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  1. I think there’s a bit of a fatigue issue after going after every trophy last year. Plus Mane who was definitely important with the press that the team use which allowed the back four to keep such a high line. Added to this Milner and Henderson have lost something in the legs and they were very important covering for the fullbacks when they bombed forward. Think we needed to sign a Gallagher or Phillips or both in the off season to at least start the process of strengthening the midfield. We didn’t so we are where we are.
  2. There’s also the issue of money if a player is drafted (is that the term) in America he may be asked to move to the other side of the country. He will though be earning millions of $ or at least hundreds of thousands. We’d be asking players to move from Wigan to Hull or vice Versa for £25k. Maybe even less as I seem to remember that as a minimum wage being scrapped.
  3. Surprised at that as Paasi has been superb at times this year.
  4. I don’t think they thought their second string would be in the comp as well when they said it. Looking at that I’d agree it’s the weakest Aussie squad I can remember plus 13 debutants seems a lot to take to a WC.
  5. Italy maybe but Messi and Ronaldo had no problem scoring lots of goals in Spain.
  6. Congratulations Leigh good luck next year. Well played Batley as well I don’t think many had you down as getting to the grand final at the start of the year.
  7. No I do understand that that’s why SL should be as good as possible.
  8. Does anyone have the figure that championship and league 1 clubs get under the new deal. I seem to remember some of it came with conditions.
  9. I can’t get the figure but I’m sure I read over £5m to the RFL and lower leagues.
  10. The only reason they’d be starving is a couple of fat kids in the family are eating all the food.
  11. City 4-0 up against Utd at half time. Just too good and Haalands a beast.
  12. To do that you have to go to work and keep them happy it’s a balance like everything in life. Imagine SL saying to Sky thanks for the £20m a year but we are going to give half of it to these clubs that aren’t even on Sky. Then we are going to give their games away for free to a rival channel.
  13. This is going to take forever I knew there was a reason they normally let the losing side go first.
  14. Do you spend exactly the same on your car as you do on the kids bikes.
  15. I quite like grub it means something different to dirty B@£tard. Grub is mores wind up merchant like a Luai ,Reynolds, Conner or Smithies.
  16. Panthers too good but refs need to start penalising them for putting the ball down before they get to their feet.
  17. Was that a little kick by Luai he is a grub.
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