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  1. 88.7 for me this week which is not bad after having a big family Chinese on Saturday.
  2. Unless he’s taking them wrong. He does know they’re not suppositories.
  3. Always has been every single scrum half I ever played with new exactly when to stay down and feign injury to get a defender in trouble.
  4. I’d say the best actual ball playing loose forward was without doubt Pinner. Whether that be a little short ball to someone on his shoulder or his trade mark looped pass for the winger to run on to. The amount of times these passes put someone through a gap. Undoubtedly there were better loose forwards than Harry but I’ve never seen a better ball player.
  5. We will have a better idea of what to go with once we get out there and get a feel of the place.
  6. Squad looks weak and assuming the starting team is something like. 1/ O’Brien 2/ Russell 3/ Luetele 4/ Stanley 5/ Kay 6/ Mellor 7/ McCrone 8/ Lussick 9/ Cunningham 10/ Sidlow 11/ SBW 12/ Dixon 13/ Wilkin 14/ Mullally 15/ Singleton 16/ Thompson 17/ Ackers Which is a bottom end of the table team but the big worry for me is after that apart from Wallace there isn’t much quality left.
  7. As an example below is a keithley/Yorkshire leisure centre.
  8. To be fair to Fielden he wasn’t in Morley’s class defensively but he was a much better ball carrier than him.
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