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  1. If you are picking that bench the last spot would have to be a prop for me.
  2. I like it. It would give smaller teams a chance to win things if they pooled resources.
  3. As a club you can still choose to do it that way. I know my old amateur club pays it that way. It also means they don’t put off some family’s who wouldn’t be able to pay it.
  4. Squash clubs pay £55 for each court they have capped at four so £220 max. Then each adult member pays £15 but I think that can be reduced depending on how many members a club has.
  5. Yet again you seem to be completely bypassing the clubs for any responsibility here.
  6. Yes same time as the games but it’s constantly flipping to whichever game is in play or something is about to happen. Sometimes in split screen if slots going on it is a good way to watch it. just had a quick look it’s on at 6pm Sunday’s on sky sports mix.
  7. Again it will come down to what contract you have signed but if we go off other TV contracts. Clubs are usually allowed to give certain dates at the start of the season where your ground won’t be available for various reasons (Weddings etc ). After that it’s then the clubs responsibility to find somewhere to hold the match even if that means away from their home ground.
  8. Would depend what the contract that’s been signed says.
  9. Not only that as Sky are filming all SL games over here now then all the Catalan and Toulouse away games are available to purchase.
  10. Clubs have been going day of the game and travelling home after the game. There’s no way thats costing £30k.
  11. Penrith and their coach were one of the strong advocates of the Aussies pulling out of the WC. They are fine with international sport provided it’s controlled and sold by the NRL.
  12. Can’t see it happening with Penrith.
  13. I think they had to as the part time (full time as well) teams in the division didn’t/wouldn’t travel out to them.
  14. No which is why quoting laws is pretty pointless as a lot of the time the refs have been given an interpretation that is very different.
  15. Think there are a few games on there today but even so good turn out as you say.
  16. I haven’t seen much this year seems to be a really good standard.
  17. I think the rule is Bradford fans will still go on about it 20years later.
  18. Which is the key point Makinsons first contact was perfectly legal could the ref be sure he wasn’t already going out before the unfair play occurred.
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