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  1. Neil Fox who I greatly admire and should be a RL Knight ,but World Cup winning captain in 1960 ? I thought it was the late great Eric Ashton another one worthy of a Knighthood
  2. Yes original member of the golden generation
  3. " sither tha can tek T lad art a Ponty,but tha car't tek Ponty art at t lad"
  4. I can go back to the 1950s and up to the 1970s I would say the main football areas in Leeds started at Armley worley etc Holbeck Beeston all east Leeds York road. Rugby had Bramley ,Kirkstall road ,Burley ,Woodhouse etc Rugby in south Leeds Dewsbury road Hunslet Belle Isle . That all changed as people moved around the city . I go on a Leeds United forum and I've noticed it's the outoftowners that are anti RL .By that I mean Leeds United fans from RL towns . The fans who have ties to Hunslet object to Rhinos fans singing MOT ,but that's ok. All in all I would say people who were born n bred in the city nowadays like to see a team representing Leeds do well whatever the code
  5. Oi you I'm not horrible. I've always had a soft spot for Wakey going back to early 60s when I was a boy and Leeds couldnt by a win at Wakefield and Leeds fans were calling Wakey fans horrible. I hope you win the cup
  6. I wonder if Powell gets the last card in the pack he will be Leeds next coach ? Sorry
  7. The most famous club in either code in the most famous well known town is Wigan probably closely followed y StHelens. That's fact ! From 1996 bankrupt to being commercially and economically viable from 2004 it was a sigh of relief. I've been through many poor periods at Leeds at my age I might not see a period of success again. Going to some clubs it's like a stigma coming from Leeds as if we shouldn't be allowed to have a club . I was born n bred on a prewar housing estate in west Leeds and because I dont speak in a Cas or Wakey or Fev accent it doesn't mean I'm posh .
  8. Doesn't every club want to be the big fish ? 1996 the Leeds RLFC was bankrupt almost at the point of relocating to south of the city to ER , They got resurrected, but they were virtually down and out and through good management they succeeded. After Wigan had their spell in div II they did the same fair play to them . Just because Leeds play out of large populated city itz still a sport called Rugby League it's not the EPL or Even the EFL
  9. Yes ,but you are digging at the western terrace because its Leeds no other reason that it's the Leeds club . Like has just been commented RL is a minor sport . Oh I refuse to get involved in this kind of thing on here . Leeds Rhinos have a poor ,very poor team right now that should be the discussion
  10. I can do rivalry on the playing field, but I dont get it when its non playing issues . Leeds obviously have a poor side at the moment. Isn't that enough without resorting to the criticism of the open western terrace which is not crumbling ,if it was it would be closed . Have a go at the team and that terrible performance by all means I'm with you .
  11. Mate I'm with you I only said that to GIVE M John some more bait . Dont confuse my post. I agree it gets wearisome reading there digs at a club because it upgraded its stadium
  12. The two new Stands are mortgaged and due be paid off in almost 40 years . If they don't default. I'm also a bit concerned about the pitch too .
  13. Danny McGuire has been mentioned coming in as coach .right now I'd have him as a player
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