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  1. Gale seemed to be over wound up most of the half .for an experienced player he needs to keep his cool
  2. That was just petty and silly from thecref . Like Leon said make them reform
  3. Here am I thinking of walking 100 yards to watch it in the pub .its very wet n windy in Stanningley
  4. They should rename the Castleford v Wakefield fixture " Grandiose Scheme Derby "
  5. What is all this about cribbing who the presenters are ? The most important thing is The sport of Rugby League is coming to Channel 4 .
  6. Well of course that wasnt " Our Year " or years , but it did come about
  7. I would love to go over for that .great news
  8. What other towns apart from Wigan and Huddersfield would be interested with available sites ? Leeds seem to be more Interested In student accommodation. However I've noticed there are several vacant closed down city centre pubs and it looks like permanent closure I.E Victoria behind town Hall , Mr Foleys opposite Art Gallery .just a thought .Like I said before I'm not too bothered where it gets created as long as it gets done and done properly with quality
  9. I'm all for debate ,but there have been comments on here verging on the nasty on another thread we had those vile things said about Rob Burrow now we are getting it about z down to earth Bramley lad who has was not a bench filler that was a ridiculous thing to say . Actually there was no stand out stars in that team that made it achieve greatness. Apart from his community work he has other natural talents I.E acting and he will always have a future in the media.
  10. That's what I was thinking maybe they announce the medals first ?
  11. I really thought a knighthood was nailed on for Kevin Sinfield
  12. I just wish they would it done and do the research properly by visiting other renouned museums and attractions. We dont want anything cheapskate.
  13. I'm not a fervent traditionalist ,but let's not denigrate the town of Wigan. It is after all the most famous Rugby town in the world RL or RU without a doubt . I dont know the reason why it's being moved from Liverpool, but that city has only in recent years resurrected itself it may have been famous ,but it wasnt world class. I've always liked the pubs in Wigan and felt safe
  14. When I was a young boy late 50s early 60s to me Featherstone seemed to have a higher profile than Cas very vociferous crowd
  15. Well if only by two fixtures that boosted two clubs average attendance. So that's two and it is a large city with a big population
  16. How would the RFL get the funds for a national RL stadium ?
  17. Its generally agreed that the game needs a Bradford team competing in SL . When Bradford Bulls got into financial difficulties a few years ago the RFL took the leasehold of Odsal and then a it later Bradford moved out . I wonder why the RFL took over the lease just to hold on to it? It wont happen but if the sport was going to have it's own stadium I think Braford maybe not Odsal but develop a new site . The sport hasn't the finances to do that independently.
  18. I grew up in Bramley the Brozdlea estate and the older lads who got me into RL came from the the. Leeds RL heartlands Kirkstall, kirkstall road and Burley etc. And although we played football at school at home we played RL Headingley just up the Hill and BarleyMow up the hill in other dire action. Only time football was on TV was the FA CUPFINAL in the 50s and not all had TVs . Going to Elland road was like a big journey once or twice a year . Just like first time I went go Parkside it was like a long journey. I supported 2 clubs Bramley and Leeds .
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