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  1. The only question now is will Tabby/DB think it was a bit daft and completely avoid this site. Or act like a normal poster for a few weeks before quietly slipping away in an attempt to balls it out.
  2. I think he means that because Wigan went out in the quarter final of the cup Saints and Cas have played two extra games in that comp.
  3. I’m guessing Paul Deacon and Andy Farrell at Wigan probably did but can’t think of many others.
  4. The thing I was told with bee/wasp stings is it wouldn’t usually be the first time you are stung were you would get the allergic reaction. The idea being that the first sting would just set up your bodies reaction to the next one. So may not show up on a test unless you’ve already been stung.
  5. You do know that if Toulouse get to the final they will be at home. That’s literally the rules of the comp.
  6. Would be perfect and I think what most fans have been pushing for for a few years. Let’s hope it comes off.
  7. How does the e/w work on a promotion bet. Do you get money back if they reach the playoffs.
  8. No one in particular just fans in general. If Teams win it they celebrate it but knowing the big prize is to come. If they lose it’s dismissed as the hub cap. In the same way premiership football teams love winning the FA or league cup but if another team wins it it’s Mickey Mouse.
  9. A quick rush home to see if you’ve managed to get on grandstand.
  10. You’ll notice the people who belittle it are usually the ones who haven’t won it that year
  11. Cheers, think he’s still got a couple of good years in him. I was actually thinking he’s the sort of player Wigan are desperate for if he’s available. Let’s hope they don’t realise it.
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