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    Football and Rugby League listening to Indie music Oasis and Manic Street Preachers my favourates, like Keane at the moment.<br><br>Follow OLdham Athletic & Oldham RL with soft spots for Gateshead Thunder & Manchester Knights.

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  1. On another point Colwyn Bay football club a few seasons back optied to rejoin the Welsh Football set up and leave the English Non League which was surprisingly and annoyed alot of there fans.
  2. Wrexham FC now owned by Two American Actors wonder if that has anything to do with it.
  3. Promotion and relegation are traditions in this country Promotion rewards hard work relegation rewards failure. Same across Europe, Africa and South America in many sports.
  4. In the early 2000's during its growth most of these cities had teams in the Summer Conference in its boom.
  5. In the early 00's when the Summer Conference was thriving sure there was a team in Durham. Teeside Steelers had a decent side may have even won National League 3. Good to see Scarborough back but before even talk of League one just get them paying first
  6. For me i think one of the keys to playing and developing International Rugby League is use of the 7's or 9's game. With so many newer and Non Elite countries playing but with plenty of Interest. Having a yearly or every two year 16 team International 7's or 9's competition four groups of four, top two go into finals. Bottom two from each group into a losers pool. Play it end of season and locations that would appeal to fans. Maybe hot islands using semi professional football grounds across Europe then eventually to other contients. So Ibiza, Salou being examples to start with.
  7. Problem is Rugby League can never settle on a happy format. I still remember the early 00's when the National Leagues came in. I was pleased to see Hemel, Oxford, All Golds and Coventry make the step up and Toronto also. If the RFL wanted they could easy when covid is over hand out spot to European cities which appeal more but sadly unlike Football there isnt a massive pool of players. This is now highlighted within the heartland clubs and Outside the Super League with so many semi pro clubs eager to push on but not having the finances. I hope Promotin and Relegation stay
  8. This could be an area of expansion that actually works if you look at the bigger picture. In the summer they have most of the best Hot Weather in the Uk. Most fans and clubs would make a weekend trip but casual fans already on holiday down there. With no high profile cricket team and popular among the other code. The idea of fans travelling with the right marketing especially in the later season months where the BNB Will be crying out. This could be a good area to expand.
  9. I remember in the early 00's when they had a plenty of teams from the Southern Conference, Barla, French, Russian sides and think a Dutch team may have entered. If plenty of Amateur sides want to enter once covid is over expand it. If it means regional qualifying so be it. Give the cup more magic more players the chances to play spread the magic use to enjoy the amatuer teams in the old Regal Trophy also.
  10. Been the same since mid 00's papers are in decline social media the way forward.
  11. Its now houses for years it was used by Oldham Athletic as its training centre and held home games for youth matches. There was plans to build a new staduim for Oldham Athletic it never happened. Avro FC where playing there but now tennets of The Whitebank staduim used a few years ago by Oldham Roughyheads who took it over from Oldham Boro/Town who folded.
  12. True but most Regional and county leagues across England and now Wales have been suspended.
  13. Some of the work place sounding names on here remind me of the old East Germany naming majority of there football clubs after Places of work and certain industries
  14. Tell Sky to shove it offer rights to BT, Amazon and Terrestrial TV. Like with Football Sky no longer hold the monopoly
  15. So its a return to the of Northern Ford Premiership. But split into conferences which had been suggested before they went with the National Leagues. I don't think as a temporary measure to get the game restarted its a bad thing but with any future expansion unless more clubs joining. Could be many mis matches.
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