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  1. That’s a bargain. Includes all the premier sports channels. Just over £6.50 per month.
  2. Thought Dom Young chose to play for Jamaica?
  3. I’m Hastings too mate . There’s at least two Rugby League fans in this town.
  4. Like for like replacement for Maloney, makes sense. Hope they get it over the line.
  5. Sorry am I the only who can’t understand how a team from another country would be able to build a substantial UK fanbase? I assume the long term aim is to eventually play home matches in Canada? How is this being financed? Especially considering the drop in TV money. Am I missing something?
  6. Great news they’re expanding. If only Super League could take the plunge and start increasing the league.
  7. How much would the french TV need to pay the two clubs to make this work? Is it realistic considering they’ve not given Catalans anything?
  8. Is the best rule change in a long time. Fantastic. Improved the flow and spectacle of the matches. Fabulous and innovative.
  9. When will SL clubs learn to not sign overpaid, over the hill NRL players. Inglis is another that comes to mind.
  10. I’ve heard Jack Walker has a chance for this match after 18 months out. Gamble but he’s an exceptional player, could be dangerous off the bench?
  11. I like him, I still think he’s got a lot to offer. He’s got some great attributes, is a big lad, aggressive and can score the spectacular corner-post try. My only concern was his fitness which seems to be quickly fading; often seen gasping for air and down on haunches. Think he’s be a good buy at a cut price 1-2 season contract.
  12. I find the AJ soulless. I for one really like watching the NRL matches in the smaller suburban grounds. I can only see crowds reducing following COVID so attendances will become less important over time.
  13. He did so well but I hope they didn’t give him a long contract because it could be premature.
  14. Great news but has this got anything to do with the extensive lockdowns they’ve had this year? People stuck indoors etc….
  15. “SUPER LEAGUE bosses hope to spark a seven-figure bidding war over their free-to-air secondary TV contract. SunSport understands two broadcasters have indicated how much they would be willing to offer for ten matches a year. Rugby league’s top flight is able to negotiate another deal under the terms of the reduced main Sky one, which is worth £24million a year for 2022 and 2023 — down from £40million a year. It was assumed the BBC would pick it up but it is understood another channel is interested. After both indicated informally how much they would be willing to offer, chiefs now hope to make them formal. If both are keen, that could push up the bids and plug more of the £16million-a-year shortfall. Talks are also ongoing over sorting a TV deal in France, especially if Championship League Leaders’ Shield winners Toulouse win the Grand Final and are promoted. There is no broadcasting arrangement across the Channel but Catalans Dragons also won the Super League title”.
  16. How many “great attacking plays” would you say per match? I’ve barely seen any.
  17. Wonder if he’ll still choose Jamaica now the WC has been pushed back to next year! If he continues to progress can see him easily making the England team.
  18. We’re fortunate to have the NRL as it’s a great incentive for homegrown players to pursue a career in Rugby League. It’s a wonderful country to live and the earnings potential is 4-fold that of the SL.
  19. I’ve been to both a packed out Wembley and new spurs stadium and there’s no competition, the spurs stadium is a far better experience.
  20. Brilliant news, especially as a spurs fan . I went to the new stadium last year, you won’t be disappointed. It’s something special, albeit I may be a bit biased. Not that simple for travel unfortunately and never has been.
  21. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/burgess-completes-shock-move-41889/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Good news for England if he can get back to decent form.
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