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  1. actually they do. Particularly the Ossis (former east germans). Both sides have some comical stereotypes of each other, which allows them to perpetuate the divide in their minds. Younger people (born post reunification) would do so much less I imagine.
  2. I have to say, Hudds have been quite impressive this season whenever i have seen them. Did well against Rhinos, and I didn't see this game, but caught the highlights and another impressive performance (first half certainly). They have surprised me - they are sitting 8th, but when i have seen them have looked like they deserve to be higher. I think they could be a bit of an 'influencer' in the league this season, by taking points off some of the favourites.
  3. Moving a successful event from heartland RL territory to Adelaide. Mmmm - that sounds like one of the worst suggestions ever.
  4. I might have mentioned before, that a lot of Rugby League fans seem to live in the past. *Last brewed about 40 years ago
  5. I think that is definitely part of it. The Australian RL community sees England as more of a 2nd tier country these days like a PNG or a Fiji. Decent enough on their day, but never really going to match up to the big boys. The debacle that was the last international series really didn't help. If they had at least managed to take something from PNG, then maybe they could have kept a shred of credibility, but the walloping they took from a bunch of part timers left them open to ridicule. It will be a long time before the 'Roos agree to a regular 3 test series IMO. And the idea of mid
  6. If you believe he is committed, that's fine. I guess we'll see at the end of it all how much he plays, how much effort he puts in, even how active he is promoting the team on his social channels etc etc. Maybe I am wrong, and he is very committed! Doubt it though
  7. that's commitment for you. Sounds like he has forgotten that he signed for west wales.
  8. Defensively they were horrible tonight. Some of their 'tackling' was just embarassing, and they simply will not keep pushing up on D. They come up really soft and sit off - allowing the oppo to play in front of them. One try tonight had about 14 passes in the previous tackle! Laughable stuff at this level. Catalans have some good individual skills across the team - you simply cannot sit off them like that.
  9. I posted a link to the New Era range in the RLWC store. (Posted on the jerseys thread)
  10. I assume you are a Toulouse fan then! It was a complete mismatch from about 15 mins in. Whitehaven looked more like an amateur team.
  11. You doing them in blocks with a recovery between I guess? You got a rough indication of how many per block?
  12. Good to hear. The last thing you want is to have blown all that money and then found out it didn't work.
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