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  1. I treated it with the respect it deserved.?
  2. Fantastic result for Liverpool. Well done!
  3. I'm a Salford fan and have to put up with this ###### on the rugby thread. I never thought it would raise its head here. So, yes, you have hit a nerve. I hope it makes you happy.
  4. Typical Rugby League poster! Never mind the performances or results, how big is the crowd? Jesus! As an erstwhile City fan, I am deeply embarrassed by our winning the PL with a record number of points and goals as well as the LCup last season. And, as for being on the verge of repeating those successes and adding the FACup this year, the shame is overwhelming! FYI, I think this year's PL effort is better than last year's, even with fewer points, because Liverpool have pushed us all the way and may still win it. If they do, I'll offer my congratulations.
  5. Jealousy is a terrible affliction.
  6. Phew! On to Sunday. Come on you blues!
  7. Cheeky gits! And here was I, about to say complimentary things about Liverpool. Not now! I hope the scouse barstewards get flogged in every game.?
  8. Are you talking to yourself, mate? Relax. Stop taking things so seriously. Hope whatever is bugging you goes away soon.
  9. And the away goals rule saw to it that there was no reward for these tactics. Fwiw, when I saw the 1-0 result, I feared this would happen. City can score lots of goals, but they struggle to keep a clean sheet so it was always likely to be a case of who can outscore whom. Also, the substitution just after going 4-2 up struck me as risky. What did you think?
  10. I think the away goals rule was to prevent teams playing away first just shutting up shop and making zero effort to score. After a 0-0 draw in the first leg, the away team has to try and score in the second leg and that means there is a big advantage over the two legs for the team drawn away in the first leg. I seem to remember some awful first leg games in the 60s, Man City vs Fenerbahce for one.?
  11. But ... "gym" is derived from the Greek "γυμνος" (gymnos) which means "naked". Why shouldn't he weigh himself in the buff? What are you worried about?
  12. Ah! You've fallen into the backstop trap and cannot unilaterally change your signature. You need the agreement of all members of the forum to extricate yourself. You could try appealing to the Speaker, aka John Drake, but I wouldn't build up my hopes if I were you.
  13. Sorry for your loss. Whether their passing is quick or slow, it still hurts when someone you care for goes. Time does not heal, but it does make loss more bearable. Eventually. Stay strong and seek help if you think you might need it.
  14. I have absolutely no experience of anything like this, either personally or in my family. All I can do is wish you all the best for a full and speedy recovery.
  15. That's more like it! You see, you can do it when you try! ?
  16. You're getting better but still need to try harder. ?
  17. That would accommodate the whole of a typical Salford crowd. According to some TRL posters, anyway.
  18. Ah! Guilty as charged. I was using 'manc' as an all-encompassing term to save typing on my smartphone. That worked well, didn't it? For the avoidance of doubt, I am a native of Salford, but I was brought up from the age of 1 in North Manchester. I have absolutely no recollection of life in Salford. Does that make me a lapsed Salfordian or a phony Manc??
  19. Lucky you! I am jealous. I was always told that my grandad was born in Ireland, but my cousin, who has checked all this, now reckons he was born in Birkenhead. That makes this Manc a Scouser! Gutted!☺
  20. Ha ha! Me too. Because of Brexit, I went to change my UK driving licence for a Greek one. "Come back after six months" was the reply. I'd just (literally half an hour earlier) renewed my residence permit (again because of Brexit) and the office won't accept my application for six months. Weird.
  21. Something is not right. It's been persisting down for days now. Today was positively biblical. There's a "river" flowing through my cellar. Fortunately, there is a channel for it and a drain hole to take it away. The worrying thing is that it is coming in through a concrete wall. I hope it stops raining soon!
  22. Are you being "phased out"? Will you still be allowed to post here? Will you be forced to change your forum name? Screw Brexit! These are the burning issues of today!?
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