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  1. Press ups week 2 day 1 14,14,10,10 and 35 just to add weight stayed the same.
  2. As there’s a very good chance even by the end of the season there will still be social distancing I can see the entire season if it starts being played behind closed doors. So expect the CC and the GF to be played at Leigh or Headingley.
  3. I’ve never liked seeing that clip but the documentary is well worth watching. Certainly brings a tear to the eye. It also leaves you in no doubt what a great player Don was and how highly his fellow players held him.
  4. It’s a bit early to have her lumberjacking just yet.
  5. Don’t forget the water splash documentary is on today we’ll worth a watch.
  6. Yeah I was there in 78 was only 6 though so don’t remember much of the game. Same hear though as I didn’t go in 76 I did think I’d never see them win a CC until 96 happened.
  7. I’ve no doubt he would make it in SL and I’d have him down as ending up similar to Sinfield in the way he would control a game. That said Sinfield was a great team player who had a great career but I can’t think of any single season where I’d say he was the best player in the league
  8. I’ve ended up doing last day of first week today. It did give me the option of jumping to week 3 but I think that will be a bit much for me. So .... 11,15,9,9 and 31. The last on my list says 13+ and I’m assuming it wants you to do as many as you can manage. Will start week 2 on Monday. I think because I did so many on Wednesday I found it really hard to get going with this set but was fine once I’d warmed up. Hopefully they’ll be a bit more manageable now I’m following the programme.
  9. That just isn’t going to happen the players are too valuable to clubs to make them effectively free agents. It’s like a garage saying we won’t lay any staff off but lets give all the Ferrari and jags away as they are costing us a fortune to keep clean.
  10. Jason Robinson remember him think he scored a try in SLs first grand final then mysteriously just fell off the radar.
  11. I think Warrington tactics from the 80s might be even more useful. Which was basically to get as many players as possible sent off in order to keep both teams apart.
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