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  1. Yeah England in trouble here don’t think anyone expected the stop start nature of the day. Apart from that first Broad and Archer spell we have served up some rubbish.
  2. Yeah it’s a gamble but they need the win I think they’ll fancy getting them out cheap with cloud cover. Not sure they expected rain though here’s hoping the rain doesn’t hang on until the cloud cover clears.
  3. The whole point of club Wembley is it was sold as part of a package that covered all games at Wembley for x amount of years including the challenge cup. Now some of these people chose not to go or sell on their tickets but the seats were sold.
  4. That’s the point the seats were sold.
  5. If you win the toss this morning would forum members bat or bowl. Think I’d have a bowl with the cloud cover get archer on fresh while he’s still in the Aussie batsmen’s thoughts.
  6. 1 Hardacre 2 Makinson 3 Watkins 4 Gidley 5 Hall 6 McGuire 7 Burrow 8 Peacock 9 Roby 10 Graham 11 Westwood 12 Bateman 13 O Loughlin Special mention for Tomkins,Senior,Charnley,Morley,Hill,Walmesley,Gale and Clarke.
  7. Looking at the team sheets I think I play football once a week with a player from that match.
  8. I think it was the reason sport accord turned us down on our last application. Guess who objected to us being recognised because of this.
  9. It’s very clever though as you can’t join any of the world wide sporting movements. From the Olympics to sport accord if there is a dispute in your sport as to who is the worldwide governing body.
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