No it isn't and the plans for the proposed re development are on the planning portal. They would only have to move the railway end there is loads of room behind that. The thing I can't understand about their plans is that they are not intending to get the pitch either extended or going hybrid for multi use. Instead they are intending to get the training pitch behind the stand to full hybrid and also put modern floodlights around it. Most people would think it would be better to spend that money improving the main stadium pitch and not a training ground
  16. Yes logically one would think so. However you can never rule out the possibility of some young kid playing in the Queensland comp who had a grandad from Batley
  17. Don't think so we have always been the leaders of innovation , that lot have always copied us with everything. I think we have got the right balance . Let them get on with it and let's hope some of their games finish 7 a side
  18. Just digressing, when I first started watching the game they were just an ordinary club and there were others that were far 'bigger' and more successful. In fact the City of Leeds had another strong club South of the river and the rivalry between the two was like the Hull clubs of today. Also let's not forget the Citys third club, little old Bramley. With the demise of Hunslet and extinction of Bramley they have managed to sweep up the rugby supporting public in the City and grown to what they are today. I am sure if the counter balance of Hunslet was still there, then the influence of Leeds would be far less. Also as far as I recall, it was Hunslet that had the best player development system and that area in South Leeds was a very rich bed of RL talent.
  19. Having now seen both teams, I suspect Wakey are going to have a very difficult afternoon
  20. Quite honestly Morris, there is nothing much he could change in reality we don't have the players or squad strength. Whichever team we turn out out Sunday will make little difference, Saints are too good
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