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  1. Hence the half hour SB style extravaganza, I suppose. That's a fair few songs... As much as I would enjoy the two pints per ticket, I don't think that would be warmly welcomed by quite a few folk - especially with RL being the family sport that it is!
  2. I sort of think that is the point. You're going to watch the game, and that is great. But if you put a decent band on at half time, someone who isn't that bothered about the game might come along. You're not lost as a customer, and a new consumer might just be gained.
  3. Surely Hull v Hull KR would be packed? The problem about the SB format is that they have an extended half time for the entertainment. I suppose that NFL players can handle that more easily than RL because they are used to spending time sat around. I wonder how the teams would feel about having a half hour half time? It'd probably interrupt the flow of the game too much as well - it'd feel like two mini games, don't you think?
  4. Why wouldn't information in this respect be made public - if only to avoid situations like this?
  5. Ah yes, this I can get on board with. But it isn't what I was talking about. As you will see below (I added the bold), Martyn is talking about "Rugby League subscription numbers". That is not "Rugby League viewers". I want to know how Sky decide that someone is a "Rugby League subscriber".
  6. Why? Sky don't know whether I would cancel if they dumped rl, or if that is the reason I subscribe
  7. So they don't know? I subscribe for rugby (both codes), football, and cricket. Where would I fall?
  8. How do they know who is subscribing for RL? If it is just the people who watch RL regularly, I would argue that pushing it around the schedule works to the detriment of SL. I have mentioned before - I am struggling to keep up with when games are on at the minute! For a sport that doesn't get wall to wall coverage, I think it really helps to have set slots - whether that is Thursday and Friday evening, Friday and Saturday evening or something else. In that respect, I seems like the darts have that pretty much locked down, and even when there isn't live darts they tend to have something on the TV on a Thursday evening.
  9. I must admit that I have fallen out of love with the game a bit. The challenge cup final sort of crept up on me, it's hard to know when the SL will be on sky. The powers that be seem to be trying to make it hard work to follow the game!
  10. I was wondering (and this might have been addressed, so apologies if so) - how easy is it to get a refund if the game is cancelled (or postponed) at short notice? If it was a pain, then that would put me off buying tickets at the minute.
  11. I'm not sure that's fair. Of course in some cases it would be due to irresponsible or reckless behaviour. But I'm sure there's situations were that isn't the case.
  12. Is that true? I thought it took up to two weeks for symptoms to present. I would have thought that the test could detect it earlier than that
  13. Good point! Only one of the four lowest supported teams went down in 94-95, but boro brought a lot of fans. Oh well!
  14. Whatever happened to the lovely grounds that were promised in the Calder area? As part of the licensing at some point did both Cas and Wakey not promise new grounds? I could be wrong here, so please correct me if necessary! The growth is very good, but looking at the dates, I have had a thought. Now this is just spit balling, so forgive me. In the mid-nineties, it seemed to became more acceptable for whole familes (and in particular girls) to support football. Looking at premier league average attendances (on worldfootball.net), they jumped by about 17% in the 95-96 season compared to the 94-95 season (by far the biggest change in average crowd during the PL era). Do we think something similar happened in SL? I note that from the last 'proper' winter season to the first SL season, we saw a 18% jump in attendances (from wiki and Parky's numbers). I'm sure that playing in summer had something to do with it, and it is likely just a coincidence, but they are pretty similar % increases.
  15. Surely that will be Monday's kip - after the briefing...
  16. Never had it for breakfast Oh aye larry - it didn't come through. Mind sending it again?
  17. What band is that then? and where abouts in the Netherlands? I've never seen that in the Hague. Maybe that's because I have my bacon and egss blinkers on though.
  18. The kind of illness that might stop someone coping with the stress of running a business probably won't stop you playing 20 minutes of masters Rugby. ..
  19. Why after making concessions to help make catalans successful would the rfl have a disciplinary vendetta against them? Did the club release that video? If so they should get a giant fine for bringing the club into disrepute
  20. Is this not somewhat obvious? Players in wanting to play for top clubs shocker!
  21. This would be my preferred option too, but apparently until the SL spot (presumably SL1) is awarded them there'll be no guaranteed dough
  22. People have also said that these sponsors will not stop forward for anything but SL. I don't think that this includes SL2.
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