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  1. He played SL this year he will likely play again next year. Plus you don’t get many grubby wingers.
  2. 1/ Conner 2/ Hardacre 3/ Newman 4/ Isa 5/ Charnley 6/ Tomkins 7/ Pearce 8/ Napa 9/ Micky Mc 10/ Singleton 11/ S Matautia 12/ Martin 13/ Smithies 14/ Hill 15/ Powell 16/ knowles 17/ Lees
  3. I think I would have Hardacre,Burgess,Conner.Ormondroyd and O Neil in the main squad.
  4. Fair enough I get you know. I still don’t see what the local pro club is doing to gain this advantage as most amateur clubs are completely independent.
  5. Where will the extra £20m a season come from.
  6. That is exactly what you are saying. Say for example I play for an amateur team but the local pro club hasn’t signed me. Then say another pro clubs offers me a contract under your system I can’t sign for them unless my local pro club agrees to it.
  7. 1/ Welsby 2/ Makinson 3/ Watkins 4/ Farnworth 5/ Young 6/ Tomkins 7/ Sneyd 8/ Hill 9/ Ackers/ Radley 10/ Thompson 11/ Whitehead 12/ Batchelor 13/ Knowles 14/ Lees 15/ Ackers/ Radley 16/ Oledski 17/ Burgess Not happy with Watkins at centre but he’s the best option out of the players selected Id switch starters between Ackers and Radley with Radley starting the Samoa game and Ackers the other two group games. Don’t think Bateman is available for the first game so if the teams playing well he may find it hard to get back in.
  8. So you want anyone playing for a local amateur team to be effectively owned by the local pro club.
  9. Some nice pieces in this coverage again by channel 4. Shows what can be done with RL coverage if you don’t just do the bare minimum.
  10. Is there not a danger we leave the door open for RU to step in and take the cream of the crop before our clubs are even allowed to make an offer.
  11. My bad I had it as 06. Not sure it makes much difference as I could do a long list of great players produced without P & R.
  12. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make Harry. The team that was very close to winning the WC in 2017 most of those players started during licensing.
  13. The site itself was called Cunningham grange. I think there is a Coslett Drive,Wellens Walk and Sculthorpe close.
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