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  1. The one one flaw in your story.... You know nothing about me.
  2. Are you honestly telling me that people played Rugby League, in a boot called "flanker"?? That is utterly tragic.
  3. No apology needed mate! I completely agree, the game should not be sanitised. For example, the CC semi final in 2000 has to be one of the most iconic RL moments for a lot of people. Hull v Leeds... The Rhinos won it and the drunken Hull mob went berserk. Police horses on the pitch, goalposts torn down (injuring a steward) and the Hull yobs attacking anything that moved. Sure... It wasn't The Open, or Wimbledon, or the Olympics, but it was broadcast nationwide on BBC, and to a lot of people that IS their only experience of Rugby League. A gritty, northern sport followed by folk who they have absolutely nothing in common with. Perhaps we need to embrace that 'edginess' a bit. Sports like football have completely lost that, and perhaps RL could fill the void. We need to stop this 'sanitising' as you say. 20 years now since this iconic moment: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sport/rugby_league/692098.stm
  4. It's abysmal. The Salford St Helens game still wasn't uploaded 48 hours later. There is no commentary, no caption showing the score. The coverage is absolute garbage. It USED to be good .... A number of years ago now, when they would do a little behind the scenes video on game day. This stopped about 8 or so years ago. The standard nowadays is miles behind that, and miles behind other sports too. They were producing this quality of content 7 years ago. At the time, it shaped up well against pretty much any sport, and made the SuperLeague look really good. Contrast it to the low budget garbage that comes out now.
  5. None of this garbage changes anything I said. He is choosing Japan as a place to live over West Yorkshire. And who can blame him? It is probably the chance of a lifetime for him FFS, "lad'.
  6. Of course I have. We don't all spend our entire lives stuck on some backward Cumbrian village you know!!
  7. Money and probably lifestyle too. He is choosing Japan as a place to live, over places like Wakefield, Castleford or Hull. And who can blame him?
  8. He goes through life in a permanently confused state. If you don't believe me, read his posts "kid".
  9. We do, yeah. Featherstone Rovers. Fortunately they are not in the Super League though, and hopefully never will be. Les Dracs would be a popular "2nd team" for quite a lot of SuperLeague supporters I would guess.
  10. "What licence payers want" How many England fans are expected to travel out for this international? Given that the team has not played an international match since 2018, you would imagine loads will be travelling. Yet for some reason on this forum, inhabited by supposed 'diehard' fans of the game.... It appears that almost none of the English contributors are travelling over. If people on a dedicated rugby league forum aren't even going, then will anyone else be going?? And therefore more to the point..... What on earth makes you think that the "licence payers want" this match televised??
  11. Hope you are not having a go at the people on here for that.....
  12. I think I may have found the one flaw in your plan. "Top level"
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