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  1. I still think Liverpool and City will be half a step infront of the chasers. Chelsea have the potential to close the gap and will undoubtedly be the biggest threat to the top two. Spurs would have to go big in the transfer market but that’s not really them. Utd are an odd one I think in a one off game they have the beating of any of the top sides because of the pace in the team. Where I think they’ll struggle is in opening up sides who are happy for them to have the ball.
  2. Rogers was on radio yesterday saying they have contingency plans if it happened. Which I assume would involve the players going into a hotel outside the city.
  3. After checking it looks like restrictions are being brought back for schools and non essential shops. So my guess is Leicester City squad will move out of the area and possibly play games away from home.
  4. All that’s happening in Leicester as far as I can tell is restrictions won’t be lifted on 4th July. I haven’t seen anywhere saying they will be going back to a stricter lockdown.
  5. I’m not sure how Bateman gets on the list but not Elliott whitehead. Who has been consistently good for a number of years.
  6. His two week isolation/quarantine was over this weekend I think but seeing as he hasn’t trained properly or played for months may take him a while to get up to speed. Hopefully bulldogs don’t just throw him in and give him chance to get up to speed.
  7. For me it goes back to last year the performance by both clubs last season was unbelievable. Usually on a title run in teams trip up multiple times due to the pressure. City and Liverpool just kept winning and winning I think that has burnt City out a bit and that along with not replacing Kompany has led to the points gap. The same thing then had the effect of making Liverpool even more desperate to go one better. This tied into the confidence boost and belief a champions league win gave the players has proved to be the difference.
  8. 88.7 again finding it hard to shift anything with squash courts still out of action.
  9. Raiders have the look of a team who got up for one big game and have since gone through a slump. Like teams after a WCC or CC final. I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to get up for the Eels game and sneak a win if that does happen I doubt they’ll be too worried about where they are.
  10. I loved how the piped in crowd noise at Goodison was basically just booing.
  11. I find cash out really difficult I usually take the view of just letting it ride. I’ll take my warning in this one though.
  12. Waiting for half time but got a let off there.
  13. Bit of cash out advice I’ve got two bets with the same teams one an £11 Yankee the other a £15 lucky 15. Both bets have 3 correct results Liverpool v Everton draw City win Leicester v Brighton draw With Spurs v West Ham draw as the last game. Do I cash out on one ( one offering £86 and one £96) to cover myself, wait till the offer goes up or turn my phone off and let it ride.
  14. I thought baseball was an English game originally certainly European.
  15. What you’re saying is you find it easier to recognise a ground you’ve seen games from and attended many games at for at least 40 years. Over a ground that’s less than 20 yrs old that you’ve never been to. Who’d a thunk it.
  16. Cashed out for £30+ profit on a six game bet chelsea win liverpool Everton draw bottled it halfway through the Liverpool game. which is fine a profits a profit. The other games were all down as draws Leicester v Brighton Spurs v West Ham Man U v Sheffield Utd Newcastle v Villa I just need them to not come in now or I’ll be kicking myself.
  17. In no particular order Vollenhoven Boston Bevan Wagstaff Goldthorpe When you really think about it that list could go on and on.
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