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  1. I don’t dispute that just that slowing down the attacking ptb wont necessarily reduce collisions. Obviously if you clamp down on what defenders can do and speed the ptb up that probably will reduce collision speeds.
  2. It will slow the game down slightly if the attacking side are forced to ptb correctly. I actually think that will increase collision speeds as you be more likely to be running at a set defense coming onto you.
  3. The sooner the Wembley of the north is built in Tydlesley the better and they can go back to being a giant of the game.
  4. So you think players struggling in the NRL never get a new lease of life in SL.
  5. Really clever signing that. He’s the sort of player who although he’s lacked confidence for a few years in the NRL the extra space he’ll get in SL could help him get back to something like his best.
  6. Is the improvement in pacific sides down to NRL development or simply because of the heritage players in the NRL.
  7. No and I absolutely think that part of the grading is wrong. As I’ve said previously there is so little between 6-8 clubs at the bottom of SL and the top of the championship that p and r between B’s should’ve been retained. That way on field performance is still having a big say in the make up of SL. I seem to remember that being the original proposal does anyone know why that was changed?.
  8. Aren’t Wakefield in line to go into SL 2025 through the grading won’t that be having an effect.
  9. Wasn’t it 12 pts the premier league wanted Everton docking not 60.
  10. I think most governing bodies would set some standards clubs have to achieve in order to run academies.
  11. You are not god Harry I know that may be hard for you to believe.
  12. Nice of you to volunteer London to be relegated. You still not over that defeat yet.
  13. If you align with BARLA you still be connected to the RFL.
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