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  1. I used to get a lot of calf pulls as I got older drinking more water has pretty much stopped them.
  2. 89.4 think I’m basically back where I started. The problem is I’m heading in the wrong direction.
  3. What are your plans now Bob I think I’m going to try and continue a rolling week 6.
  4. Push ups week 5 day 3 (repeat) 20,20,24,24,20,20,22 and Thanks to Bob8 him reaching the 100 definitely made me dig in for those last 4 or 5.
  5. Well done Bob hopefully I can follow your example.
  6. Probably I’m too scared to look.
  7. It’s the Bert Trautman story he goes from being a German prisoner of war (at Burtonwood I think). He then gets picked up by St Helens town and eventually goes on to play for Man City.
  8. Just to add thats why the five year average comparison will give a much clearer figure.
  9. It wouldn’t matter anyway they can be added to death certificates as much as they want they still won’t be counted in the numbers the government are using. The 34k odd that they use are only people who’ve died after testing positive.
  10. The Keeper would sneak into my top 10. Whether that’s partly due to the St Helens connections I’m not sure but I enjoyed it anyway.
  11. Plus there are probably very few road and work deaths under lockdown. So when we look back at this year coronavirus is likely to be responsible for more deaths than simply the difference between this year and the five year average.
  12. Looking at the numbers I should do it on my exhaustion test at the end of these sets but I’m not convinced I’ll get there. Then week six is so tiring I definitely won’t do it before the exhaustion test that week. So you might get two chances.
  13. They also said people probably can’t keep to the 2m distancing in shops and on public transport. That’s why the government is advising face coverings in these situations. That’s then up to us as individuals whether we stick rigidly to the social distancing or follow the guidance to reduce risks as we enter each of the reducing lockdown stages.
  14. I’ve suggested this before but the easiest way to bring a draft system into SL is through imports. SL keeps £600k of each clubs money goes out and signs 12 imports on £200k. 24 on £150k and 12 on £100k. Obviously they can do whatever Price mix that suits. These can then be drafted with bottom of table getting first pick. There would be issues with players switching sides too much. That can be fixed by either doing 2/3 year draft cycles or if a team/player doesn’t want to move there could be an agreed buy out for each price bracket.
  15. Well 5 day 2(repeat) 19,19,22,22,18,18,22 and 92
  16. If @Bob8 is going to laugh at gladiator I’d better not say Flash Gordon then.
  17. Absolutely it would be dangerous if the Bath pack went full steam ahead in the scrum. Let’s not pretend though that Bath didn’t take advantage of the scrum as they scored quite a few penalty trys from them. As you say nowadays even if two RU teams were playing if one team didn’t have a qualified front row the game would’ve had uncontested scrums.
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