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  1. Is it just me or are there now an awful lot of people (politicians/celebs/etc) jumping on the bandwagon very publicly expressing their joy at the verdict and outrage that this was covered up for so long....despite having never before shown any interest? To me this strikes as using the grief of the victims families for self publicity and to get their face in the papers. Maybe I am just a cynic or maybe I've missed their support previously. Nothing wrong with being happy that the right conclusion has finally been reached but.... Half expecting a message of support from the Kardashians. Sorry, don't mean to derail the discussion but some of the support seems as sincere as some of the police apologies.
  2. Heavy snow for about 5 minutes in Sussex.....total chaos.
  3. Wonder if they would like Stuart Barnes to add to the mix. He knows nothing about baseball, but he also knows nothing about rugby and that's never stopped him talking about games.
  4. It would be interesting to see how they would anticipate collecting this charge. Will a council employee be required to attend with a collection pot for runners to pay. How will they differentiate between casual runners in the park and those who are there for the Parkrun? I assume many of the runners are locals who already pay council tax and are therefore contributing to the upkeep of the park. Asking them to pay again is a bit much. The parkruns that I took part in had runners from all over the country and some from around the world and were great events. Really hope they can sort something out so that this can still keep happening.
  5. Sounds like someone trying to cash in on this which is a real shame as by being free it encourages people to do something healthy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-36014525
  6. They need to put the moose on the table, get their ducks in a row, then take this offline for some bluesky out of the box thinking. Plenty of non-military garbage they can talk (assuming none of those are borrowed from the military).
  7. I was really impressed with our local Parkrun, so well organised and everyone really friendly.....shame my knees weren't interested. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/
  8. I had to call it a day with park runs as it was doing my knees in. I even went to my GP who said I have early onset arthritis, which was a bit of a shock. I've joined a gym and now do cross-trainer and kettle-bells to keep fit and lose some lard. I'm 9.5 pounds lighter since joining and to be honest the knees are feeling better too. Good luck with the park runs, I managed 12 before I had to call it a day and was enjoying trying to keep beating my PB.
  9. I hope the video was filled with scrums and none of that try scoring nonsense?
  10. Project management at it's finest. Now ready to be distributed to 50 people by email as an attachment.....
  11. Absolutely, the survival rate in clinical trials far exceeds that seen amongst the general populous in Australia.
  12. Hardly surprising given the number of things trying to kill you in Australia. Being locked safely away in a cell has got to be a positive (assuming the bugs, beasts, snakes and other killers cannot find a way in...)
  13. Can you be sure the hat isn't staying still and you are slowly turning. Have you had your legs checked as one may be slightly longer than the other which would account for this issue?
  14. Looking online there is more sugar in the version where you reduce the sauce down to make a glaze. The poached chicken I do doesn't have a glaze as such but more of a subtle flavour. I might give the sticky pork a go as that sounds really good. I also do a slightly different dish which is beef in a sticky soy glaze with sesame seeds. That is delicious and really easy to do. Sliced beef stir fried very briefly, add dark soy, small amount of beef stock, brown sugar, corn flour and finally some sesame seeds. Very quick and easy to do.
  15. I do something similar with a slow cooked chicken in red sauce. I freeze and re-use the sauce and it is considered mature after several uses. The sauce is originally made with light/dark soy, rice wine, sugar, ginger root, star anise, cinnamon sticks. Very easy to cook and the kids love it.
  16. Perhaps if we feed them salt water this may improve their odour.
  17. With a bit of genetic meddling the taste could be 'fixed'. Perhaps we could also attached some large claws to make them more 'authentic.
  18. I can confirm that this is really very nice, it's a proper smoky, peaty, full bodied whisky. It's bottled at cask strength and a little water really releases lots of new flavours. I think I have a new favourite whisky and I'm about ready to give up on the non-Islay whiskies as they just seem to be lacking the kick you get from the Islay whiskies.
  19. Bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail arrived earlier today. Will be opening later to give it a try.
  20. He's no David Attenborough but he gets his point across.
  21. ......do you have any green crayons with which to write your response?
  22. http://www.anglotopia.net/british-identity/humor/british-humour-the-definitive-stereotype-map-of-britain-and-ireland/
  23. I just had the 'BT Support Desk' call me once again, a charming lady called Carole. She had a very strong Indian accent and the line was very poor....so it seemed legit given past experience of BT. Apparently my internet connection is infected, which sounds very bad. Carole confirmed it is VERY VERY bad and needs her help to resolve this without delay as this was affecting the whole internet. (Starting to feel like I was featuring in a episode of The IT Crowd) I asked her to confirm my account number but apparently Carole works in technical support and not billing so could not see this, but after a few simple instructions she was able quote my CLSID perfectly. Carole then got me to have a look at my event log which looked very scary with lots of red bits which no doubt were causing everyone's internet to slow down (sorry my fault). After this she wanted me to go to a website where she could take control of my PC and make it all better for me on behalf of BT. I politely told Carole to do-one and hung up. This made a change as normally it's the Microsoft helpdesk people calling me to save my computer from all it's many viruses.
  24. I remember visiting the Dalwhinnie distillery many years ago, quite an interesting tour followed by a few drams at the end. One of my favourite 'light' whiskies.
  25. I finished my bottle of that just before Christmas. I'm working my way through a bottle of Glenlivert 18yr old, but it's no where near as good.
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