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  1. Being able to tackle the attacking player in the air Is an NRL only rule SL and international rules it isn’t allowed. There are some NRL only rules I like such as being able to strip the ball if the player is attempting to pass or score a try. This one though has never made any sense to me if it’s too dangerous to tackle a defender in the air why is it less dangerous to tackle an attacker in the air.
  2. 1/ Wellens (I know it was right at the end of his career but he still just shades Coote) 2/ Makinson 3/ Gidley 4/ Percival 5/ Grace 6/ Lomax 7/ Fages 8/ Thompson 9/ Roby 10/ Walmesley 11/ Knowles 12/ Soliola 13/ Graham
  3. All council recycling should be the same bins same system. Then the government should insist that all packaging sold is recyclable within this system. Anytime where Packaging that can’t be recycled must be used the the manufacturer should be charged whatever the end cost will be to deal with this.
  4. Mine would be Dr Hook and anything early Queen. Whenever I hear these the first thing I think of is long car journeys.
  5. So you think having these teams come in and taking players to run one team is diluting the English game. You’re answer to this is for them to run three teams.
  6. Watson and Ward for me I think if the team can retain the solidity it’s gained under Bennet then coaches with a slightly more attacking philosophy like these two are the way to go.
  7. You could bring out the unicorn when you win the league.
  8. Lots on the GB team made their international debut before their NRL one.
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