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  1. Mate,that's the first interesting bit of basketball I've ever seen.☺
  2. There's something very enjoyable about watching that sort of weather, as long as you yourself are in a warm, dry place.
  3. Isn't jealousy a nasty emotion? Right now I feel very nasty. I won't feel nasty in a couple of hours when I'll be enjoying a meal and a beer in the village square.
  4. A glass of 5 star Metaxa certainly puts lead in your pencil. ?
  5. Good luck for both the health and job issues.
  6. Which Metaxa? There is 1 star (I think, but I've never seen it), 3 star, 5 star and 7 star. I'm open to correction if someone has actually seen another version. IMO, the 5 star is best.
  7. Bloody hell, mate! I thought I had it bad supporting Man City and Salford, but Villa and Swinton! Wow! No one deserves that much pain! FWIW, I first started supporting City in 1960, long before the current good spell started, and Salford in 1975, long after the last good spell.
  8. I will take that as the compliment it was intended as. Thanks. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Actually, I don't hope. I know you enjoyed yourself. Best regards to you and S.
  9. Boys and their toys! You need to ask Santa nicely and maybe you will get one of your own. You know you want one. ?
  10. Whether it's Boston Pilgrim, Sid's garage or Hope Hospital, just get well as soon as feasible.
  11. Best wishes to a Wigan fan from a Saford fan. Seriously, rugby is irrelevant. Get well soon. (I might need another lift from Craven Park to Paragon sometime)
  12. I'll echo all the 'get well soon' sentiments. Remember to count your blessings - you were born in Lancashire; you have a cool bike; and you're not a Salford fan. Life doesn't get much better!
  13. Sounds like a fair analysis of the British diet. ☺
  14. Like clwydianrange, I don't know what to say. "Good luck, however it turns out" seems inadequate. If you need a shoulder for support, there's plenty here.
  15. Yeah. Well done, Bleep. Onwards and upwards!
  16. While we're ranting about TV, 1) why do modern dramas include scenes shot in pitch blackness? I get the idea that it's night if you turn the lighting down. You don't need to turn it off completely. 2) why do modern dramas include scenes in which the conversation is so quiet that spies with the latest eavesdropping kit would fail to pick anything up? (Disclosure. My wife swears I am deaf. I don't agree, she needs to speak up.) 3) then the adverts come on and the sound is loud enough to knock you off your chair. Grrrrr!
  17. Sorry the pics are so big. I guess I need to crop them first. The first shows the vinegar/soap and the second is my wife's wine glass. I'm going to repeat the experiment, altering a couple of things - soap before vinegar so they mix better and I'll put the vinegar/soap mix in a glass vessel rather than the metal one I used. I am going to murder the damn things.
  18. Not exactly an unqualified success. I can't seem to insert photos, but the vinegar/soap trapped a good few while my wife's wine attracted lots. I'll try to post the photos from my laptop tomorrow. I'll keep the experiment going for a few more days.
  19. I like the idea of zapping them. It just seems fitting. I've never heard of the vinegar soap solution. It makes sense, so I'll try it. Thanks.
  20. Vinegar flies. I know they are also partial to wine, but the barstewards are attacking my glass of whisky. I don't want to use fly spray because it could taint the whisky and it's not that effective. I'm thinking flame thrower, but it might seem a bit extreme.
  21. The last interview I had, I totally messed up on a question which was, "What achievement are you most proud of during your career?" It floored me for two reasons. First, I have never liked blowing my own trumpet - I was brought up to consider pride as a sin, or at least, not a nice thing. Second and most important, I had not prepared for the interview. After it, I checked the TES online and the first piece of advice was to think of something you have done and of which you are proud. Talk about kicking yourself! So, my advice for your interview is to prepare. Use relevant online advice and try to anticipate questions. (I'm sure you've done this, but I offer it just in case.) PS. Good luck.
  22. I know what you mean. I long for the good old days when my mum would take me to Doc Murphy's. No phone call, just go. We'd sit in his waiting room, get our lifetime's worth of cigarette smoke and, when it was our turn, we'd walk into the Doc's surgery to find ourselves shrouded in a fug of pipe smoke. A different world. But I do agree that the system of booking appointments is poor (or, it was poor when I last lived in the UK).
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